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Myplaces KML file corrupt!!!

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Myplaces KML file corrupt!!! wotsit 3/17/12 9:30 AM
the myplaces.kml file is showing as corrupt.  It's 1,560 KB but despite this when loading in Notepad++ or resaving as an xml file and loading in IE9, it's showing as blank?!!
What can I do? :(
Re: Myplaces KML file corrupt!!! barryhunter 3/18/12 3:36 PM
Firstly - check for a myplaces.backup.kml file - that might be usable?

Otherwise not a lot we can suggest without seeing the file, would you be willing to share the contents of your file?

But there is an offside chance might be able to help.
(unknown) 3/18/12 3:51 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Myplaces KML file corrupt!!! wotsit 3/18/12 3:51 PM
Thanks - would rather not share the file, but thank you very much for offering to look.
The backup has the same issue and is only 25k oddly?
Tried the KML validator, but it doesn't like it :(
Re: Myplaces KML file corrupt!!! jasonM1 (GE TC) 9/8/12 6:31 AM

I've posted a lengthy discussion on how to repair a corrupt myplaces.kml file.

The steps described there show how to repair a large KML file.

Note that Google Earth keeps 3 files (myplaces.kml, myplaces.kml.tmp, and myplaces.backup.kml) which are all KML XML files (simply ASCII text) . The first step when the saved places file appears corrupt is to move the myplaces.kml file including ( temp and backup file) into a safe location (e.g  My Document or desktop) so you don't overwrite it.

Re: Myplaces KML file corrupt!!! wotsit 3/24/12 4:16 AM
Thanks - will give it a go :)
Re: Myplaces KML file corrupt!!! wotsit 4/3/12 1:13 PM
I tried the steps in that post, opening my KML file in Notepad++ shows a single row with NUL repeated over and over, yet the file is 1.6MB? :(
Re: Myplaces KML file corrupt!!! jasonM1 (GE TC) 4/11/12 11:09 AM
Sounds like your saved places was completely corrupted and each byte was replaced with the 0x0 (NUL) character.

You need to check if either of the myplaces.backup.kml or myplaces.kml.tmp files contains your saved data.  Otherwise you need to delete these files and see if you can restore a version from any backup if one exists.
Re: Myplaces KML file corrupt!!! wotsit 4/11/12 11:14 AM
Thanks - have a backup from mid last year but loads added since then *sigh*
Same happening with the backup Google Earth creates :(
Thanks anyway
Biggest DOH ever!
Re: Myplaces KML file corrupt!!! PVBBill 5/5/12 11:04 AM
I have just run into the same issue and have reviewed your post, however, what you have suggested is way beyond my comfort zone. In addition to trying to solve this problem immediately, I have 3-4 other things I would like to do with GE that I need technical help with. Do you know of any GE/kml experts who would do this work for me for a market fee? Thanks, hope to hear back from you soon.