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Wireframe only??

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Wireframe only?? harleydan 5/25/12 6:30 PM
All I see  is the earth in details,landscape,nothing...I looked through the settings and dont see I missing something?
Re: Wireframe only?? BeadieJay 5/27/12 8:49 AM


It's possible that you need to clear your Cache or turn off the Atmosphere.

Please see the link below for information on how to do that, and further steps to follow if that doesn't solve your problem.

Resolving crashing and graphics issues on Windows machines.  

I hope this helps :)

Re: Wireframe only?? harleydan 6/3/12 10:44 AM
I have tried all the solutions and still nothing...I tried to upload a screenshot of what I see on my screen and Google Earth crashes before I can upload.....all I see is the continents outlined in terrain,ground ..nothing..But when i get down to street view it works ok
Re: Wireframe only?? harleydan 6/3/12 10:46 AM