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Big Red X

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Big Red X KeyEnvironmental 4/29/12 8:23 PM
How do I get rid of the grey box with the big red X inside of it, that has appeared in the lower right hand corner of my maps? It is really messing up my maps. 

Re: Big Red X BeadieJay 4/30/12 4:24 AM


Please make sure you don't have an overlay enabled which could be obscuring the view - uncheck everything in the Places and Layers panels.  Then go through steps 1-6 here:  Resolving crashing and graphics issues on Windows machines.

Re: Big Red X BeadieJay 4/30/12 11:19 AM
Another reason for the red X could mean that an image you have used on Google Earth is no longer available.  So you can look at the properties (right click it in the Places panel) and see if the file location is correct.  Sometimes there can be problems using accented or non Latin characters in the name of the image file.

Otherwise, follow the steps I mentioned in my previous post to see if that helps.