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Mac Cursor Alignment Problem

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Mac Cursor Alignment Problem Hardisk2007 7/3/12 2:01 PM

Can someone please fix the issue I'm having with the cursor not aligning properly in the latest mac version of the program!!!! It's driving me crazy!!!!

Yes I know I have to go into my Library and trash the plist file thing to fix it, and I do that, and it works, but it happens again every time I launch the software!!!! I'm running Lion 10.7.4 with the latest Google Earth release. Please address this before I pull all my hair out.....

Thank You
Re: Mac Cursor Alignment Problem Kipstix 7/3/12 8:32 PM
I'm having the same issue with Lion 10.7.5 I don't remember updating Google Earth Pro which, I believe, is version - but it did all of a sudden start being WAY OFF on cursor alignment with the measurement tool and some other Pro tools.  What plist file thing do you remove?  I may want to do that and just leave it running.  Thanks