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google earth ppc.errlog crash

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google earth ppc.errlog crash cheekee 5/14/12 1:10 PM
Whenever I try to search for something on Google Earth i get a "See file 'PPC.errlog' for all printout messages of this application (errors or STR_Printf calls)." message, and then the application crashes. It seems like other people have solved this problem by turning off tooltips and start up tips, and by clearing the GE cache. Neither of these solutions have worked for me and I've un/reinstalled several times. I have a Mac OS X, version 10.6.8  2.53 GHz intel core 2 duo. help?????
Re: google earth ppc.errlog crash Beryldrue 5/16/12 8:38 AM
I think you have a corrupt preference file. Especially if this is happening everytime you search for something. Clearing the cache may not solve this. I also don't see any connection to the tooltips with a search error.

You can try this... ( this will re set the program to default, just installed behavior )

The preference or ".plist" files on a Mac control the behavior of a program. They reflect any settings you may have made, ( not placemarks, just settings)

Go to the following folder to find the plist files for Google Earth. Delete the file "". ( this file will remake itself the first time you start Google Earth afterwards )


Note* "user" above refers to the currently logged in user's name. So you are going to the individual user's Library, not the MacHD Library. Sometimes people get these confused.

worth a try
I would always do this in my computer labs when a computer's program began to exhibit problem behavior, worked in most cases.