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exporting google earth layers (parcel data)

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exporting google earth layers (parcel data) claycover 1/28/10 7:06 AM
I am new to Google Earth.  Is it possible to export the parcel data layer of your viewing extent?  Or for that matter, is it possible to export any of the layers that come in the Google Earth program?  I am looking at land ownership in a watershed, and it would be handy to be able to download the parcel data, and use it in a GIS environment.

Thanks for your help!
Re: exporting google earth layers (parcel data) kitsapNoxiousWeeds 4/26/12 3:26 PM
did you get any answers for this? I am trying to also work in a watershed with controling knotweed and it would be great to be able to export pracel data with out having to duplicate my info in Arc.