Re-installing Google Drive is a Nightmare.

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Re-installing Google Drive is a Nightmare. mwalsh.erding 4/22/13 2:32 PM
Hi Everyone,

I have been using a PC with WIN7 for a couple of years and when WIN8 came along I decided to reformat the hard disk and start all over again instead of carrying over a couple of years of ballast.

I have a Google Drive with about 60GB of photos and files which I duly backed up and as soon as I had installed WIN8 I restored the Folder called "Google Drive" with the 60GB in it. When I tried to re-install the Google Drive App then it told me that the Folder HAD to be empty. Is it possible that Google Drive was insisting on downloading 60GB of files that I already had? I found it hard to believe, but after asking a question on one of these Forums (and getting no answers) I initially gave up.

Last week I reinstalled the Google Drive App using an empty folder and as Google started to download 60GB of files I cleverly copied all my content back in to that empty folder. After all, surely the Sync app would notice that there is no need to download files that are already there! And I didn't want my Internet link clogged up for days copying files that I already had. Besides, whatever Google thinks, I consider the copy of the files on my PC to be the master copy!!

But Google Drive knew better ... and it taught me a lesson. When it wanted to create a folder called PHOTOS in my Google Drive, but I got there before it, then it simply created one called PHOTOS (I). In my original DOCUMENTS folder I had 200 sub-folders ... but now I have 400 sub-folders, the original 200 plus another 200 with the (I) appendix. So I now have double the content ... and as far as I can see Google Drive is simply ignoring everything that I put into that Folder

How can I ever clean up this mess?

Why cannot Google provide a version of the Google Drive App that is genuinely prepared to SYNC two directories rather than just ignore whatever it finds on the PC?

Am I the only one with a large amount of files on Google Drive who wants to re-install a PC?

Re: Re-installing Google Drive is a Nightmare. Tickmc 4/23/13 12:20 AM

The best approach when moving to a new pc is:

- install Google Drive (a fresh and empty Drive folder is created)
- wait for everything to sync down (again, I know)
- then you can continue

- Mike
Re: Re-installing Google Drive is a Nightmare. david.king 4/23/13 1:15 AM
Just echoing Tickmc's advice, that's the easiest and cleanest way at the moment.

Re-installing Google Drive is a Nightmare. Wolf Harper 4/23/13 2:08 PM
Looking at it with fresh eyes, and it being not my data (heh)... I would assume that the version on the cloud was the "master copy" (provided no syncs were pending), and the local copies were merely cache.   I mean, if Google had stuck its local files in ~/Library/Caches/GoogleDrive, and I had tampered with its cache as you had, I would be unsurprised by the result and neither would you.   The confusion is that Google Drive is replicating to a place one traditionally puts local documents.  

Cloud backup = master on local drive, backup on cloud
Cloud storage = master on cloud, cache on local drive  

You and Google seem to disagree ideologically on which one you are doing.  I don't think it will work for a service to be both cloud backup and cloud storage.  Those functions seem to contradict each other, causing Replication Hell.

Re: Re-installing Google Drive is a Nightmare. mwalsh.erding 4/23/13 2:24 PM
Hi Wolf,

thanks for the explanation. I do think that you are correct in that the whole thing has become confusing with Cloud Backup vs Cloud Storage. But, irrespective of which of these we're trying to use, the simple fact is that all Google Drive's Cloud Storage contents has come from a "Master" copy on users' local devices ... and then it immediately wants to assume control and take over the Master role.

Even so, irrespective of which is Master, I still maintain that the Master should be able to check for identical files in the destination folder and, if found, not create a second copy.

Internet bandwidth is still not THAT good that 60GB of files can be copied across the Net like if we were all using local drives.

Thanks also to the others for at least taking the time to read my post and confirming the worst!

Re: Re-installing Google Drive is a Nightmare. Robin Santana 7/7/13 9:15 PM
You are not along. The same happened to me and I just gave up. I won't let Google stress me out.
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Re: Re-installing Google Drive is a Nightmare. Dutchglory 7/14/13 10:14 AM
I found an alternative for Google drive, called "Insync" this also synchronize  your Google drive to a local folder. its a 1000000 times better than Google software and most important:



After your Insync folder is up-to-date,
you backup the actual Insinc folder and the
"C:\Users\<Windows user-name>\AppData\Roaming\Insync" folder

when you need to re-instal you just put back your local Insync folder,
and put back "C:\Users\<Windows user-name>\AppData\Roaming\Insync" folder.

and install Insync for windows. So <b>FIRST</b> put back folders
and then install Insync and run. You will see it will only take 3 seconds
to get a "up-to-date" status...

you can also see "Shared with me" files/folders...