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Possibility of Multiple Owners (or co-owners)

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Possibility of Multiple Owners (or co-owners) Jay Elloso 10/21/12 8:11 PM
Hi Everyone, 

I'm a Google Drive User and I'm actually suggesting Google Drive as a possible solution for my organization's needs. 

We need the capability of  giving ownership permissions. So this results to more than one owner for the folder (others plus previous owner). Other terms for this could be co-owners.

Anyway, these new owners could then share this folder and also give edit/read only rights to other users. This frees up the owner and  doesn't have to be the only one always sharing the folder. 
It's less secure, but this is what we need. We trust the person we give the owner permissions to . We need ownership to be decentralized, giving specific personnel (new owners) 
the capability to share the folder and also give edit or read only permissions. 

Is this possible in Google Drive (paid versions)?

Thanks for any help.
Re: Possibility of Multiple Owners (or co-owners) masonicmoron 10/21/12 11:32 PM

Currently Drive is only with a single user, there is nothing stopping you sharing the information with others.  The Owner of the document has it in their Drive storage the other users it does not count in their accounts.

The features are the same in the free and paid versions.  All you pay for is the increased storage.

Best regards

Re: Possibility of Multiple Owners (or co-owners) monicaway 1/28/13 10:55 PM
I absolutely understand what Jay is requesting. I'm in a collaborative group in grad school and we are seeking the feature of "co-ownership" of files as well. 

Given that ownership determines on whose account the data is stored, another way of offering Drive's file sharing service would be to allow groups of users to purchase a certain # GB to be distributed among them however they please, pushing off the problem of ownership onto the group itself and not individual accounts in the group.

But, you're Google; I'm sure you've thought of this . . . :)

Re: Possibility of Multiple Owners (or co-owners) Luz Quiroga 7/3/13 3:03 PM
Wondering what Google staff think about this request; I think is a real need for collaboration in cases we have co-teachers, co-investigators etc.