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Linux Support fifarunner 4/24/12 10:09 AM
Google Drive is released, with support for Windows and Mac. But there's no linux support. Come on Google, we need it!

Please release a Google Driver version for linux as soon as possible.
Re: Linux Support Jake - Support 4/24/12 10:14 AM
Hi fifarunner,

Thanks for coming in and being one of the first to post your feedback!

As you said, Drive does not currently support Linux.  I'll take your thoughts about adding support for it to the team.

Re: Linux Support fifarunner 4/24/12 10:37 AM

Thanks Jake!

Please have a look at the Google+ stream and search for #GDrive linux.
Many people want linux support.

Besides that, Google Drive looks awesome :)
Re: Linux Support Alexis Huxley 4/24/12 10:58 AM
I just wanted to add my voice to the call for a Linux client! If DropBox can do it, then so can Google! :-)
Re: Linux Support Danie10 4/24/12 11:00 AM
There was drag-and-drop support to Google Docs in the Chrome browser for Linux I think? I'm assuming there will be at least that support?  DropBox does get it right to have a nautilus integration.  If there is an open API I imagine 3rd party Linux developers will be able to quickly provide support. I'm also assuming there is / will be an open API?
Re: Linux Support vendion 4/24/12 11:16 AM
Same here would love to see Linux support for Google Drive!
Re: Linux Support Bas Braams 4/24/12 11:40 AM
<<I'll take your thoughts about adding support for it to the team.>> They probably have thought of it already.
Re: Linux Support Matt Katzenberger 4/24/12 11:55 AM
This is definitely needed.
I was hoping that Google Drive would be able to replace Dropbox for me.
Without this it can't even compete. 
Re: Linux Support defcon 4/24/12 12:19 PM
gdrive is definately needed on linux, android and chromium are linux os's! 

Re: Linux Support Randy R Kelly 4/24/12 12:20 PM
yeah would love this on my Linux machine. 
Re: Linux Support TheRealTachyon 4/24/12 12:33 PM
I agree with you completely. I mean it's not as if Google has never used Linux before. Good grief they have one of the largest Linux infrastructures on the planet. There's not really any excuse for not giving Linux equal status on these kinds of things.
It's even more frustrating considering that there's and Android client and Android is Linux based.
Re: Linux Support macbeach 4/24/12 12:39 PM
Seems to me that GDrive might use the same mechanism that CLoud Print uses for Linux.   I'm transitioning from my Mac Mini being on-all-the-time to a Linux machine doing that function instead.   So I network-attached the printer to the Linux machine, enabled Cloud Print and (I'm not sure how this part happened) set it up so that Chrome launches in the background whenever I am signed on.   Cloud Print now "just works" from everywhere in the house with multiple paths to get to it.

Nice thing is that there was no special Linux software to install (or for Google to maintain, other than Chrome of course).

Couldn't GDrive work that way too?   
Re: Linux Support frandieguez 4/24/12 12:46 PM
Please add Linux support.
Re: Linux Support Tieyourshoelace 4/24/12 12:53 PM
Please add a native Linux client, I'm sick and tired of Linux users being ignored every time a major new app comes out. Google, of all companies ought to be kinder to Linux. Can't wait for an official Linux port!
Re: Linux Support bbertrim 4/24/12 1:43 PM
I agree, I spend most of my day in Linux. I would have already purchased the 100gb option if I could use it. For now I'll have to stick with dropbox until this comes about.
Re: Linux Support zeev_b 4/24/12 1:57 PM
#Linux users, if you think #Google should build a Linux client for Google Drive, then let's start a new march to get #driveforlinux trending on Google+.
Re: Linux Support trpaslik 4/24/12 2:02 PM
drag-n-drop works fine in for google drive using google chrome on ubuntu. You just need to switch to list mode (not a grid mode) in google drive web client.
Re: Linux Support S3Indiana 4/24/12 2:09 PM
Request a Linux client (.deb file) for Google Drive...
Re: Linux Support BrianD35621 4/24/12 6:24 PM
Seriously, no Linux support from Google????
 Dropbox supports Linux.
  Jungle Disk supports Linux.
   They both have for ages.  And Google can't muster up the support?
Actually, Jungle Disk looks like a really good deal, cheaper storage space than gdrive.  
So never mind, your services won't be required after all :->
Re: Linux Support Dreadlox 4/24/12 9:30 PM
Tell you engineers to not forget to preserve the execution permission of files so we can put some bash scripts in Gdrive and have them sync across devices. #DriveForLinux
Re: Linux Support j_jorgensen 4/25/12 1:19 AM
Hi Google-Jake :)

We'd absolutely appreciate proper Linux support...that would absolutely rock :-)
Re: Linux Support j_jorgensen 4/25/12 2:46 AM
Temporary solution at :

First you need to add the packages provided by Luca and available in his PPA (11.10 only at present): -

  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:invernizzi/google-docs-fs
  • sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install google-docs-fs

Once everything that’s needed has been installed log out and back in.

  • Open Nautilus
  • Create a new folder in your Home folder titled ‘Drive’
  • Open a Terminal and run: -
  • Input your password
  • Your Google Drive is now mounted in the ‘Drive’ folder
Re: Linux Support StarBlessed 4/25/12 3:11 AM
The one thing I do NOT want to see, is another half hearted effort to give Linux Users a "Google App" (read Picasa).

Picasa is a good product.  What was so sad about the "Official Linux Port", was that it was just a Windows binary, packaged in a WINE Capsule.

Not to mention the lack of opensource compliance.

I don't want Micro$loth Windows floor sweepings.  I want a truly legitimate Linux Native Binary Application.

I also want the SOURCE CODE for said application, so I can contribute back to Google, and help improve the product for the USER.


At least with Android, I can actually get my hands on the source (even if it is only code base).  Easily accessible here :

Where's Picasa's source code?  Why is there direct integration for API's, but no application code?

Linux users by their very nature, are inquisitive; intelligent; and care about their community.  Why not let them help themselves, AND Google in the process?

These are the principles that the open source movement has been founded on, and what we as a Linux community want from those who seek to provide us with information.

It doesn't matter that there are 500+ distributions out there.  Let the community provide direct support for their own builds of your project.

The code they contribute back will financially benefit you in the long run.

My question to you is two fold : 

1. Why wouldn't you?

and 2. Why didn't you come to us first?
Re: Linux Support TiborGats 4/25/12 5:42 AM
I've paid for a 25GB Google Drive storage today, and then I realized it's not working with my machines (4 PCs running Ubuntu 12.04). Even Dropbox and SpiderOak has native linux client. I'm very disappointed by Google!!! It was not written anywhere when I bought the storage that I also have to buy a miserable windows or Mac operating system too for being able to use it! I immediately cancelled my monthly subscription for the storage, and I'm going to recommend SpiderOak to my friends and workmates instead of Google Drive. Shame on you Google.
Re: Linux Support bbertrim 4/25/12 6:14 AM
If there was a decent open source solution I could see to possibilities for GDrive skyrocket.
Two things I would love to see would be a similar integration in Nautilus that TortoiseSVN has in Windows Explorer in regards to how it handles versioning and the ability to stream files instead of just storing locally. I doubt I would ever see a native GDrive client do these things (it would be awesome if it did, hint hint Google) but a community effort would allow individuals improve the offering far beyond what was ever envisioned for the native Windows/Mac client. Heck, I'm developer and would love attempt to do these things.

Currently I use Dropbox since it has a decent Linux client but would be more then willing to pay for a 100GB GDrive if I could use it on the Machine where I spend 90% of my time.

On a side note. If Google would have put little forethought into this they could have gotten GDrive into the Repos for Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu's next long term support version which comes out Tomorrow.
Re: Linux Support randiroo76073 4/25/12 7:31 AM
Long time Google user, had Gmail within 2-3 months of it's inception(invite only stage), am proud owner of a CR-48 and use numerous G products as suit my needs. In all this time Linux has always sucked a hind one! I'm beginning to think that Google hates Linux, why I don't know, since just about everything on the backend of Google is Linux based...Maybe one of the Community Managers could shine some light on this! All kinds of love is showered on MS Windows & Mac, Linux is like the runt of the litter...shunted to the side all the time. Just for once I really like to know WHY!!!
Re: Linux Support williamthrilliam 4/25/12 10:09 AM
Yes, please support Ubuntu!
Re: Linux Support KanocX 4/25/12 11:55 PM
No, not only ubuntu... Please release an open source client to use this great service on the distribution of everyones personal choice.
Re: Linux Support Teresa - Docs & Drive Community Manager 5/1/12 8:49 AM
While we wanted to get Drive out to our users, we are working on Linux support in addition to an iOS app. Appreciate your patience!
Re: Linux Support ElmarGeese 5/19/12 12:30 AM
I am patient, but since this note is 20 days ago - any news? Why not an official anouncement on Any timeline wopuld be aapreciated
Re: Linux Support Da Rev 6/15/12 10:08 AM
I agree we NEED Linux support for the new Google Docs/Drive!  Our machines use a Linux OS, and we could store on the Linux cloud associated with the OS distro.  But we began using Google Docs before we switched to Linux, and we don't want to lose access to our documents stored in Google after "Docs" gets migrated to "Drive."  We have no intention to swith back to a MS operating system!
Re: Linux Support Byronpdx 6/20/12 12:23 PM
I have been using grive in Ubuntu. Google it to find out how it works. Once installed it does sync, but it doesn't have a daemon to keep it running yet. I faked it by having a scheduled task that runs every hour to sync the contents up. You can also run it at anytime to get/put changes. Not as good as a good application but I find it does the job.

Yes it would be nice if Google came up with a good solution. But support for Linux is declining for some reason.
(unknown) 6/30/12 7:54 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Linux Support vendion 6/30/12 1:47 PM
One major problem with that Chrome extension, other that it is nothing more than a remote desktop client and server for Chrome (don't get me wrong that is pretty cool and could be helpful in some cases), is that it wont help those of us that don't have a Windows or Mac system.  We still need a native Drive client for Linux.
Re: Linux Support lunixer 6/30/12 8:46 PM
Ditto. Count me in. Drive for Linux!
Re: Linux Support Papa Bear 7/29/12 10:28 PM
Have you seen third-party Insync for Linux?

Re: Linux Support frager1 8/17/12 11:33 AM
Hi Papa Bear,
I think it's dodgy to give your google password to any 3rd party.  I think google works pretty hard to keep your data safe, but I wouldn't trust Insync.  Additionally I found the comment below when poking around.  I think it would be best if google came out with their own client for linux.  Just going to wait...and wait...and sign up for dropbox as a way of voting with my $$.

I tried this tool; I think its not very reliable. This thing overwrite pages modified on another computer which runs Google's version (on windows). Fortunately I was able to recover old version from Google's version control system. Also it lacks a simple script to open the default file browser on non-Gnome environments (for example open a new subprocess xdg-open $@). And besides its a third party app with read/write access to your Drive, what about the security for your stuff in it?

Re: Linux Support ★GA★ 11/5/12 12:24 PM
Am Freitag, 17. August 2012 20:33:50 UTC+2 schrieb frager1:
I think it's dodgy to give your google password to any 3rd party.

I think it would be best if google came out with their own client for linux.  Just going to wait...and wait...

It's on my Santa Claus wish list ;-)

Re: Linux Support darrel hammond 7/3/13 1:56 AM
OK Teresa...been over a year, still waiting for Linux support....

I think we've been more than patient.

Google uses Linux extensively, how about giving something back to the community?

(unknown) 7/3/13 1:48 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Linux Support M Bannister 7/3/13 2:21 PM
Am I've the only one who thinks it a little odd that someone can mark their own post as the best answer, surely it should be the original poster or another objective poster...
Re: Linux Support Stephen Victor 7/3/13 2:33 PM
I was paying for extra Drive storage space, but I have cancelled my subscription until a Linux drive client is available.

Google has been "working on Linux support" for well over a year now. What a disservice to your loyal customers!

Re: Linux Support jrtokarz 7/4/13 2:05 AM
"Appreciate you patience", this post is over a year old now.

How long can it take to 'port' a Python application to Linux?

Re: Linux Support 01micko 7/5/13 2:38 AM
Evidently, longer than it takes for Windows to release a new version.
Re: Linux Support MikeRL100 7/26/13 12:22 PM
Noticed Google is getting worse as of lately. Mind you they're still a great company, but I feel that greed is getting to them. Chrome gets priority new features on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. But Linux, despite being the source of their wealth,, and using it internally, is an afterthought on the consumer end. Sad. I hate Drive for this reason. Use Insync but you can count me 100% out of ever purchasing additional drive storage. And Google ads will continue to be blocked FOREVER on all my computers until Google acts like they used to and do stuff for Linux. No Google Now on Linux. No Drive. Picasa was discontinued for Linux. Why don't you just take that Chrome spyware with you? I don't really use it, and if this keeps up I'll uninstall it. I'm not stupid. I know corporate tactics are used by nearly every company in existence to milk and then screw the source of their wealth. To Google, it appears to me that they see Linux as a thorn in their side. It's back to Mozilla and independent options (Bing and Yahoo are worse than Google by miles, though). DuckDuckGo is looking better by the day. Also I am getting bugs in the actually still supported Linux applications, so I send bug reports and never seem to get an answer. Google should get in touch with its nicer older side before it makes me feel like I'm loosing the love of my life.
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