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Integration with Picasa Web Chromaniac2 4/24/12 10:37 AM
I was expecting Picasa Web to be integrated in Google Drive. 

Uploading tons of photos using the web interface is not a good idea. 

Keeping Picasa running in the background is also painful. 

I would love it if I can upload photos to my Picasa Web account using Google Drive. 

Re: Integration with Picasa Web kageurufu 4/24/12 10:48 AM
I agree with this. I would also like to see my instant uploads from Google+ right on the site, it would make everything much easier to use.
Possibly integrate instant upload with the Drive app, and remove it from Google+, or make them work together so this could be more integrated
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Tom - Support 4/24/12 11:40 AM
Hi SM and kageurufu,

Thanks for the suggestions.  I'll share them with the team.  Currently, it's best to select the service that best meets your needs.  G+ is the place we encourage people to go for an optimized photo sharing experience; that said we will continue to work on Drive as to get more use out of all your uploaded files, including images.

Re: Integration with Picasa Web s.milford 4/24/12 12:29 PM
I was hoping for this too.  Maybe merging the two so that Picasa Web would be a part of Google Drive.  Possibly make a folder just for photos, where you would have all the editing tools and such like in Picasa. This would make things easier (in my opinion) since then you would have a one stop shop for all your services.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web noahtonk 4/24/12 1:12 PM

I agree with you....sort of.  My wife and I take tons of family photos, and after our Mac died and could not be resurrected, we purchased a Picasa 80 gig account last year so that we could store all of our photos on Google's servers instead of our own computer.  The trouble, of course, is 

  • Sometimes I discover that the Google+ app on my phone does not automatically sync all photos as it is intended
  • Many of our photos are taken with the family digital camera, which is then synced to the My Pictures folder on our family computer.  It is annoying to have to THEN open Picasa and ensure that it is syncing those folders correctly in order to upload those photos to our Picasa account.
  • When a photo is on Picasa and I want to send it to someone as an attachment, I have to go through several more steps from Outlook or from Gmail to get the photo on to my computer (not the family computer where the photos are stored, but my laptop...or my wife's phone) to actually download it from Picasa to the correct location so that I can do so.
  • Frankly, the Picasa-Computer Storage sync is not easy to decipher.  I dabbled in Dropbox for some time so that I could use online storage as a folder (similar to an old FTP account I used to have) in Windows with the goal of switching to Dropbox, but I didn't like their pricing structure and am already heavily invested in Google products, including a relatively small amount of money in the Picasa account.
So....I highly dispute your statement that "it's best to select the service that best meets your needs" and then imply that Google Drive would not be that place.  If my goal with family photos is to back them up online for safekeeping, easy sharing, and ease of access across computers and mobile devices, Google Drive is the way to go.  Now, I could theoretically just get all of my photos out of Picasa and into Google Drive (which makes no logical sense, since they're all in the same virtual space anyway), but the lack of a convenient "download all of my photos" button makes that difficult, if not impossible.  Additionally, because the SECOND iBook finally died, where the original Picasa sync folder was stored, we now have a new HP that lacks most of the photos currently stored on the Picasa account.  So....I don't even know how to do something as seemingly simple as move my photos from the Picasa "folder" into my Drive.

Also, the premise that the Google Plus auto-upload feature is preferable to an upload-to-Drive feature is preposterous, as it presumes that my primary objective is to share the photos.  This is not my objective, it is to protect the photos in case my phone goes into the proverbial (or literal) toilet.  Drive, an online storage space, would make FAR more sense for an instant upload feature, with an option to share to Google Plus, than it does to instantly upload to Google Plus, with an option to then turn around and upload to Drive through my camera's Share menu.

Thanks for listening.  I'm sure Google will add my Picasa/Google Photos folder to Drive soon.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Daniel Brierton 4/24/12 3:18 PM
I was actually kind of shocked to see this wasn't the case.

Just having a Pictures folder, and treating each folder in that as an album would be perfect. That along with symlink support would be my perfect setup.

I'm now trying to decide where I should upload my photos. Probably Drive since it's mainly backups for myself, but I would like to be able to share certain albums on Picasa/G+ too.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web lorikitty 4/24/12 3:48 PM
This would be excellent. I don't mind using the Picasa Client for uploading, but it would be so much easier to have my photos automatically backed up without launching a program first.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web aschnei521 4/24/12 7:48 PM
This is exactly what bugs me most about google drive. I don't use Picasa, I just want a place to store my photos. I moved the "my pictures" folder into my google drive so all my pictures would be in the cloud and I could get to them from any computer or my tablet. However, when I go online, there is no easy way to just view a slideshow of any of my pictures. All I have is the grid view. Also, there is absolutely NO way to view my pictures as a simple slideshow on my tablet. This needs to be fixed to be competitive with Dropbox. Having google drive (both online and my tablet) recognize folders just having pictures in them and allowing a slideshow view would make me very happy. Not increasing my storage price several fold would also be nice. 
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Dominick A. Scarfogliero 4/24/12 8:03 PM
I agree 100%. This is really something that needs to be implemented ASAP.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web grberk 4/24/12 10:07 PM
+1 on Picasa integration with Google Drive. Make it happen! Maybe also consider integration with Google Music. Putting these together would give users much better sync capabilities without having to rely on so many uploading techniques between the different services. I don't want to edit my Picasa photos or listen to my music in Google Music, but I would like to have access to these files through Drive.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web BramPat 4/25/12 3:22 AM
I agree totally with you Daniel, I use Picasa with 80GB storage just as noahtonk, but before any computer-crash (haven't had any on my Ubuntu machine, *knocks-on-wood*). 

It would be incredibly useful to see my Picasa albums as directories in Google Drive, eg. in a subfolder called Pictures. That way it would also auto-sync if you'ld put your family pictures in that folder on your Google-Drive PC.

The only issues I still have is:
- Picasa support on Ubuntu: officially deprecated, but dead for years.
- Facial recognition / image tagging on Google+ e-mails all tagged people without me noticing. I don't want that.
- No options to sync your web-albums on a fresh Ubuntu install using Picasa (client), so to keep albums in sync on my Ubuntu PC with Google+ / Picasaweb, I always need to consider my PC's album as "leading" and start from there. If I upload my pics from my phone, I can't "fetch" that album from Picasaweb into my PC's Picasa-folder. Possibly this is an Ubuntu Picasa issue. Can anybody confirm this?

Hope to see these resolved in the near future.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Lailoken 4/25/12 7:21 AM
Picasaweb/Google+/Picasa is such a incoherent photo management experience it is not even worth it.

I may just forgo all of these and use 'Files' locally using Lightroom or Aperture and sync those files via Dropbox or GDrive.

Picasa is a terribly convoluted application to use. It tried to be too fancy and fails at simple tasks (like dragging a picture to your desktop not working on Mac... after YEARS!)

Picasaweb also tries too hard to obfuscate organization. Then Google+ photos are in the mix as well and does not integrate well with Picasaweb as if they are totally different products.

Geez. I was really hoping GDrive would tie them all together, to no avail. So far Skydrive beats the pants of GDrive with its 25Gb free.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web grennis 4/25/12 7:33 AM

Google+ Instant Upload is not acceptable because it automatically resizes and drops the image quality of my camera uploads.

I would imagine that since I am paying for storage I should have the option to upload full resolution photos and I would think Drive integration with Picasa would allow this, so I too was very disturbed to see absolutely zero support for integration of these two sevices, which seems like a no-brainer to me.

I hope this is a priority at Google. Currently Dropbox offers full resolution instant upload to their storage service and that's where I'm going to have to put my money next time.


Re: Integration with Picasa Web Phil KL 4/25/12 8:09 AM
Then Google+ photos are in the mix as well and does not integrate well with Picasaweb as if they are totally different products. 

They are indeed two different products but do share the same storage for photos. 
Re: Integration with Picasa Web johnfrederick 4/25/12 8:31 AM
Lailoken, I completely agree with you with your experience using Picasa on a Mac. It seems like it would work beautifully, but every time I try to use it, I am as confused as a English Lit. major in a advanced calculous class.
So about those image editing and slideshow view concerns some of us have—
If you use Chrome, their are Chrome Apps developed to run on Google Drive that may be able to create a slideshow feature or allow you to edit your images stored on the Google Drive. Their's Aviary for Google Drive, PIXLR Express, PIXLR Editor, and Slide Rocket. So perhaps more of these integrative features some are wishing for will be developed through the Chrome or Android web stores.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web vkelman 4/25/12 10:06 AM
In this Google+ post I argue that, there are too many confusing places / ways to store / show photographs.
It makes sense
*- To have Google Drive as a single file storage option* (eliminating Picasa/G+ file storage abilities);
*- To control [Viewing] Permissions using a single Permission Controller Engine*;
*- To provide various Views to display / share Pictures stored in Google Drive*, like viewing through various windows, through Google+ posts, through Picasa, etc. 
Re: Integration with Picasa Web kgrub 4/25/12 12:30 PM
Amen!!!!  Especially regarding the facial recognition/e-mail the person "feature"!
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Luc Ippersiel 4/25/12 1:10 PM
Phil KL,
They share the same storage quota, not the same storage, as you can't see the Picasaweb or Google+ photos in Drive (unfortunately).
Also, it appears a bug is misreporting the storage quota as noted here:!search/picasaweb/drive/peOxeftNxTc/D1uNAvZGBZ8J
Both products are currently reporting their own seperate quotas.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Daniel Brierton 4/25/12 1:31 PM
Luc Ippersiel,

I think Phil KL was referring to Picasa Web Albums and Google+, which share the same storage. LIke, if you upload an album to Picasa Web, it shows up in Google+.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Phil KL 4/25/12 1:37 PM
Daniel is correct on what I am trying to say.

It is the same photo that will be retrieved for display in either Picasaweb or Google+.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Mauro Mello 4/25/12 4:39 PM
Totally agree that must have a Picasaweb (or G+ Photos, doesn't matter the name) integration with google drive. Or, at least, an easy manner to migrate the pictures. I have an 80GB account and would like to have access to my google photos (picasaweb or G+) through Google Drive. 
Re: Integration with Picasa Web JoshuaJB 4/25/12 6:58 PM
+1 on Google Music and Picasa integration. Google drive should be like your Google C:\ drive, being able to see and your music, photos, and attachments in one place.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web HunterShoptaw 4/25/12 7:47 PM
I agree. I was surprised that Drive wasn't used as the end all bridge between all services, I'm looking forward to when Drive feels less "Beta."
Re: Integration with Picasa Web richardap 4/26/12 8:45 AM
I was hoping for this as well. Using Drive to sync Docs and G+ for photos seems a bit of a mess. It would be better to publish photos to Picasa web or G+ straight from Drive. A better all round workflow IMHO

Re: Integration with Picasa Web juanthorn 4/26/12 8:59 AM
Integrating photos with Google Drive would definitely be an improvement.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web scootermcfly 4/26/12 12:13 PM
I would like to see Picasa integrated with GDrive as well, it just seems that it makes sense.

I originally used Picasa and paid for extra storage space to store all of my pictures somewhere other than my local hard drive. It makes sense to put it all on a server in case of failure, and I didn't like any of the other file/picture options available at the time. Then, everything got moved to G+ and Picasa was deprecated. I didn't want to share everything so I had to change permissions on all of the albums/folders that I have. If I wanted to share all my pictures and albums with the world, i would post them to all of the social networking sites.

I'd like a utility or option that would move all my albums to GDrive and then I can remove all of the albums from G+

Scooter McFly
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Jeffyboy 4/26/12 1:56 PM
Thanks, Tom.  Great post.  I totally agree.  Picasa photos should automatically show up on my drive.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web joaomgcd 4/26/12 2:58 PM
I think that a problem they may be facing is, if you upload a video to Picasa, it won't take up any space on your quota, but if you do it on GDrive it will. Either videos start taking up space on Picasa, or they will always have to keep things seperate. 
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Chromaniac2 4/26/12 3:05 PM
well frankly speaking, google needs to have same policies across their network. 

the free storage feature of picasa/google plus should apply on google drive too. that means photos below 2048px should be free. and videos less than 15 minutes should be free! 

Re: Integration with Picasa Web amzg 4/26/12 3:32 PM
LOL, I just registered as a member here to post this very issue!
Please do integrate Picasaweb and Drive!
Thank you!
Re: Integration with Picasa Web pankajuppal 4/28/12 5:56 AM
At the end of the day, its becoming all too confusing. I am in a fix as to which service to use out of the three (Picasa, G+, Drive). I have all my pics backed up on picasa in original sizes. The storage policies of Google also seems to be confusing.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web phoenix713 4/30/12 9:07 PM
I agree with SM. Use the same policies for Drive and Picasa. Also, having all of my phone photos (which automatically get uploaded to Google+ / Picasa) automatically get added to Drive would be really nice. All my phone photos would automatically be on my computer!
Re: Integration with Picasa Web groverd66 5/1/12 4:31 AM
GDrive would be a Killer if it unified Picassa & GMusic actually all my Google services!

I find current Picassa / Google+ integration confusing and irritating!!! 
I love Picassa, and I like G+ but it seems like Google are just pushing G+ 
I don't want to share all my photos, just some of them!

I would be more willing do pay for even more extra storage if you make this more coherent across your services. 

Re: Integration with Picasa Web Roberto Elena 5/5/12 4:29 AM
Do you know which service best meets my needs regarding automated pictures uploads from my Android phone??? Dropbox!!! Yes, Google + does not allow me to upload full-size pictures, but the Dropbox Android app does, so I have to use the competition. I manually sync my "Camera Uploads" folder in Dropbox to my Google Drive Folder, but this is painful! Please, integrate all your services PROPERLY!
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Bruce Martin 5/6/12 12:04 AM
I bought a portable Blu-ray rewriter some months back for $200.00CDN + taxes. It workls fine in XP with the Cyberlink software, and also in Fedora using K2b to burn. (I use the Gnome desktop, but K2b will run OK. I think it auto-installs the KDE RPMs it needs when you install it through the Add and remove apps area. If youi use K2B and add the hidden files and symlinks, you may find the data size grows by a large margin. You may not want to do that. also I suggest using BD-RE as with that size of data, chance of the R's vecoming coasters is somewhat higher than with 4.7 or 8.4 Gb.

Burning time for a 2X single layer (25 Gb.) is about 1.5 to 2 hours, excluding setup time, and depending on amount and type of data.

I am currently starting to test the F17 beta. I have run the i386 live on my old laptop and it looks good except for my network.

Next will be to do that Install, then run the live x86-64 on the big machine and see how that flies.

BTW(Just geo-curious) what state in India? Gujarat or Karnatka?

Best regards,

Bruce M.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web SophiaB 5/6/12 10:01 AM
I too am deeply disappointed that Google Drive, Picasa, Music, Books etc are STILL not integrated. I thought the reason G Drive took so long to develop was to combine everything into one gorgeous product that works with G+. Not so... but it's not too late yet. PLEASE work on this Google, you're becoming a tiny bit laughable of late...
Re: Integration with Picasa Web drjayvee 5/7/12 6:03 AM
I started out moving my entire Photo folder to Drive. Unfortunately, G+ / Picasa don't see that all my files are already in the cloud. Also, I've read somewhere that Drive doesn't back up hidden files, like the .picasa.ini (and maybe .picasaoriginals folders?).

So this morning I thought I upload a few folders to Picasa as backup and cloud storage. No sharing! That works, of course. If I then want to share an album (remember: that's just a selection of files in these folders), Picasa started to reupload all files. Argh!

Picasa also doesn't let me download albums on web which I've lost. I still have all the files (in the original folders), but lost the album definitions on the client. However, if I "download" an album, Picasa notices that I already have all the files, but doesn't create an album on the client.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web stub 5/7/12 8:37 AM
Can someone hep here with my understanding on this. My thought was that the drive could sit on mine and my wife's computer and sync together, the problem is that they seem to be I dependant even though we are sharing online.

Can anyone clarify as I am new to google?

Re: Integration with Picasa Web jjongsma 5/7/12 10:20 AM
I'm excited about Drive, but this does seem like another one of those products put out just to challenge competitors, without a lot of thought to larger integration with Google products.

If you're going to use Drive quotas for storage across multiple apps, make that data accessible through the Drive API.  That means exposing music (and eventually videos) from the Play store, pictures from Picasa Web, documents from Docs, and any other application that uses file-based storage (YouTube videos?).  Then I can finally have an easy way to sync/backup media using normal automated backup tools and have it instantly accessible from anywhere via Google's cloud apps - something I've been waiting for *someone* to do for years now.

With that and the (promised) Linux client, buying a couple hundred gigs on Drive would be a no-brainer.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web heathweaver 5/10/12 12:42 PM
I agree with many who have replied below that this answer doesn't make sense. Why on earth wouldn't we want the same "optimized photo sharing experience" with our photos on Google Drive (answer being WE WOULD). 

I'm deleting all my photos out of Picasa web and waiting for Google to integrate these services. It's a total nonsense that this isn't core to Google's strategy. 

What a Facebook killer to have every file you have in the cloud with the potential to be part of your online social experience. Every photo ready to be +1, every document able to collaborated on, watch movies with a friends, create a Google hang out to look through your photos. If I were Facebook I'd buy Dropbox ASAP and be very worried. 
Re: Integration with Picasa Web BramPat 5/10/12 2:03 PM
+1 that
Re: Integration with Picasa Web iDan84 5/17/12 9:16 AM
I agree, it makes total sense to merge Picasa, Google+ Photos and Google Drive.  It would be fantastic to be able to upload once, via the Google Drive desktop client and then be able to share photos without having to re-upload to Picasa.  It would also be very useful if Google Drive could work with Apple iPhoto and Aperture libraries so that it would be as simple as storing your iPhoto or Aperture library in your Google Drive.  I really hope this is implemented soon or I am going to have to find another way of hosting my photos online.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web rikmer 5/18/12 1:01 AM
I fully agree with this. It makes no sense to not be able to browse photos in Google Drive if Google also provides a photo browsing application (Picasa).

Also I think all the Google products should be able to share their data.

Please change this quickly.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web mark.e.gould 5/20/12 2:24 PM
plus, Picasa has a file size limitation, and reduces the size of your images - not good.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web fsdfdsgffbvfdbd 5/23/12 3:04 AM
I was waiting for that feature since I bought additional space on google. (3 years ago) Bring it to us!
Re: Integration with Picasa Web bbuettner 5/27/12 1:28 PM
Dear Google Support,
please do not close this feature request! Please do as all those users here ask you to and integrate PicasaWeb Alais Google+Pictures into GDrive.

Why? Just think of the fact, that we want a convenient cloud backup functionality for our files and are thus gladly willing to pay for GDrive storage. But now think of this: We did already upload a big amount of pictures in PicasaWeb - not only for sharing, but also for backup - and learned later on, that PicasaWeb alias Plus is not really intended for backup. Now we can get really good backup functionallity with GDrive, but we need to upload all our pictures twice, if we still want to have the Google+ sharing and slideshow functionality.
That just doesnt make sense!
Re: Integration with Picasa Web the_roggy 5/28/12 2:14 PM
@ drjayvee: I just noticed the (hidden) .picasa.ini and .picasaoriginals are now synced as well...
Re: Integration with Picasa Web quaman 5/31/12 5:09 PM
+1 for picasa integration
Re: Integration with Picasa Web PradeepM 6/6/12 10:17 AM
I would like to see this integration also.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web cvrabie 6/7/12 6:08 AM
+1 This would actually would be a good reason for me to switch from Dropbox to Google Drive
Re: Integration with Picasa Web binarybum 6/23/12 6:47 PM
Very much agreed. C'mon google guys - this one is obvious.  Everybody wants this - just place a special Picasa folder in everybody's G drive and you've also got a captive audience at your mercy for using picasa since so many people are signing up for a G drive.  For a nice description of this dilema see  
 It also points out some very obvious fixable flaws with the Picasa desktop app.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web David Hoff 6/29/12 12:04 PM
Now that I've switched fully to a Chromebook, this has gone from being a nusinance to a show stopper.  I've got 15 years of pictures in Google Drive now, and there is no way to look though them from the Chromebook.  The thumbnail view is a start, but you have to full open each picture, each time, and then, once you close a picture, you are taken back to the root level of drive, and have to completely re-navigate to the folder you were view images in.  
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Ben Edmonds 7/2/12 8:11 AM
+1 for Google-wide photo rationalisation.

Like @DavidHoff, I have switched fully to a Chromebook and am coming up on my first full year.  During that time I've found there is very little from my needs that I cannot do. Some situations required finding a good browser-based solution, and others required a change of mindset. Cloud solutions do not do everything local software do - they will do some things better (access & independence from devices), and other not at all or poorly (large file manipulations). I agree that photo libraries have been severely neglected and I too enjoyed Shadid Hussain's comment piece on the three main realms Google currently has.

File storage at the moment is in great transition ~ what was just an access issue, grew into user rights access & back-up, and now includes the increased demands of sharing variety, mass volumes of data over struggling connectivity, and high user expectations of UI / ease / convenience. I work with small (20 staff max) businesses to help them be more organised & commercially viable. Docs, spreadsheets and PDFs are covered well by Drive (considering that it will continue to progress at this pace) and from what I've seen of Google Music, that seems pretty good too. Images are a different usercase for a number of reasons: 
~ Scale: Can the solution handle 1GB as easily at 1TB, mass uploads / spikes in activity
~ Organisation: hierarchy vs. albums vs. associations (tags, keywords, other filters) and then how this works in GApps Domains
~ Ease: From snapping a pic on any device (phone or SLR camera), to generating an album to collate or share, the workflow should be speedy & clear

I'm sure Google will be pushing out a unified solution in the near future. I just hope they recognise the same priority as this thread. Getting the APIs to be robust & available is key as there are loads of opportunity for tie-ins with native software, cloud apps, and who knows what else.

Re: Integration with Picasa Web NKatsaras 7/3/12 10:48 PM
Not only is it obvious, but it's a very basic concept of programming known as pointers and linked data.  We can only assume that the reason for not implementing this feature is intentional, because the actual code to do it would take event he most junior level software developer over at Google, probably about 5 minutes to whip out that code to link these things together in even a very basic way.  It's not that it's a difficult programming challenge whatsoever, that's not the issue.  The issue is due to some interior policy or politics within google.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web kovpak 7/9/12 4:19 PM
Re: Integration with Picasa Web projectzme 7/11/12 8:43 AM
This is just so obvious, the gogle statment that one is for photos and one is for uploaded files and photos smacks of dev's making choices for users..
Surely Google Drive is a single location for all google files? Uploaded, photos the lot, and simple tagging would sort out what does take disk space from google+ and what doesnt?

Re: Integration with Picasa Web ivanyv 7/12/12 6:47 AM
Absolutely ++1!

I was actually just thinking about using Drive or Picasa to upload my photos. Currently it's not that important for me to share them in albums so I was inclined towards Drive, hoping you later integrated it with Picasa Web, so I hope you do!
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Teresa - Docs & Drive Community Manager 7/20/12 8:14 AM
Hey everyone,

Thanks for continuing to let us know that this is a priority for you. I'm passing this thread on to the team, but rest assured that we are looking at ways to integrate our products more closely together to bring you a better, simpler, and more streamlined experience.

Have a great weekend,

Re: Integration with Picasa Web stevenwilliamsknights 7/29/12 9:45 AM
Thanks for coming onto this group and telling us that you are listening..

Google offer some excellent toolsets and integrating them better will help not only the existing customer base but also to gain new paying customers.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Glavey 8/9/12 5:45 AM
Another major software provider has kindly given me 25gig of free cloud storage and integrated the photo archiving software with it already... I'd rather stick with google but it's tempting.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Ben Edmonds 8/9/12 5:52 AM
@Glavey ~ Can I ask who and if they're doing everything well (albeit not connecting / centralising with other Google products / data)?

Re: Integration with Picasa Web Mauro Mello 8/9/12 6:10 AM
Hi @Glavey, could you please tell us the name of this software provider? I'm interested...

Re: Integration with Picasa Web Chromaniac2 8/9/12 8:07 AM
He is of course talking about Microsoft Skydrive which has 25GB for users using it for a while now. They reduced it to 7GB when they launched their desktop sync app. 
Re: Integration with Picasa Web amzg 9/9/12 2:09 PM
Hey Teresa. Any news on this, ie. integrating Picasaweb with Drive?
Thank you!
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Kiabo 9/16/12 7:47 PM
Hey Teresa, any news about the integration? 


Re: Integration with Picasa Web danc4498 9/17/12 7:08 AM
I feel like there's a dead horse somewhere at the bottom of this, but I might as well join in to let my voice be heard too...

I was hoping google drive would integrate much better with all of google's products, and I'm still holding out hope. For instance, in google plus, I can select photos to share from my picasaweb account, and there's an option for "instant uploads", but why can't it look at my google drive folder for all the pictures and videos I'd like to share? Same with Youtube, I've already got the video on google's server and in the right format, why not make it 1 click of a button to share it with your youtube account?
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Ben Edmonds 9/17/12 7:30 AM
@danc4498 - I couldn't agree more. This is now 6months in from Drive's launch and on this matter there has been no visible update. Or mention of it by anyone at Google as far as I can tell - but that's no surprise of course in the uber secretive tech world.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Krishsun 9/18/12 10:12 AM
Hello Teresa,

Any news on integration of Picasa and Gdrive?
Badly need this feature. Just want all files whether doc or jpg in one cloud
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Andy41 9/23/12 4:47 AM
I felt the same it does seem like google drive should be linked with picasa, you could then see your images in google plus if you wanted and have the photos and videos folder structure in your google drive. The strange thing when installed on google drive on my phone it says I have 20GB which is what I bought for picasa but on my pc it only shows 4GB. 


Re: Integration with Picasa Web haynzee 9/24/12 5:38 AM
This is sadly what I often see with Google. Integration across Google products is dire. It seems Google has teams working on so many things but never working together. Why not make Google Drive the core of a users storage. Having Google +, Picasa and Google Drive holding documents is such a waste of Google's bandwidth and storage. If they don't want to develop picasa web any further that's fine but give us the option to move across and put some or all of picasa's features in Google Drive. From their allow Google + access to the Google Drive. Surely for a mega web corp like Google this shouldn't be too difficult. Google if you bring out another product think before making it, think about making it work with other services. Apple with iCloud and Microsoft with Skydrive have done this, please Google, your the best at all these services just integrate them!
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Ine - Support 9/28/12 10:11 AM
Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the suggestions! We're continuously looking to develop and improve Google Drive and know that your input is highly valued and appreciated. I hope you continue to share your thoughts!


Re: Integration with Picasa Web Kenson M 10/1/12 8:50 AM
I agree with this.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Phil KL 10/5/12 7:07 AM
And here's some news on improvements for Picasa users.  Not integration but small step heading in the right direction.
Google storage in Picasa and Drive will be consolidated over the next few months, so users will have five GB of free storage across both services. If you’re paying for storage, your free storage will now be counted towards your total. So if you buy a 100GB plan, it will give you 100GB of total storage instead of adding to what you already had. We believe this approach will make it much easier for users. For both free and paid storage, people at or near their current storage limits will have the same amount of storage after this change.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web MBC78 10/17/12 10:15 AM

On Wednesday, 25 April 2012 03:48:52 UTC+1, aschnei521 wrote:
This is exactly what bugs me most about google drive. I don't use Picasa, I just want a place to store my photos. I moved the "my pictures" folder into my google drive so all my pictures would be in the cloud and I could get to them from any computer or my tablet. However, when I go online, there is no easy way to just view a slideshow of any of my pictures. All I have is the grid view. Also, there is absolutely NO way to view my pictures as a simple slideshow on my tablet. This needs to be fixed to be competitive with Dropbox. Having google drive (both online and my tablet) recognize folders just having pictures in them and allowing a slideshow view would make me very happy. Not increasing my storage price several fold would also be nice. 

Totally agree, its crazy you can;t view pictures as a slide show on your phone but especially on a tablet. Needs to be sorted asap. 
Re: Integration with Picasa Web MBC78 10/17/12 10:21 AM
That's a really dull answer from Google support, compared to the energy and enthusiasm shown by tons of people in the above thread with ideas (many of them common) on how to improve your products.

In regards to Google+ and Google Drive, great ideas but Google seems confused as to how much effort they want to put in. 
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Christopher Rosevear 10/22/12 1:37 AM
I use Picasa locally for creating collages; but as my most interesting photos are stored under Google Drive and since Picasa cannot seem to reference the Google Drive,  have to copy the photos to another location to make a collage(((( Please allow Picasa to reference the Google Drive!
Re: Integration with Picasa Web philby1985 10/26/12 1:21 AM
+1 everything in this thread!


+1 if a user pays for extra storage they should have the option to instant upload full size pictures (no compression)
+1 Google drive should have a “my pictures” or “Picasa” folder and either make use of folders to store albums, or take a page out of Gmail and implement Labels *thumbs up*
+1 To be able to share photos using a weblink (like other google drive files) rather than sharing to google+ (not everyone has it you know).
Re: Integration with Picasa Web philby1985 10/26/12 1:22 AM
Just another note. 

Google. This is your chance to encourage people to purchase more storage from you. Give people the option to disable the instant upload picture compression!
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Rusyak 11/6/12 10:57 AM
completely agree. Google team, please do something! This is so obvious need. Even Asus cloud tries to embed picture review tool into their webstorage!
Re: Integration with Picasa Web jussmills 11/12/12 11:12 AM
yep please provide this integration ASAP
Re: Integration with Picasa Web 0l1v1er 11/14/12 1:23 PM
This all sounds extremely sound to me as well! The current lack of or limited integration between Picasa, Drive and Plus is quite annoying. 

A good first step would be to have at the very least one store for all pictures (Google Drive), with various possibilities to interact with the them (Picasa, Google+).
Re: Integration with Picasa Web kceb83 11/18/12 7:56 AM
agree to all of these changes. this is a must in my opinion and would be greatly appreciated! 
Re: Integration with Picasa Web sonicthoughts2 11/18/12 4:18 PM
yes and LIGHTROOM PLEASE!!!!   current approaches are not adequate. 
Re: Integration with Picasa Web DAS1951 11/19/12 3:45 AM
Setting up online backup is a very good step to take for a number of reasons, including the fact that it is offsite, a key requirement.

However, for those using or planning to use Google Drive, Dropbox et as a backup service, please note that they are *not* proper backup services but places where you can store (share) file copies.

For real backup get a paid-for backup service.  They will/should also provide rapid solutions for file restoration on total loss, including very high volumes (such as couriering a physical disc), something I don't think Google et al offer.
Well-known examples are Mozy and Carbonite, but at least one has come in for flak on its file recovery capability (after all, the purpose of backup).  Might be better to go for a smaller company... anything based on Ahsay or, possibly, Iron Mountain software, should work well and reliably.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web gdemonta 11/23/12 7:41 AM
+1 much awaited feature:
      - use the google drive sync tool instead of the always crashing unreliable picasa tool
      - user the web picasa interface to preview pictures, manage albums,... in google drive
      - improve the google drive app on smartphones to preview edit sort pictures 

Re: Integration with Picasa Web kcolrehs 11/26/12 11:53 AM
I use Picasa and just started with Drive. I read all of this thread and maybe missed something. What happens if I make my Drive folder my primary photos directory instead of C/My Pictures. Then set Picasa to (only) check the Drive folder. What I want is safe backup for my thousands of jpgs and sync between several computers Comments appreciated. Dave

Re: Integration with Picasa Web DAS1951 11/26/12 1:02 PM
For safe backup of your pics and any other data subscribe to a professional online backup service.  I know I have said this several times in this forum but many people confuse file storage and sharing services like Google's and Dropbox with proper backup, which is encrypted and compressed, among other things.  GDrive, Dropbox et al perform valuable services but they are *not* (yet, at least) the right places for safe and easy backup.  The two are complementary.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web DAS1951 11/26/12 1:06 PM
In the case of pictures, where little editing may go on, utilise Google Drive for online copies by all means, but I would not use the Google Drive folder as the primary file location on your computer.  I read here of many syn'cing failures and unintended file losses.  Thus if the GDrive folder holds copies it does not matter if anything goes wrong with the Google service.  But of course you have to guard against HDD failure and theft as well, the point of online offsite backup.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web PicasaDrive 12/8/12 5:40 AM
I recently purchased a chrome book and got 100 GB Google drive with it. I went ahead and moved all my pictures to Google Drive and was excited that now I could access them from anywhere. Then came the frustrating part, I couldn't figure out a way to create an Album like I used to do in Picasa desktop. Apparently, I'll have to upload all these picture in Picasa web again. Also, if I just want to view pictures directly from the Google Drive, there is no slideshow available, all you get is a grid view where you open one picture at a time. Also, you can't see all the pictures in all the folders in one view (like in Picasa desktop), you only get to see the thumbnails of the pictures in the selected folder. All I need is a way to store all of my pictures on Google Drive, create albums (for personal use not to be shared all the time), and view slideshow. I can live with editing pictures using third party apps that can work with Google Drive.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web TerryBurton 12/18/12 3:48 PM
+1 for Google Drive integration with Picasa Web
Re: Integration with Picasa Web hongy19 12/28/12 12:41 AM
+1, absolutely Google need to integrity the Picasa, Google+ photo and Google drive together.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web philby1985 12/31/12 5:22 AM
Hurry up!!!
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Oggy1985 1/2/13 12:34 AM
Completely agree. Also would love to be able to access photos uploaded through google drive via phone's gallery, as it works with photos uploaded via Picasa.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Jeebz 1/2/13 9:47 PM
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Anderson Geison Borges 1/6/13 1:37 PM
I fully agree...

Today I have a bunch of pics I would upload from my iPhone but I lack patience to create album by album in picasa website and I hate the desktop version, so, I am moving to dropbox right now because they recently launched a feature that instant upload from my phone to the cloud..

Sorry google, more than 6 months waiting and you did nothing but google plus integration (What I sincerely never used).

when you launch the feature maybe I go back to you...
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Ben Edmonds 1/6/13 1:47 PM
@Anderson - It is hard to believe that photo storage rationalisation still hasn't been prioritised / released. Very frustrating indeed.  Just to note though that the Google+ app has instant upload too. I've not found it to always be instant and there isn't a way to force sync (that I can find). And do be aware that Google+ Photos currently uploads at a max size of 2,048 by 2,048px unless one uses Picasa. 
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Chromaniac2 1/6/13 2:21 PM
Google+ App for Android has been updated to support full images. You can set it in the settings. 
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Oggy1985 1/7/13 5:07 AM
Couldn't agree more with the OP, and here is my list why:

a) using Google+/Picasa web app isn't always the nicest thing:
1. Bugged upload results (1) (i.e it uploads photos, but they are corrupt - like half of the photo is ok and half is gray colored; happens every now and then, especially when using web client, and more often on Google+ web client for adding photos/albums)
2. Bugged upload results (2) - sometimes it creates random duplicate files when uploading larger amount of files (ie. i was uploading 356 photos, and ended up with 364 photos, than i manually checked and identified 8 random duplicates)
3. No option to have albums within albums (ie. folders within folders) so user can organize his/her photo collection  For example, I want to store photos from a project that lasted several months in a single album, but I want them sub-sorted according to the stages.

On the other hand, Google drive has its own problems:
1. (Constantly) resetting upload progress (wasting users' bandwidth and data plan just isn't cool).
2. No option to add external folders to be added to the drive and its sync.
3. User can't choose language; Drive forces system language.
4. User can't monitor upload progress, because there is no progress bar (the same is available on the web apps for Google+/Picasa web albums).

And on Android app:
1. Missing crucial feature to mark the whole folder to be available offline.
2. Google Drive isn't integrated with Gallery, as it works with photos uploaded via Google+ or Picasa. This way user could actually use photos uploaded via the drive on his/her mobile phone, show them to other people as slideshow or something. Now you can only open individual photos, and this is just wrong.

Re: Integration with Picasa Web MBC78 1/17/13 6:05 AM
Nope!!! Might cancel and go back to Drop Box.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Sam Marshall 1/29/13 12:07 AM
Just another voice adding to the rest here. I had the same issues as everyone else.

Surprisingly like a few people have mentioned on here I tried skydrive and as far as syncing between devices goes it's great. It has its own issues granted, but for those looking at other options it may be worth giving it a shot.

I have flip flopped over which service providers I've used over the years, and google was working well for me, but recently I think Microsoft have pulled their fingers out.

Saying all that, I still have a legacy storage plan that I'm keeping for when the day comes that google might fix this mess they've gotten themselves in to! :)

The wonders of choice.

Re: Integration with Picasa Web Jay.R 1/30/13 5:16 PM
Hi Google,

Could we please have a status update on this, as it was raised almost a year ago, I upgraded my Google storage specifically for this usages,being a loyalist Google fan, I didn't even think to check to see if Google Drive and Picasa were linked, I just assumed that this would have been integrated early on, if I cant link them I really don't see the point of of having the extra storage.


Re: Integration with Picasa Web Fannar Norddahl 2/2/13 7:40 AM
I can see this is an old conversation, so can i ask how fare has the google team got, on some of thease wishes?
mostly to being able to see online picasa stored pictures under , so maybe it was easy to move, edit or finding pic. of a person you have searchd for.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web exerji 2/11/13 1:57 PM
I am glad to hear so many have expressed the same desire to see this integration between PicasaWeb and Google Drive. I COMPLETELY agree with that and if it were existing today, I would straightaway buy required space on Google Drive!

What a killer integration that would be ! It will neutralise the distinct and simple advantage that DropBox gives its users.

And, please stop this lame and 'wishful thinking' exercise about G+ being the ideal place etc.

I have 125 GB worth Photos taken over 8 years and am looking for the SIMPLEST way to upload them - essentially same as my folders in the external drive. I have had lots of trysts with Picasa Tool - the 'Sync' option has ruined it all once, and ever since I turned it off. I have to do a diligent, manual selection of 'Batch Upload' function and it's such a pain in the back. Not ideal for 900 albums.

Also, I am certainly not keen to share all albums via G+ as 'stream'. That's perhaps the FB way of doing it. Google doesn't have to stymie its 'paying users' on the same boring and irritating path. Once my Photo folders sync with Google Drive, I should be given the right to choose if I just want to share each of them (each folder is an album) via Picasaweb - via adding distinct Gmail IDs who can 'Follow' my ID and hence get all albums visible on their Picasa stream OR via Google+

FB is not the place where people can rely for photos other than for instant gratification of sharing. DropBox isn't the place where people can assign specific mail IDs for authenticated sharing (as Picasa would do, at gmail ID level). Places like SmugMug aren't attractive for family men, who don't want to use LightRoom and other dedicated software for batch uploads etc. Google has a fantastic 'Captive' audience, to store Photos in original resolution and also share them easily, with 'paid for' storage and ad free relationship.

It will be sad to see them fritter this away. Even SkyDrive seems to have got back its act together.

Re: Integration with Picasa Web DAS1951 2/12/13 1:47 AM
I am not familiar with it, but what about apps like PhotoBucket?
Re: Integration with Picasa Web exerji 2/12/13 4:30 AM

Thanks. I did once consider PhotoBucket, Flickr etc. too, but in the end, I am more likely to choose between the following three -

(1) DropBox
(2) SkyDrive
(3) Google Drive

I'd prefer to use a 'reasonably priced' player with long term survival prospects than any of the niche players whose revenue model is flaky etc.

Re: Integration with Picasa Web aaron_indy 2/12/13 11:12 AM
I agree.. Google drive has the longest life expectancy and is great on price.  It has 2 apps that separately do the things i need.  If only they would put them together.... drive would blow everyone else out of the water.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web aaron_indy 2/15/13 8:32 AM
Im not concerned with apps.  I can view a slide show of the local files easily.  I want better photo handling for the drive browser interface.  For me its more about sharing the photos.  

When i share a folder of photos from my google drive, the recipients do not get a nice slide show... or even easy to browse thumbnails.  The list of thumbs that appear are cropped so that you have to click on each one to view the whole image.  When clicked the, the image opens in a separate tab.  It is all very cumbersome.

It would also be nice to have the "embed in website" feature that picasa/google+ has. i have a blog with a picasa widget... so now i have to upload my images for that site twice.. picasa and drive.

Re: Integration with Picasa Web freo1995 2/15/13 1:59 PM
And can't search by tags created using Picasa when photographshave been uploaded to Drive
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Jeff Ku (picasa) 2/17/13 1:55 AM
I am a picasa user. I don't know why the picasa integrate with google+.
When picasa change to google+, the original function disappear such as kml and slide show address. There are many embed function lost.
I am also a blogger editor. I used to use these two items to help me build up the content of my blogger.

Until now, I don't feel used the new interface with google+ photo. I hope I can change back to original interface in picasa. I paid for storage in your optional function.    
I wish you keep the picasa web function. It is still usfull for all blogger creators.

Re: Integration with Picasa Web DAS1951 3/7/13 9:52 AM
GDrive competing with FB?  I did not know that FB offers a file storage and sharing system as well as an online office suite.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web harnettr 3/7/13 10:10 AM
My reference to Drive was in reference to the ability to store photos online and have them synchronized both way. Picasa only syncorizes up to the web not down to the computer. some people store their photos in Drive for this reason.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web jgairlie 3/29/13 11:46 AM
In less than thirty days it will be one year since we identified the problem.  I have talked to others who are, for the most part, Google buffs.  Whenever I bring up this problem of lack of integration between Picasa, Gdrive, and Google plus they always tell me of other, non-Gdrive, solutions. No one believes that Google is focused on, or even understands, the magnitude of our frustration.

So to reiterate yet again;
Let Picasa work with Gdrive not just Google+.

If you think that integrating Picasa only with Google+ will drive people to Google+, you have it backwards.  Just integrating with Google+ will drive people away from Picasa and away from GDrive. I know, I'm one of them.

Years ago the old Volkswagen bug came out with the automatic stick shift.  It was sold as easier than a stick and more fuel efficient than an automatic.  It didn't sell because they had it backwards.  Everyone thought of it as not as easy as an automatic and less fuel efficient than a stick.

Google is killing what should be a real money maker.  Just integrate my phone camera with Gdrive and Picasa and, as an aside, can (not must)integrate with Google+.  Add a 'pay for Gdrive backup' feature and you've got me. One stop shop for all my needs and I even might start using Google+.

Re: Integration with Picasa Web msfeinstein 3/29/13 11:51 AM
^^ what he said.
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Laurie Walker 4/11/13 8:07 PM
^^ Yes!  What he said.
I want to create galleries, files, share files of folders, and be able to search photos by file name or by tags.
I was hoping to ditch Flickr, and pay for Google Drive, but now that I see how it handles photo storage and organization, Yikes! A huge mess!  Drive's photo storage is not the "Picasa I once knew.  Researching this, I was given the impression it was... And anyway, Picasa sucks now!   I now know I need to keep Flickr, which is more for photo buffs and photographers rather than designers, collaborators, and use in general in new media networking...
Trouble w/ flickr I just discovered, that I paid for Flickr for storage, yet won't be able to download photos at original size.  There's an app called Bulkr, but come to find out, it costs 30 bucks to get your original files back.  
Come ON Google! Get your act together!
Re: Integration with Picasa Web Stevellion 9/4/13 7:36 AM
Yes.  This would be so much better.  I'd just like to select a folder/file and select publish to Picasa/G+ etc.
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