Which app to use for backup?

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Which app to use for backup? ViseMoD 4/29/12 1:11 AM
I guess many of us would like to use Google Drive as a backup storage. However, Google hasn't provided their own features for that so we have to use a 3rd party software. Do you know any software (Mac OS, Windows) that already back-ups data to Google Drive?
Re: Which app to use for backup? Papa Bear 4/30/12 4:08 PM
Learn how to backup Google Voice with Google's new Takeout product and the Data Liberation Front.
Re: Which app to use for backup? ViseMoD 4/30/12 10:40 PM
You didn't get my point. I asked for a solution to backup any data from a hard drive.
Re: Which app to use for backup? froggy894 5/1/12 8:44 AM
For workstation backup, my money is with CRASHPLAN. It is a great service.
Ok...it's not a google drive product...but it is a focused, refined, secure, online backup system that probably is a lot cheaper than buying more gDrive space? - http://www.crashplan.com/consumer/crashplan-plus.html
Re: Which app to use for backup? groverd66 5/2/12 9:28 AM
You could try Microsofts free Synctoy, or I like Goodsync.
Just set it to periodically sync the folders you want to backup with the GDrive folder on your PC. The Gdrive client will then upload these to the cloud. 
Re: Which app to use for backup? J. White 5/3/12 8:08 AM
My main need for Google Drive was to back up all of our photos. My wife usually copies the photos into a specific folder on my computer that I backup using another process, so I didn't want to have to move the location of the photos directory to the GDrive, nor did I want to have to keep an eye on when file were added, so I'm using a free open source utility called freefilesync to keep my photo folder in sync with the one in the Gdrive. It is strictly a Windows app. I'm not sure you're allowed to post links here, but you can find freefilesync at sourceforge.

Using freefilesync you can create batch jobs that compare and sync directories. Once you create the batch files you can either use an included application to automatically watch the directories and keep them in sync, or you can do what I did, which is to create a Windows scheduled task event to run the freefilesync batch on a regular basis. There are very specific instructions in the freefilesync help on how to schedule batches in the various flavors of Windows. You could also just run the process manually if you wanted.

One nice thing is that you can run the compare manually and see the results before syncing so you can tell if the files are going to be managed the way you want. There are several different methodologies for syncing the directory so pay attention to what they do. You can also create exclusions. It is a very versatile app.

I know I've made it sound more complicated than it is. There is good help in the help files included with the app.

I haven't tried it, but maybe you Mac users could use Carbon Copy Cloner. I haven't used it in a long time but last I checked it was free and I've had good experiences with it.
Re: Which app to use for backup? LaunchpadMcQuack 5/31/12 8:44 PM
I really like Syncback.  You can schedule backups so that any files you put in a directory on your computer will get backed up to your gDrive folder which will then sync to the gCloud.  I have it run on a nightly basis.  The only downside is that now you have two directories on your computer with the exact same files (along with the gCloud) taking up storage space on your local drives.
Re: Which app to use for backup? Luis Portella 12/17/12 7:48 PM
how can you use free file sync via internet? thank you
Re: Which app to use for backup? hsenthil 5/26/13 1:14 PM
My need is exactly the same as yours.  However, I don't have desktop hard-drive space to have two copies of the photos on my desktop (i.e., one in the photos folder and the other in Google drive).  Any way I can point Google drive to my existing folder that has the photos
Re: Which app to use for backup? J. White 5/26/13 3:13 PM
Unfortunately, the closest you can get to that is to setup the Google Drive application to sync only that one folder, and no others, to and from your Google Drive, but you have to at least sync that one folder. It's under Sync options in the Google Drive app Preferences. That will at least keep you from syncing other folders you may have on the Internet, that you don't want synced to your computer.

Hope that helped.