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All my files were deleted without any user permission

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All my files were deleted without any user permission gilweb 7/8/12 3:02 PM
I own a 400 + 5 GB account for 3 months.
I installed it on my MAC and, after some weeks, I finally sync all my 400GB + working files. (I am on Architecture/CG industry, so I own a lot of blocks, maps etc... files.
All worked fine until today.
I always had trouble installing it on my windows Laptop.
I always had errors. After some times, it stops syncing and closed with an error. (Google needs to close..... error)
Yesterday, I tried another time. No errors accured and it said that all files were synced. But no files were on my HDD. I saw the preferences, the sync options and they were no folder to choose.
I closed googledrive and gived up.
Today, I checked my google drive on my MAC and a lot of folders were deleted. I read forum discussions and get back to google drive on the web, and saw that I had no iles on it...
I get back to the trash (on the web site) and recover everything.
the files are appearring 1 by 1 on the web... I think it will take time until all my files are back again... They are probably copying from the trash to my google folder.. So it should take time. Like I said, I have a 405GB account, and used 402GB. So it will take a long time tuntil I get them back. After I recover all my files, I definitlty ask my money back to google... And NEVER use it anytime more. What the hell is that service? They delete my files (or move them to trash if you prefer) without notice? without any user permission? WTH?
I used to use dropbox. A lot more expensive but NEVER happened this. I will get back to them, and use other services since they don't have a 100GB+ service unless a special one. Maybe I will use
I really want to know what happened!!! There are a lifetime of work files. My work could be jeopardized if I loose my files. I use google drive because I believe in Google. It's 1 of the best company in the world. If I can't trust them, who can I??
I definitly want all my money back.
Re: All my files were deleted without any user permission Kapcha 7/8/12 9:56 PM
Where you or are you the only user linked to the files, was your drive shard with another online user ?
Re: All my files were deleted without any user permission bobby ballow 7/9/12 1:17 AM
Yes this service is definitly not reliable and very unstable. I suggest to you Wuala service also. It seems to work fine.

Is the google drive team full of noob or what ?
Re: All my files were deleted without any user permission gilweb 7/9/12 6:09 AM
I am the only one. No shared folders/files...
Re: All my files were deleted without any user permission gilweb 8/2/12 8:40 AM
I think I was able to recover my files..
now I WANT TO CANCEL my subscription and go back to 5GB.

I deleted all the files and empty the trash but it seems the files weren't deleted.
If I go to "all items", I still can see all my files... I have to delete them 1 by 1. Or better, 500 files once at a time. I had 100.000+ files. I am doing this since for ever. That's almost impossible to me to delete them all until the next subscription
I WANT TO DELETE THEM ALL. I already deleted them from "my drive". WHY THERE ARE STILL AVAILABLE ON "ALL ITEMS". I think google is doing this to make user pay for another month since we CANNOT DOWNGRADE if you have 5gb+ of documents.


I will go back to dropbox, Even if I have to pay 3x more for the 500 GB.