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Cloud Connect Issue

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Cloud Connect Issue teacher7979 5/1/12 7:25 AM
I have 437 MS Office files that will not sync with G-Drive, they all were backed up using Cloud Connect. I have uninstalled Cloud Connect from the laptop, but the files still won't sync. How do I take them out of CC and put them in G-Drive?
Re: Cloud Connect Issue Papa Bear 5/1/12 9:40 PM
@Teresa W.

There is no information in Google Cloud Connect Help Center about the steps to upload or sync files to Google Drive. How should this user proceed?
Re: Cloud Connect Issue Papa Bear 5/1/12 9:42 PM

User at  describes uninstalling the Google Cloud Connect plug-in.
Re: Cloud Connect Issue teacher7979 5/2/12 5:12 AM
I am aware that I no longer need Cloud Connect. What I need to know is since CC is uninstalled how do I get those files to back up to G-Drive without getting an error message?
Re: Cloud Connect Issue teacher7979 5/2/12 7:09 AM
SOLVED (by me): 

I needed to reinstall Cloud Connect
Open Word
Logout of Cloud Connect

Everything synced fine

Thanks............I guess
Re: Cloud Connect Issue Justin Thai 10/11/12 10:41 PM
Thank you so much! I've scoured the internet and tried so many different solutions just trying to solve this, and what you posted was the only thing that worked. Thank you!