Speed Issues: Slower than Slow

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Speed Issues: Slower than Slow longe630 4/27/12 6:05 PM
Google has some work to do.

I thought being that it was Google that their product, even though beta, would be good to go. Man was I wrong.

Basically I have about 100,000 files equaling 11 GB worth of data that I am uploading. based on the current rate its going to take about a week to upload that much.

With my internet connection I have uploaded a 1 GB video to Vimeo in about an hour.

At first I thought maybe the issue was the fact that I had so many files and that each file took a few seconds for the drive to create, but based on other forum entries it appears that Google's max upload is just extremely slow, at least at the moment.

On top of the slow connection I am also experience the 50% CPU usage. I can't imagine what the desktop sync could possibly be doing that could require so much processing power. Its not really affecting my work, in fact it appears to be the opposite, as soon as I try to use anything other than chrome the program stops syncing and just stays at the same file number or says it is unable to sync.

After trying many different things believe it or not it is actually faster to upload the files to the website and then have the desktop sync download the files at the same time, then it is to just use the desktop sync for uploading. Uploading through the website is still very slow, but it is a bit faster than using the desktop sync. I tried using the desktop sync to upload and the website uploader at the same time, with mixed results. Both appeared to be uploading at a constant rate whether I had one or both running, they did not seem to effect each others upload speed in the slightest, more proof that its Google and not my internet connection that is the problem, but the desktop sync failed much more frequently when attempting to run both.

Now I am not sure what is going on, as I go through my drive online it appears as though most of my files have been synced even though when the desktop sync restarts it says it still has 80,000 files to go. Nope a deeper check shows that many of the third and fourth folder files are done and some are not. Its method of choosing what files to sync seems completely random.

This just plain sucks. Google needs better reporting for sure and a straight forward way to attack uploading rather than some random mess.

It appears to be going a bit faster now 2000 files after about 30 min. A file every 2 seconds, still going to take for ever.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Arqira 4/27/12 7:18 PM
I have the same problem...
50% CPU usage and very slow upload.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow yaddayaddaya 4/27/12 9:43 PM
It will always take longer to transfer many small files than a single large file...you can test this even on a LAN...
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow longe630 4/27/12 11:24 PM
Of course it will, I'm not an idiot, but it shouldn't take a week.

I can ftp 10,000 files in about an hour.

Why does 100,000 files take 100 hours. Doesn't Equate.

That being said the speed has been a bit better today and the application hasn't crashed. Of course I didn't really use my computer during that time and it still only did 20,000 files in 12 hours. So it looks like it will take 48+ hours rather than a week. Still slow, but better.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow CertifiedSEO 4/30/12 4:45 AM
I agree. I have high speed cable and Google Drive sync is extremely slow.  I am using Dropbox and considering to switch to Google Drive but the sync speed is very slow.  
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow longe630 4/30/12 12:18 PM
It finally finished in about 48 hours. Once I just left it alone, even though Googles advice is to restart the application if the sync number stalls for a while, it went a bit faster. So the speed for me is just on the cusp of acceptable, but barely.

So now the real issue has to do with the 50% CPU usage. Every time I update a file and the desktop sync attempts to sync it, my CPU jumps to 50% usage for Desktop Sync. This only occurs during syncing, even while its checking the cpu usage is relatively low, but as soon as it begins the actual syncing of the file it jumps to 50%. That's just crazy and should be Google's first bug fix, obviously something isn't right there.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Papa Bear 4/30/12 4:01 PM

Have you tried hard-wiring your machine to your router instead of using a wireless connection?

Per Google Drive team member - Paul Cheong at




If you are not able to sync any file, this is most likely because servers are too busy. They should eventually sync, however. We have an issue we are working on where once we show "Unable to sync", that message keeps appearing even though we've recovered. We're actively trying to resolve that.

If you are able to sync SOME files, but others, please follow the steps below:

1. Quit the sync client.

2. SHIFT + LEFT-CLICK on the sync icon and click on "Enable diagnostic mode" to bring up a debug dialog.

3. Click on "Start logging"

4. Wait until you see "Unable to sync"

5. Click on "Send report to Google"

6. Post the report ID here.

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow longe630 4/30/12 5:24 PM
No I have not tried hard wiring it. I don't see why that would make any difference unless the wireless driver has a conflict with the desktop sync.

I am not receiving the Unable to sync message, so the rest of what you said has no relevance.

Besides a slow upload, which is most likely due to the demands on Google's new service, the only other issue I am having is the 50% CPU usage any time the application tries to sync a file.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Piet73 5/1/12 4:26 AM
I have the same problem: too much cpu and really slow speed in uploading files.
I'm syncing another computer (MAC) through Gdrive: the download speed of the new files on the MAC is really terrible: it takes forever!!
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow egremyl 5/4/12 4:04 AM
i have the same problem on my Mac, i synced 1,7GB (13000 files) from my machine. upload is terribly slow, and it consumes aprox 100% cpu (on a dual-core i7 mbp).
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow kindaskimpy 5/5/12 12:36 AM
I've absolutely experienced the same slow upload speeds. I have about 40GB of stuff waiting to upload and at this rate, it's going to take about a month to finish!

I've laso noticed that it is occupying an absurd amount of RAM. I'm talking anywhere between 150MB to 400MB! That is insane to me! And after a few hours of desktop syncing, it appears to freeze. if you check progress, the numbers dont change and if you try to quit Google Drive, it hangs and the spinning beach ball appears (I'm on a Macbook Pro).

I'm starting to regret buying all that extra storage.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Szalavetzg 5/11/12 10:15 AM
I have the same problem. I try to upload large files, and it seems, that it is uploading, but it does not. I uploaded 4 gb of something to somewhere (no other internet using applications active, except for antivirus), but it did not upload any of the 700 mb avi files. I'm happy that I tried the service, I definitely not going to buy extra space.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow .jay 5/11/12 11:11 AM
Slow upload time can be annoying, but as a former Sugar Sync user, I don't mind it. When I used Sugar Sync and set upload speed to high (and sometimes on normal) it would use up too much bandwidth. I couldn't watch any streaming video unless I slowed down the speed or paused it. Every time my daughter tried to watch something on Netflix, I would have to pause or slow down syncing so the video would play clearly and without frequent pauses for buffering. After your initial sync of hundreds of thousands of files, it probably won't be a problem. 

In the words of Louis C.K.: "Can you give it a second?!"
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow .jay 5/11/12 11:13 AM
Not to mention it's $5 a month for 100GB... and you're complaining that it takes a little while to upload over 80,000 files?
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Papa Bear 5/14/12 7:00 AM
If you have Chrome, try all 5 suggestions at   http://support.google.com/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=113910  
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow RD185 5/25/12 12:28 PM
Just provided the following feedback:

Massively disruptive on network access. I use Speedtest.net - with nothing running I get ping/download/upload of around 30ms/13.5Mbps/1.5Mbps. If I run Microsoft Skydrive, Speedtest shows 31ms/12.5Mbps/0.9-1.2Mbps. But with Google Drive running, my network response on anything is awful and Speedtest shows 200-800ms/1.0Mbps/0.2Mbps. Resource Monitor shows 20-30 or more concurrent https (port 443) connections. It is simply too disruptive to have running while I use my laptop (Dell E6510 8Gb).

The synch from desktop is terribly slow and the network for any device connected while Drive is running is very poor. CPU starts high (about 50% of one core) but usually settles down. Even then the whole network and CPU usage is way more than Dropbox. I'm looking at Skydrive as well although I've only used that a little. Dropbox however I've had sitting quietly on the desktop for a year now and have never noticed the impact.

Right now Google Drive has 47 https connections open to one of two servers (eventually it drops back to maybe 20 then builds again) but even then I'm a week in to using it and haven't managed to leave it running long enough to upload a few thousand files totalling about 5Gb. It's currently managed 1.8Gb total.

It is desperately in need of fixing to make it acceptable. I'm going to stick it out to see what happens when the synch is complete with a large amount uploaded but right now Google Drive is falling off the bottom of my list for a file synch/share utility purely because I cannot use my laptop while it is active.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow RD185 5/25/12 1:08 PM
Another bit of info (sadly my network protocol knowledge is quite limited so I can't do more than say this looks odd/strange/wrong). Wireshark shows a very busy network exchange with a lot of https data streams being run through the network over long periods of time.

Without understanding what this means it does look very busy and decidedly 'strange'. It's almost as though the Desktop process is flinging an awful lot of data about and a lot of it seems to be going to waste or it is simply taking a long time to close down the conversations. There are loads of https acks coming back from the remote servers for the various bits of data so the data is genuinely being sent to the servers, with each ack taking around the same time (900-1100ms) to appear.

When following the TCP streams in Wireshark, I can see an exchange start for 6Mb of data, it takes 122 seconds to complete (in blocks of 1484 bytes by the looks of it). There is a flurry of TCP DupAcks around 14s, 51s, 85s, 101s, but the https stream itself doesn't seem to come to an end until an ack arrives at 362 seconds. And there is then some other https FIN ACK sent from my laptop to the server at 954s (presume some kind of 600s/10 min timeout on the connection and possibly explaining why those connections all hang around so long).

Maybe it's normal - I really don't know. Maybe there is something about the TCP stack config on my Windows environment. Just notable that the Google Drive is the only app giving me this problem. More knowledgeable people than me need to look into that one.

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow GC vs GV 5/25/12 5:58 PM
Answer:  Take the Desktop/App out of the equation.

Google Drive via the browser is just as dog slow.  I used to get reasonable upload speed prior to upgrade from Google Docs.

I have always used Docs/Drive via the browser due to security concerns.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow danbaatar 5/31/12 6:48 PM
I have the same problem.  Uploads are very slow.  I've only used the web interface, though, since the Linux client isn't available yet.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow DaimlerSovereign 6/21/12 3:51 AM
Hi everybody,

Before I have been using the free accounts of dropbox and wuala.
Now I have combined them to a paid 100GB google drive account.
I should not have done this!

1) upload/download is very, very slow.

2) there is no information about the file (name and percentage) currently being up/downloaded.
    best would be a filelist with the ability to sort files (important files first) and to pause specified files
    (uuhh, this one is very big, I set it to pause, cause I need the small ones to be synced first)

3) we have 3 computers in the office. My coworkers are often complaining, that google is taking ALL internet bandwidth, so we cannot use internet on any computer in the office while the client is up/downloading.

4) often there is a message saying: "connection not available" (translated from german)

5) When using 2 ore more computers in the same LAN-area it would be intelligent, to transfer (download) files via LAN not via internet, i.e. fits computer is uploading to the cloud and all other computers sync via LAN.

Hope you fix this soon.

best regards

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow ChristianVolkmer 6/23/12 1:23 PM
Hi everybody,

the same problems here. I have a brand new MBP form Apple an did the google drive sync which lasted over 48 hours for 35000 Files on an 100 Mbit Internetaccess. After the sync was complete there was an error that i have to disconnect my account and sync again! And now the best: On all other macs i have the client active i get now the same error! 
PLEASE Google: Fix this behaviour! The application is ridiculous buggy!

best regards

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow ellisb 7/1/12 8:37 AM
i really thought i was the only person that had this problem but I'm now glad to see that many others are having the same problems with upload speed and high CPU usage :)

Google sure has some work to do before I will be using their Drive service like I use dropbox.

Dropbox is awesome btw. Can't live without it :)

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow seanlanglands 7/2/12 4:08 PM
Syncing is insanely slow on my desktop and about after 10 files synced it crashes.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow cupper3 7/2/12 6:54 PM
Put me as another one who can not understand why Drive is so slow, to the point of almost not being usable. Thank God I still keep my Dropbox alive.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow dpght 7/3/12 9:42 AM
No doubt about it, GDrive is really really slow, compared to Dropbox--particularly when handling large numbers of files.  See this page (not mine) for thorough comparison of GDrive and Dropbox. In my own testing of the two services I obtained similar results.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow CBear 7/5/12 12:12 AM
Same issue.  I have <3,000 files.  Slow and hot (CPU spins like crazy).  Rather than syncing just the updated files it syncs everything, slowly.  If I'm on my laptop on battery and forget to pause it, it kills the battery in minutes flat.

Want to love it, but never had this problem with Dropbox.  Please fix.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow dw333 7/5/12 5:57 AM
Just wanted to reinforce the issues above - agree with most points - particularly the really really really slow file sync.

At the moment I've given up sync in the hope that improvements will happen soon. This is not what I've paid for.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow LauraS523 7/9/12 9:20 AM
Ummm yeah. I'm sorry. This is just stupid. It's been running for three hours now and has synched a wopping 860 of over 6,000 items. Unusable. Back to Dropbox. Between this and the inability to display trees, inability to sync subfolders I'll be pulling my subscription, thanks.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow TowZone 7/11/12 5:25 AM
I just downloaded the application for iPhone and also installed it on my PC.
I have less than 2GB of files in multiple levels of nested folders. My computer's been on for a couple of hours now and it hasn't synced more than a few of over 500 files.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Jassen 7/11/12 10:39 AM
Google Drive has always been horribly slow, since day 1. Sync both direction is slow and drops connection often, and the app itself can slow a computer to a crawl, as it hogs 50 to 80 percent of CPU power sometimes. I switched to a paid account a few months ago in order to save a few bucks on Dropbox, and have regretted it since I did it.

As of today, Dropbox has doubled their storage space on all accounts, and I'm switching back. I unfortunately had to do a system restore on Sunday (Win 7), and now I have to wait until these 75,284 files download from Google Drive in order to have them to sync up to Dropbox.

Bottom line: At this point, I would absolutely advise not purchasing Google Drive space. There are simply better options for the money.

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow gotmagmanager 7/13/12 7:28 AM
Does anyone know if there is a way to actually contact Google regarding this issue? Obviously many people are having it but there doesn't seem to be any way to inform Google of the issue?
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow cmSCIguy 7/16/12 7:48 PM
I'm having exactly the same issue using a 13 in MacBook Pro (8,2 - early 2011). After comparing price plans between Drive, SugarSync, and Dropbox, I decided to go with Drive based on price alone - while still using free Dropbox for small sized documents. I'm attempting to upload 20 GB of photos and am having IMMENSE trouble. 

Usually while syncing a large number of files I'll leave it running overnight. Drive cannot take this. After checking the desktop client after a good 8 hrs, I often get a message saying that Drive is Offline, or an Error While Syncing, and nothing has been synced. It takes about 3-5 minutes to upload one photo while its working correctly. I've had Drive for about a week now, and am only at 4 GB while letting it run nonstop. If this is going to continue, I think I'm going to drop my plan on Drive and just go with Dropbox. I love everything Google, but this is kind of unbearable.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow fighton! 7/17/12 4:03 PM
I do not know what is worse - thinking that I was the only one having this issue or knowing that it is a pandemic one!
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Bjarne Golbæk 7/17/12 4:43 PM
To whom it might concern at Google:

The lacking speed performance of Google Drive can't possibly be what Google intended with the service. Please respond to our growing community of frustrated users and give us some indication that you are aware of the issue and is planning to fix it in the near future. It is not acceptable that we get MUCH worse performance with a paid Google Drive service than with a free Dropbox or similar service.

Please repair our confidence that the Google Cloud is the way to go - otherwise we'll have to turn to other solutions.

We appreciate your hard work and look forward to an official reply!
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow ukmark 7/19/12 10:20 AM
This google drive product is awful. I have 58,000 images to sync at 216 gb I've had this this syncing all day and and It's only managed to sync about 300 images not to mention my computers ground to a holt with all the cpu used up. At this rate it will take literally a few years to upload and no using my computer in the mean time. Why is Google not here on the forum, or are they.. anyone heard from them?

 Think its time to head over to drop box.. might be more expensive but I hear the do deliver on their service anyone used them before.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow cmSCIguy 7/19/12 2:41 PM
I was having the same issues as everyone else. After looking through the subscription plans between Drive, Dropbox, and SugarSync (while living in Ohio for the summer), I decided to go through with Drive. It was taking about 3-5 minutes per upload (not getting anywhere near the 3000 photos that I have to go through). Then I came back to Korea - where I currently live. And my upload speeds drastically improved. I'm not sure what Google can do to improve things in the US, but the speeds are normalized here in Korea. I left it to sync overnight, and it got through 2000 photos. Much better.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow brokenman 7/20/12 11:34 PM
Same here in the UK, very slow, moved from dropbox because this is much more cost effective, starting to regret that decision. 
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Grayslake1 7/22/12 8:00 AM
I'm a huge google fan so I had hopes for Google drive.  I synched 500 of 29,000 files in 12 hours.  Very disappointing performance!
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Teresa - Docs & Drive Community Manager 7/23/12 3:11 PM
Hi everyone - we truly appreciate you taking the time to leave your feedback here. We're continuously working on making Google Drive better for our users, including improvements to performance. 
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Marcela Matos 7/24/12 6:17 PM
Same slowness issue. Drive version 1.2.3123.0250, windows xp, report id 0EB45061494660E2 .. trying to upload 50G of data for one month without success
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow EddyAdri 7/25/12 6:45 AM
Same issue here, testing Dropbox and Google Drive next to eachother and Dropbox seems to beat GD on both synch speed and intelligence. I hope Google gets this resolved fast as I like the features and vision behind their solution, pricing is less important for me.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow CTOJEFF 7/26/12 9:17 AM
Same. Slow. Frustrating. Thankfully Dropbox just doubled my storage at no additional cost.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow GaryS42 7/26/12 10:23 PM
I have 7 small (2 MB each) files in a folder, and am adding one each day for the remainder of the week. I want access to these files from several different computers. I find it takes several hours for each file to get sync'd. It's unreliable, as it takes so long to sync one file that if I don't stay at the computer, it goes into power-saver mode before the sync finishes, and I am unable to access the file from the other computers (found that out the hard way when I dropped a file that I needed into the folder - it wasn't there when I got to the remote computer).

As a test I just dropped the whole folder into DropBox. All files were sync'd in less than a minute (close to 30 seconds). 

Until this slowness is fixed, I can't use Google Drive. It isn't reliable enough. 
This message has been hidden because it was flagged for abuse.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow krwhite 7/29/12 2:52 PM
Same issue here, and I also turned off Google Doc's sync thinking the PDF conversions may be at fault.  They aren't.  It will also simply crash after being frozen for minutes on end.  How long has google drive been out?  4 months?  Can the developers actually find out reasons why a function takes 5 minutes to return for something thats 40k on a 10mbit connection?  Please, contact me google and I'll walk you through your own call stack.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Zipster1976 8/2/12 7:43 AM
Wow!  What a shocking product.. Shockingly bad that is.

Didn't expect this from Google and foolishly opted for 1TB of data storage.
On first install of the desktop app (I'm backing up around 400GB of data) I would get "Sorry, Google Drive needs to quit", no explanation, nada...  This was after about 10hours of sync'ing.

So the "recommendation" was to re-install and use an empty folder (which is what I did in the first place).

I've now been using Drive for two weeks and only 20.1GB has uploaded.

I'm cancelling and going with either SkyDrive or Dropbox, I'll be doing some thorough research before handing over my hard earned cash though!
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Marcin Ski 8/2/12 8:50 AM
I just searched for "google drive sync insanely slow" and got this forum.  I spent all of yesterday syncing 3GB with 100%+ CPU usage.  

Ditto to all the comments - it is amazing to see such a unanimously bad experience with a product.   Google wake up! 
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow 247365 8/2/12 3:35 PM
Same issue here across 3 of our business computers - when GD is turned on it uses way too much processor and is slowing our normal business work i.e word/excel etc down dramatically...

Google please fix this
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow cmSCIguy 8/2/12 6:36 PM
I'm really interested to see how Drive users outside of the US are doing with this? When I purchased Drive while in Ohio, I was reporting incredibly slow sync speeds, just as the rest of you. As soon as I flew back to Seoul, Korea, my sync speeds were excellent. I got through about 2000 files (photos) during the first night. I'm not sure if this was simply because I left the US, or if it is because internet speeds are one of the fastest in Korea, but my speeds continue to be better than normal. I've uploaded a 2 GB video in about 8 minutes or so. 

Has anyone else experienced something similar?
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow damccumb23 8/2/12 8:12 PM
I have just bought a bunch of data for my google drive to backup all my home drives.  I am having the same troubles.  It is disconcerting to see this situation has been around for this long without any sign of ending.  I am also in ohio if matters at all.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow power_ace 8/3/12 8:37 AM
I have two laptops, side by side on my desk.  Yesterday, I created one folder and placed one 6K file in it in my Google Drive. It showed up on the other machine just under an hour later. 

Sometimes I deliberately cycle the Sync for a particular folder to 'force' the file through, but it doesn't seem to make any difference. 

If I didn't use Google Docs so much, I wouldn't bother with Drive.  Dropbox is a superior product in all respects.

If Google cares:

Drive version:  1.3.3209.2688
OS:             XP Pro SP3 (both machines)
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow kgillum 8/9/12 4:29 AM
Crazy slow in Ireland...
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow maranell 8/9/12 5:26 AM
Can you give any indication to when this problem will be resolved ?
Our company have signed up on google apps with 200GB of drive space, however, with the instability and slow speed it is currently uploading it is completely useless for us!

Pål M.

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow ssalat 8/19/12 3:53 PM
Same here, that sucks!
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow ssalat 8/19/12 3:53 PM
Same here, that sucks!
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow ssalat 8/19/12 3:54 PM
Same here, that is terrible!
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow ssalat 8/19/12 3:54 PM
Same here, that is terrible!
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow ssalat 8/19/12 3:54 PM
Same here, that is terrible!
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow ssalat 8/19/12 3:54 PM
Same here, that is terrible!
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow ssalat 8/19/12 3:54 PM
Same here, that is terrible!
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow ssalat 8/19/12 3:54 PM
Same here, that is terrible!
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow ssalat 8/19/12 3:54 PM
Same here, that is terrible!
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow ssalat 8/19/12 3:54 PM
Same here, that is terrible!
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow ssalat 8/19/12 3:54 PM
Same here, that is terrible!
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow ssalat 8/19/12 3:54 PM
Same here, that is terrible!
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow ssalat 8/19/12 3:54 PM
Same here!!!!
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow ssalat 8/19/12 3:54 PM
Same here!!!!
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow tobiasdam 8/20/12 7:29 AM
Same here. Too damn slow.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow chilledpanda 8/24/12 11:16 AM
Same problem here, wanted to look at this as a good alternative to dropbox after their recent security breach.
Installed on a desktop machine, seem to be okay  added 4gb of +41k assorted files as a test, was fine until I got the unable to sync issues, which seem to be down to conflicting with an directory scanning tool I use at work, once I disabled it seem to finish the sync. 
Installed on my laptop once I manage to find the executable to download, seems if you haven't upgraded your gmail to the "new look" which I personally don't like, before you can get the executable (thanks gdrive team was quick to help resolve that next day via gchat). 
  Left going over night, in the morning said it had completed. Switch my laptop off, came back later that afternoon and switched on, gdrive proceeded to spend 20 mins scanning the web at 50%, why does it need to spend time scanning the web? when nothing has changed since I last synced? granted it may check the MD5 or what ever files change on my local it then decided it wanted to sync 25k files again, so spent next 3 hours or so at 50%, setting the laptop fans going. Now all synced up, quit test, exit gdrive, restarted, off it went scanning at 50% cpu for the next
10 minutes or so, figures.
Think I have to go back to dropbox or try an alternate, guess this a soon will be a failed and shelved google project, given that these issue are still there since april.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow JonGaa 8/26/12 12:21 AM
Another one here spending HOURS to upload 2 out of 80 Gigs to the drive. 

I expect a full refund or at least a credit if Google is expecting to put out this product without a disclaimer or a quicker fix for those paying monthly. 
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow pafbe 8/26/12 5:56 AM
Same issue for me
I deleted some files locally, add a new one and then the sync is ongoing of days like if all files are uploaded again.
I have 10.000 files to sync

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow arch8472 8/29/12 2:25 AM
I have the same issue - the google drive PC software (Version 1.3.3209.2688 running on Windows 7 64bit) has only synced 23664 files out of 58558.  Initially the xfer speed was very good, but it has now slowed to a crawl.  I suspect that my connection is now being throttled by google.  

The desktop client is not transmitting data (seq and ack do not change over time), though it does keep the SSL TCP connection open by sending keep-alives approximately every 45 seconds.  talk.l.google.com is acknowledging the keep-alives, so a valid connection is established and maintained.  

I enabled diagnostic mode for a short while, and submitted the report (7A200D5A3407EADE).

After writing my initial post, and following 15 minutes of packet capture, one single packet of data  (only 900 bytes) was transmitted from my PC to google, then the keep-alives continued. 

Google - please assist with troubleshooting this issue, as I and many others have paid for 100GB of storage that we are unable to use!
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow leeman1 8/29/12 2:51 AM
Yes,it is tooooo slow here as well.

it is 4 MONTHS now, when will this solve ?
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow marczi 8/30/12 10:04 AM
same problem, 2 out of a 100,000 files synced in one hour and stuck again. crashes too (on a Mac). I want to switch back to Dropbox and be happy to pay more for something that actually works, but it seems it would be a gigantic pain to separate out the GDocs files that are interspersed with everything else. 
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow HaydonXXXXXXX 8/31/12 10:07 AM
You are correct. I just tested update about 500 small files using Google Drive and Sky Drive. Google Drive takes about 10 mints, and Sky Drive takes less than 1 minutes. 

I think Google Drive's algorithm has a problem.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow leeman1 8/31/12 10:15 AM
I have moved to dropbox.

It is working smooth now..

But no one care about us on google drive
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow lucianobestia 9/11/12 9:45 AM
GoogleDriveSync looks it has a lot of problems: cpu/memory intensive, slow upload, not reliable.
My experience matches the experience users shared on this forum. This is not the properties I expect for my backup storage.
Maybe it can be ok for 5 Gb of free storage, but it doesn't make sense for 100Gb of paid storage.

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow TiriPon 10/2/12 10:29 AM
Hi, I never had speed problem in the past. But, today, I am syncing one 460MB file. It's been over 30 min now on my second try. It still says "Syncing 1 of 1"
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Ine - Support 10/4/12 11:32 AM
Hi everyone,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! 

In order to make the syncing process as efficient as possible:
- Make sure you have all system updates installed
- Close out other running programs when possible
- Sync smaller chunks of files at a time

We're continuously working to develop the efficiency of Google Drive and to decrease the CPU usage. Thanks again for your input! We're listening and care immensely about the quality of our products and the feedback of our users.


Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow dcxman 10/7/12 6:00 AM
Same issues here.  I was much to eager to move 20GB from Dropbox.  Will wait for a fix instead of work arounds.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Rajendra Acharya 10/8/12 7:56 PM
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow HaroldPGray 10/9/12 6:34 AM
I'm not experiencing 50% but something in the teens (currently 13%) - however it pegs my network such that I go from sub-second to multiple seconds between browser pages and other apps that are heavy network users essentially hang - apparently due to no available bandwidth. (running DSL) 

FYI: 1) I'm testing iCloud, DropBox and GoogleDrive all on the same box. Pausing DropBox has no effect - Signing out of iCloud has no effect... Pausing GoogleDrive clears up all the "hangs"... I also observe a 25+ to 1 ratio of Reads to Writes (currently 4,250,000 to 161,000) - that seems totally unreasonable ... 2) The files were added to GoogleDrive yesterday from this machine - and have not been modified since - leaves me wondering just what is being "sync'd" (unless the sync didn't actually complete yesterday ... but it ran for 12+ hours until I began investigating the slowdown ) (14,000 files, 800 MB) . 

Hummm... looks like it just crashed and everything cleared up... Guess time for an uninstall until it's in better shape.

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Peter Trim 10/14/12 10:40 AM
We've seen this answer from you earlier. Why don't you just tell us what Google are doing about this and when the problem is likely to be solved instead of treating us all like idiots. We need you to tell us something useful. If you are not going to improve the speed in the coming months then tell us that so that we know where we stand!
Be honest!!!!
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow R.Bhari 10/14/12 12:08 PM
I have the same problem with Google drive syncing slowly. Considering this is going on from ages, I am now seriously thinking about moving to Dropbox. It appears that Google do not have a fix for this or don't care about developing one.
I have used Dropbox and it syns really fast.

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow R. Schmitz 10/14/12 1:10 PM
Hello Ine,

This is really a very inconvenient. I need to upload 33000 files with a total size of 136 GB.... I am kick out every 100 files... It will take forever like this. When do you expect to have a fix as 12 dollar a month is to much for something not working properly. Thanks for your quick response in advance.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Polewest 10/15/12 3:36 PM
I changed a file on my PC and need to work on it on my MAC. Four crashes and 4h later, the file is still not synched. My lap top is going crazy with googledrive using up to 60% of my CPU. So same problem here in Switzerland!

Worse is I noticed lots of files from my MAC were not synched at all without any warning. I need a safe daily backup and my MAC is on 24h/24h so how come can't google synch my files? Guess I just have to close google drive and reopen it regularly...

I can't accept Google's advice to shut down all other applications to synch as I need to work and have my files synched at the same time. Hope Google will find a solution or they are bound to lose a lot of customers...
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow geoff davenport 10/15/12 7:52 PM
Drive is killing my computer's performance.  I'm running OSX 10.8.2 on a machine with a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo.  I installed drive and dropped in 2GB that I had been using on Dropbox.  It has been two weeks, and it still shows 729 files left to sync.  I've even been leaving my laptop open overnight to try to finish the sync.  

It uses 15% - 50% of my CPU at all times.  I have to pause or force quit Drive to watch a video.  

I was looking to roll this out across my organization, but it definitely isn't ready.  I hate Dropbox, but at least it can handle a 2GB upload.  
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Tio__ 10/18/12 12:12 PM
A very strange thing: I have 2 similar internet connections, one in Spain one in Romania. Upload/Download at same speed rates (about 3-4mb/s) on both. BUT if I upload from Spain to my google drive it uploads with my actual internet speed (3-4mb/s), AND when I upload from Romania it won´t upload with more than 100kb/s. Why ? It is happening ONLY with google drive.

So basically same internet speeds but google drive is limiting me to
100 kb/s from Romania. Why ?

AGAIN : both internet speeds tested and upload/download is around 3mb/s, no matter from where I download or upload (dropbx, youtube, etc). The only problem is when I try to upload to google drive from Romania, but not from Spain.

Cannot understand where is the issue.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Dean Rugaard 10/18/12 2:18 PM
Hi Ine - support  (this message has also been sent as a direct reply)
Im sorry, but are you making fun of us ?
This thread has been running since April 28th.
Yet in that time, there is no improvement in the actual response of the application itself ?
It still makes a mess of ones infrastructure network-wise.
It still doesn't tell you jack-all about "why" its doing/not-doing something.
And now you tell us to sync files in small batches ?
Im sorry that I have to even ask this, but have you tried using the program yourself ? as in, when NOT at google. or on a google supplied/run network ?
Because as it is now, the google drive application has managed to drive my normally responsive and stable system into a state where if I didn't know google drive was running, it would think I had a full collection of 1000 random programs running at full blast.
as a small "side note" Steam running in the background has experience 11(!) connection losses while I was typing this message. Fun fact: guess what happens when I stop google drive ? .......
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow ChristianVolkmer 10/19/12 2:27 AM
Hi Ine,
as Dean said, i think you are making fun of us. We installed every update of the client in the naive hope that our problems would be solved.
With the newest release its getting worst than ever.
On a brand new MacBook Pro (all Updates installed, no programms running except GD), the sync process runs and runs and than the MBP freezes
completely. We need to restart it manually. We habe uninstalled and reinstalled the client, etc. etc. - Every time the same.
On a brand new IMac 27" Google Drive starts to sync and after a few minutes GD crashes MacOS, the monitor gets black and you have to restart
it manually.
If you compare the Drive Client to every other competitor on the market its nearly ridiculous what problems exist till months and weren´t fixed.
If it wasn´t about using Google Docs, we and nearly all of our customers who are using (or trying to use) Drive would have moved to another
provider for months ago.
I don´t know if management knows whats happening with Drive but if so, i am not sure if Google is the right partner for serious web services.

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow rjh1967 10/22/12 5:14 AM
Yes, same here too. The Drive app is clearly broken.


Uninstall Google Drive app. Install Syndocs. Problem solved.

With Google Drive, cpu usage was at 50%, no control at all over the process.

With Syncdocs, 1% cpu usage and total control over the sync process. Excellent alternative and free to use for up to 10,000 files. $20 per year for unlimited version.

No, I don't work for them!
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow krwhite 10/23/12 8:32 AM
I find it hilarious that a multi billion dollar company cannot find a few information sync bugs in about a years time (I can; hire me Google ;-).  Whether the bugs are located in a 3rd party library or the GD core, it could be fixed in under a week by an expert team.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Smelico 10/28/12 7:38 PM
They obviously know there is a problem.  Whenever they're going to get around to fixing it is another problem.  I currently have Dropbox.  I am synching the same files (copies) with GD and it's going to take a few weeks at least.  If the speed doesn't get fixed in a few months when my DB account is up for renewal, I'll stay with DB.

The nice thing about competition is that you have options.  You can stay with GD and hope things get better, or you can try out one of the several other services available.  Google already entered this market relatively late, so I don't see a need for them to rush to fix anything, despite our annoyances with the speed.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow tngle 10/29/12 2:09 PM
I can report the same problem on OS X Lion 10.7.5. Google Drive does not fail to connect/sync it simply sucks all of my cpu, before showing beach balls and becoming unresponsive. Problem is resolved on restart.. until it begins to sync again.

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow AMARIM 11/3/12 2:31 AM
i have the same problem on mac mini 10.8.2 OSX.... I upgraded on 100Giga, but still 0.35G after 24H ! Terrible !
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow AMARIM 11/4/12 1:45 AM
Gdrive Version 1.5.3654.0684
I often get : "Unable to Connect", any suggestion ?
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow AMARIM 11/4/12 9:50 AM
just downgraded !
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Blekos Ilias 11/5/12 5:16 AM
I wanted to be in google drive, (and still want) so I bought few days ago 100GB.
I am having a MacBook Pro, with 10.7.5 installed and latest gdrive.
a) it takes for ever to sync but most of all
b) the google drive sync tool keeps crashing (search around and you'll find the relevant thread).
c) picasa photos are not in google drive etc

So far we had no official answer, other than,
update everything, close everything etc.

I've used skydrive, sugarsync, dropbox, box.net

please mac users make yourself a favor and avoid google drive for the time being.
By the end of  the week I will probably downgrade.. (unfortunately)

oh, and my connection speed has no problem at all.

google are you there?
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow stefanos koufidis 11/6/12 6:04 AM
I had the same think .My new imac was burning hot , i uninstall it straigth away  . I will look again in the future
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow amaxwell01 11/7/12 7:40 AM
I'm so glad I found this thread. I have over 1,000,000 files and it literally has been running for 5 straight days while trying to upload. I just switched from SugarSync because their website was slow, but at least their uploader was super fast. I don't quite get why this uploader is so slow considering the picture uploader software for Picasa is extremely fast. Is there any plan to fix this? As someone who updates a lot of files often being a software engineer, I feel like my files may always be out of sync until this is fixed.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Hatzis 11/8/12 12:42 AM
Would be nice if someone from Google can post a message informing people that they are looking into the issue.
Just signed up to a 25 GB account and at this rate it will take a week to upload the 12 GB worth of data
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Kim de Jesus 11/8/12 8:39 PM
Since I downloaded Google drive to my PC and android, until now I still wasnt able to open it. Its just space. I will unistall it in the meantime. I really hope you can improve it in the future. Thanks!
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Daggerfall 11/9/12 11:17 AM
Having gotten a brand new 50/50mbit connection I thought it was time to back up some very important video recordings of my daughters and seeing how Google was offering cloud storage I thought: Well if it's Google, I can't go wrong. Big mistake. 

Five hours to upload 1.7Gb on an i5-2500k 8gb ram 64bit win7 system through a LAN network and it has been the ONLY service running. The only consolation is that I didn't spend more than 6$ on it. I'm gonna try and find something better. 
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Romka 11/16/12 5:10 AM
It is already about an hour as I am waiting to sync 4mb file((( Common!
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Nyan - Support 11/20/12 11:54 AM

We are working on improving resource utilization efficiency for the sync app. We have had users report being able to sync up to ~1GB/hr. 

If you're not able to sync 4MB or have vastly different performance speeds, there may a local configuration issue preventing you from successfully syncing with Drive.

Please contact Google Drive Support for advice specific to your case.

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Dean Rugaard 11/20/12 12:14 PM
all due respect, but "up to (roughly) 1 gigabyte/hour" is still slow as hell

to put some numbers on that. 

with my current semi-slow upload of 2mbit i could in theory upload 900 megabyte/hour

as a comparison when uploading on dropbox if im not using the machine for anything else, it will upload at roughly 200-220kbyte/sec (720megabyte/hour - 792megabyte/hour)

now lets just for the fun of it say that i use my work allocated bandwidth of 10mbit instead, then that ~1GB/hour claim is looking rather horrid. 

But aside from that, its nice to hear that google is working on improving drive.

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow pafbe 11/20/12 12:42 PM
Sync was endless, impossible to see an end after weeks uploading 25GB, reach the limit without warning... really bad
Switch to skydrive... a wonder
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow George Carstoiu 11/21/12 2:50 AM
I am pretty sure you obtained that 1gb/hour in a nice laboratory setting. As far as I am seeing it everybody is complaining about GDrive being extremely slow and CPU intensive.

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow ChristianVolkmer 11/21/12 3:20 AM
It is ridiculous how Google manages to improve the product. Nearly nothing had changed since the release. All the problems are the same. 
I have here 100 Mbit unfiltered bandwidth and 1 GB/hour is absolutely utopical. I installed yesterday a google drive client on a iMac with 3,4 GHz i7, 16 GB Ram and SSD and after 20 Minutes
the drive client utilizes nearly 98% CPU and couldn´t work on the hole systen any more. 
Compared to nearly all other products on the market, drive is a catastrophe! 
If my company hasn´t made a strict decision for using Google Docs we would cancel the use of drive immediately.
Especially for the posts of the support guys, who let us know every 2 months, that they are "working on it". 
Shame on you Google! We have no more patience!
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Marco Guilmette 11/28/12 7:47 AM
We are currently experiencing the same issue.   On a MacBook Pro (RJ-45 wired) i7 processor with 8GB RAM, processor goes to 104%..... YES   104% :P

Even if NO file has been updated, Google Drive Util takes up to 3 hours every morning to "Scanning Web".   We than made an upload / downlaod speed test and we reached 25Mbits Upload AND Downlaod (thanks to optical connection).

Unfortunately we will have to migrate to another Cloud Datastore/Sync provider because 104% of processor used every morning for a long 3 hours...   just imagine !
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow RFclipse 11/28/12 6:43 PM
Ugh.  I made the mistake of upgrading my 20GB account to 100GB on Sunday.  Here we are 4 days later and I'm only ~20% through with my upload.  My XPS 15 has been running hot for 4 days straight...  Worst part is that I was grandfathered in to a 20GB account for $5 per year.  Now that I've upgraded, I'll never be able to return to that pricing and would end up spending an extra $25 per year just to return to what I had before.  Regardless, I'm planning to take my cloud storage business somewhere that works.  Very disappointed with Google!!
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow cheesied 12/3/12 11:09 PM
Agreed.  I just am trying drive for the first time and syn of 160 files is already 30 minutes.  Ridic.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow DesertMundy 12/12/12 3:07 AM
I had the same problem....VERY slow upload speeds and extensive CPU usage.    I am a huge Google fan so it hurt switching services.  All works well now....the only change I made was the Company.  Hopefully I can switch back to Google Drive when it has been fixed.  
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow kristie west 12/23/12 4:56 AM
So glad to find this thread. Made the mistake of signing up to Drive 25GB yesterday and have watched my photos upload at the most ridiculously slow rate....and according to this thread google has done nothing to change this since Drive's release and seems to ignore all of these complaints. Good to know.
Bye bye google drive, you suck. Heading to skydrive.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow DAS1951 12/24/12 4:47 AM
Psommariva, of course transfers over LAN only will go much quicker than over the internet, unless you have some sort of similar connection.  Check your momentary bandwidth with sppedtest.net (don't believe the provider's propaganda).  Remember it varies from hour to hour, if not from minute to minute.
Unless you have DSL (not ADSL) your upload speeds will be much less than the download ones.

Still, the Dropbox speed gives an indication of what could/should happen.

Kristie, SkyDrive is not quite the same as GDrive but may be good for your needs.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Airton Finoti 1/2/13 5:28 AM
Extremely slow to sync in a Mac OS 10.6.8

... and I suggested to my company.. shame on me...

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Jonathan Robinson 1/2/13 6:38 AM
I see the same problem. I get RRturbo, promised great speeds but with gDrive running this is what I get.
Ping: 35ms
Download: 9.43Mbps
Upload: 10.46Mbps
Small wonder I can't upload anything.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Jonathan Robinson 1/2/13 6:42 AM
And that's not all, apparently. If you use a client server like netbook or another minilaptop that connects using a router, JUST SAY NO!!!. Those are slow to begin with, forget about using GDrive on anything like that.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow DAS1951 1/2/13 7:49 AM
You are complaining about

Download: 9.43Mbps
Upload: 10.46Mbps?

Gosh.  Methinks you are a touch spoiled... :-)

I get half to two-thirds as download and 0.8 upload... But then I only pay about GBP 9 per month for my ADSL.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Joseph Natale 1/5/13 12:52 PM
I am not sure if your developers are neglecting to fix the stability of this program because you're indirectly marketing Dropbox (which would not surprise me), or if you just have no idea what the hell you're doing. This software is complete garbage, though -- nearly a year later. Have a nice day.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Jerry Milton 1/8/13 4:00 PM
As someone who HYPES Google EVERYTHING....always having the latest Nexus phone....I realized LONG ago when I actually PAID FOR THE 100 Gigs deal, that the UPLOAD speed was a joke.  Trying today just to upload a 2 Gig file....and it has been going ALL DAY....still the stupid "still syncing" bit.  Dropbox would have uploaded 20 gigs if not more by now. A COMPLETE FAILURE. shame on you GOOGLE. 
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow AlicanCakil 1/13/13 5:53 PM
google drive works super slowly, I switch to dropbox as well..
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Blekos Ilias 1/15/13 12:04 AM
Maybe we should all click the "report abuse" button... abused by Google lol
still waiting for an official answer other than "bla bla we are looking into it....bla bla" and a Fix.
(unknown) 2/1/13 11:55 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Smelico 2/2/13 10:31 PM
I don't think they're particularly concerned about this.  If they were, this problem would have been fixed a long time ago.  It's a shame, as I would like to keep my non-Google docs with my Google docs in Google Drive, but it's a ridiculously frustrating service to use.  My Dropbox renewal comes up this month. I was hoping for a Google Drive miracle but don't think that's going to happen.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Smelico 2/2/13 11:29 PM
This is what they say in a support page at http://support.google.com/drive/bin/static.py?hl=en&ts=2953142&page=ts.cs

Troubleshoot issues with Google Drive for your Mac or PC

Please select your issue:

I’m trying to sync a lot of files, and it looks like Google Drive is stuck (or moving very slowly).
The amount of time it takes to make your files available online will vary depending on your network connection and computer preferences. If you’re syncing many gigabytes of data and have been waiting for more than a day, you may wish to begin with a smaller subset of files. To do this, try moving only a portion of your files into Google Drive for syncing, or try selecting only a subset of your folders to sync. Learn how to choose what syncs to your Drive.
Of course a small portion of files will require less time to download.  Telling people to move fewer files is not a valid solution.  Please fix this problem.  Blaming the very slow uploads on people's Internet connections or their computers is not logical when we can consistently get much faster uploads with other services.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Smelico 2/4/13 3:22 PM
Well I am embarrassed.  I've complained about Google Drive's speed for months and stopped using it more than once due to the upload speed.  I decided to try again (because I'm stubborn) but this time I did do what was in their troubleshooting page.  I used smaller groups of files, usually several dozen or a few hundred at a time.  I did this for about 20 hours or so yesterday and overnight    I added the last sync batch around midnight.  I managed to get around 18 gigs uploaded.  I about soiled my jammies.

It could be that I happened to get lucky with my timing, with it being a Sunday and a Sunday night USA time.  Or maybe it was because I was transferring larger files.  Whatever the reason, I am ecstatic.

I did wake up to a BSOD, but that's another story.  At least my files are there, and I tried viewing and downloading some of them.  It's all peachy.

Thank you, Google, for whatever you did, if you did anything.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Blekos Ilias 2/4/13 11:45 PM
But did they do anything???

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Smelico 2/5/13 5:16 AM
I have no idea, but I am curious if others have better upload speeds if they upload files in smaller batches. 
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow geoff davenport 2/5/13 6:55 AM
Call me crazy, but I don't see Smelico's experience as being "peachy" - or an indication that Google has fixed anything.  Why go through that when there are several competing projects that could handle the upload quickly, and without constant attention?  

As for my ongoing experience, Google Drive crashes after syncing for an hour or two.  So I have to relaunch several times per day.  Which makes it pretty much nonfunctional for sharing files with others or across machines.  It's little more than an unreliable remote backup at the moment.  
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Smelico 2/5/13 7:45 AM
I'm not a mac person, but I would think that the process of copying files in windows would be similar to copying files in mac, so I'll just describe in more detail what I did.

1.  I installed gdrive (had previously uninstalled due to frustrations with uploading).
2.  I used the default folder when installing gdrive, only because I didn't think to change it.  After the initial sync, the new gdrive folder was empty aside from some Google Docs files that I had created at the web site.
3.  I took some files that were in a different folder on my pc and copied them into the gdrive folder.  I copied probably a few hundred files for the first round.
4.  I watched the sync status to see how it was progressing.  It wasn't as fast as my upload speed, but it was much faster than I expected.
5.  When those files were almost done synching, I copied another batch of files (hundreds or a few thousand) to the directory.  This continued for hours, but I was doing other things also and only periodically checked on the gdrive synch status.

If your gdrive folder on your mac contains 160,000 files, that might be the problem, assuming you have good upload speed.

I don't know why it would remove a folder if you unchecked the sync. I would expect it to keep the folder on your mac but just not sync it.  Did you originally have the folder only in Google Drive on the web?  You mentioned that the folder in question was your only copy, so I am guessing it only exists on your mac, but if that is the case the message doesn't make sense.

Where are the majority of the files you are trying to sync? Are they mostly on your mac or in your Google Drive account?

Right now I have around 19k files, ranging from small text files to some larger audio podcasts and pdfs (up to 100mb or so).  It has taken me probably *around* 20 hours total to sync those files, give or take an hour or 2.  I haven't really been counting.  I can easily see 160,000 files taking a week as that IS a lot of files, but I would not expect several weeks unless you have a very slow upload speed from your ISP.

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Pietro Spigai 2/5/13 7:57 AM
Thanks for the explanation Smelico.

To answer to your question, I started with an empty Google Drive account and loaded all 160k files (structured in hundreds of nested folders) on my Mac and then started to sinc. So far it managed to upload 2,7GB (97GB still free).
I am now testing with www.insynchq.com (does not seem to work either ..)

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Smelico 2/5/13 7:59 AM
"Call me crazy, but I don't see Smelico's experience as being "peachy" - or an indication that Google has fixed anything.  Why go through that when there are several competing projects that could handle the upload quickly, and without constant attention?  

As for my ongoing experience, Google Drive crashes after syncing for an hour or two.  So I have to relaunch several times per day.  Which makes it pretty much nonfunctional for sharing files with others or across machines.  It's little more than an unreliable remote backup at the moment.  "

By "peachy" I meant I could access the files after uploading them.  Could the entire uploading experience have been better?  Yes, a lot better.

I want to use Google Drive for my files as I want everything in one place.  I was using Dropbox for online file syncing, Evernote for online notes, and Google Drive for online docs.  I *really* don't want to have to search 3 places to find info I am looking for.  I copied my Evernote files into Google Drive / Docs a few months ago.  Only thing remaining was Dropbox.  Neither Evernote nor Dropbox allows me to do the things Google Drive does, at least not as easily.

Google Drive is definitely not a perfect experience and has a long way to go before it can really compete with Dropbox's reliability, which is very high from my experience. But my uploads were a lot faster than they were when I'd tried Google Drive in the past, and now I can have all of my eggs in one basket.  So at this point Google Drive is the best option.  But clearly my experience won't be the experience every other person has.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Pietro Spigai 2/5/13 8:00 AM
The point for me is that I really like the Gdrive web interfaces and because I spend a lot of time on files I wanted something handy and clean - just like that. I will insist a little more and then probably try dropbox.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Smelico 2/5/13 8:12 AM
I would suggest moving the unsynced folders out of your current gdrive directory on you mac and into a different directory.  This should be ok since the folders haven't synced yet.

Then move the unsynced folders over in smaller batches TO your gdrive directory so they start syncing, and watch the progress status.

I agree, I like the simple and clean gdrive web interface.  Dropbox also has a web interface, but I just prefer gdrive's as it has less "stuff" in the interface.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow randomskate 2/17/13 11:59 PM
I've been using google drive since it was offered to our IT dept for beta testing.(another google apps account) The issue doesn't seem to be getting resolved, I have also faced the same problem as OP. I might have to start using Dropbox or SkyDrive as an alternative, but I honestly don't really want to make the switch just yet... Come on google! Please
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Pietro Spigai 2/18/13 12:06 AM
Hu guys, just wanted to mention that I successfully sinc about 50GB of data to gdrive with https://www.insynchq.com/ that demonstrated to be about 10x faster that gdrive app. However I used it only for the first upload, and then started to use gdrive app for syncing updates, mainly because insynchq.com does not have (yet) selective folders syncing (ability to sinc only some of the folders).

Hope it helps

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow javi coca 2/24/13 11:13 AM
Hello, I can only sync some files. I did what this post says, here is the report ID.


I'd be thankful for any help.


Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow PaperboyNate 3/1/13 3:12 PM
Its taken a week, and only has 45 GB done.  I have to constantly babysit it. It stalls, it stops, its terrible. Its slow, but somehow is taking ALL of my bandwidth (we have 24MB down connection)...everything else in office runs slow unless I pause it. Don't have that problem with other services we have used.

I'm coming from SugarSync and have used Dropbox.  Google Drive isn't comparable to these products.

If I was the team that developed this, I would be embarrassed.  Have they ever even used their competitors products?

Hasn't it been out since last May?
Why is it still working so poorly?

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Rodney Savage 4/10/13 10:22 PM
Hi Ine,

I've just downloaded the Google Drive for desktop sync exe and I am finding it very slow...

I think I have sufficient pipe up to google relative to most Australian Broadband users

Check out my result from speedtest.net! http://www.speedtest.net/result/2637683382.png

4 x word documents have been syncing for over 2 hours?

Any suggettions

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow geoff davenport 4/12/13 6:05 AM
Dropbox.  Limit your use of Google drive to google docs that you need to be able to edit on the web with multiple users.  
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow dangby 4/19/13 7:24 AM
It is now a year later. Google Drive is as slow as ever. I had someone share some web design resources with me (.psd, .jpg, etc.) - it says there are 1160 files, although I don't remember seeing anywhere near that when browsing through Google Drive online. My guess would be that there are half that really. However, I've been downloading these files through the Google Drive app now, and it has literally been 5 days. Right now it says it is Syncing 489 out of 1160.


I don't have a lightning fast connection, but it is fast enough usually to stream HD video, web pages usually load fast, etc. But not during these last 5 days!

I can't work with this. I need these files to be able to get work done. I'd be better off just going to the website and spending a day downloading each file I need one at a time.

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Robert Shane 5/22/13 5:17 PM
I am trying to sync only 1 small PDF file and it has been trying to sync for an hour now.  I restarted Google Drive and it still will not sync. I even rebooted my Windows 7 HP Desktop that is connected to the network with Cat-5.  I have been able to sync other files in the past but I have run into this issue several other times.  Please help.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Christopher Mitchell 5/22/13 5:51 PM
I have since deleted Google Drive for two reasons.

1) It is far too slow to sync.
2) Backup is terrible. I needed to reinstall my OS (Lion) and so used Time Machine to keep it easy and simple. With services like Dropbox, their servers know if a file that is re-uploaded is the same or not. So if you resync Dropbox using backed up files, it knows that it doesn't need to resync them. Google Drive, however, must re-download everything. Needless to say I wasn't happy about needing to resync 20+ GB of pictures.

So that's it. I'm done with Google Drive. I love Google and their products, but with Drive it seems they've dropped the ball.

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow hawaii sk 5/30/13 7:16 PM
You know i was about to give up the first day after seeing all the posts, and i only uploaded like 6000 files.  But since then in the past three days i uploaded 56,000 files many of which were larger tiff files and i have to say i am a believer now. I am going to try and stick with google drive and see how it works over the next few months. not sure if they did something about this upload speed issue since people were complaining, but its pretty fast for me now.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Kitty Bitty 7/15/13 8:46 PM
I also have the same problem. Syncing from desktop to Google drive is TOO SLOW
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow raaz2way 7/23/13 7:01 AM
but my upload speed is 150 MB pr hour
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow mufaddal dawoodbhoy 7/29/13 1:18 PM
Does anyone know if these bugs have been fixed?
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow IT Gatra Mega 9/23/13 7:37 PM
I got same problem. Most annoying problem is 50% CPU usage when sync even though just view number of files are need to be synced. I need to pause sync process just to get my PC usable for other task.

My Google Drive desktop app version is 1.11.4865.2530. Try to update it, Google Update tells me update is complete. However version number not changed at all.
I use Google Drive with Dropbox at the same time. But Dropbox only uses small CPU (about 1%) when sync.

Google Drive desktop app is crap. Hope it will get fixed.

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow csegyud 9/25/13 12:29 AM

It is unacceptable in my opinion that I have to leave my PC alone for 10 minutes or more when I start up or wake up from sleep to let Google Drive to check files and finish sync. Yes, I can confirm that the slowest process here is checking files.

Not to mention that I regularly have to kill and restart the sync client to process unsyncable items. After killed & restarted it syncs without errors...

Also a band width selector would be nice addition.
Please fix it Google guys since I like your products very much, I use them all the day and on the other hand I pay for it. :)

Thank you

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Crawmo 10/19/13 2:58 PM
Hi Can someone help me out there ......hopefully someone from Google.
Having just decided to run Gmail Google + etc , my PC has completely slowed right down .
I have tried uploading my Photos to Google + this just takes forever .

I run windows 7 and now just feel like restoring my PC back to an earlier restore point and revert back to my Outlook & Hotmail.

I would appreciate any help or advise please.

Disgruntled and unimpressed Google user .

Thank you  

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Teerapong Laptwan 10/22/13 11:06 AM
i was trying to upload one file that's about 1.2Gb. For nearly three hours it got nowhere then I switched to box.com client, this file is synched in a few mins. So trust me I am really finding alternatives to google (Off topic: their former Picasa was great - but after the G+ facelift it's totally useless for me too)
(unknown) 10/22/13 11:10 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow bonyari 10/24/13 7:01 AM
Good to see that nothing has improved over the last year and a half.  Googledrivesync.exe still takes up 50% of CPU and syncs extremely slow.  I synced 1 folder (couple of hundred files) on Dropbox, and that takes about 1 hr.  I moved this folder to Google Drive, I'm on the second day of syncing this.

Google gives 100GB of drive out to those who bought the Chromebook, but what's the point when its capability is this bad?  

I think I'll stick to Dropbox from now on and just forget about Google Drive.

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Elad Katz 12/20/13 4:16 AM
Still the same, takes forever to upload... Starting to think that this is intentional - google, if it is, fess up to it - I'm paying for a 1tb account and would like to get some bang for my buck...

My report id:

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow mmcgrath848 2/10/14 2:56 AM
An absolutely woeful product. took forever to upload a single page word document. Changed over to Skydrive, no problems with uploads (don't need the 100gb of storage).  
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Mark Glickman 4/1/14 8:35 PM
Uploading a test file of 300MB. No other programs operating and CPU usage less than 10% and yet this upload is running between 250-300KBPS. At this rate, It makes no sense to use Google Drive for ANY substantive file uploads. We expect more from Google!!
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Ben Fuller 4/7/14 1:41 PM
Remember dial up? Google does.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow myersg 4/15/14 2:24 AM
I just made the huge mistake of swapping from DropBox to a 100GB Google drive the desktop client of Google Drive does NOT work It does not sync folders and has transfered almost NOTHING in two days.
All i have achieved is to make Google richer and create a whole load of work for myself.

STAY AWAY from Google Drive

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Ryan Hayes 4/18/14 8:13 AM
Agreed. I'm at work with upload speeds coming in at 30 mbps. It took 1 hour to upload 74 word documents (all small files).
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Dr. Wilson II 5/18/14 3:27 PM
Hard wire?  Are you kidding?
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Pete Cowell 6/14/14 5:06 AM
Terribly slow.  Dropbox four times the cost but might be worth it.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Azkron 7/24/14 3:36 AM
I am using both Dropbox and Google Drive, and Google drive is like 50 times slower than drop box, I mainly upload lots of small files, so maybe is because of that, but still Dropbox uploads them 50 times faster so... yeah I find Google Drive slow as hell
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow nlcatter 8/5/14 6:49 PM
you and your coworkers are  lYING morons
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Bart Hendriks 8/13/14 1:13 AM
I did hardwire for this reason to by high speed network but like Longe630 mentioned it doesn't make any difference. When I do a speedtest.net or do a Bittorrent test they utilize almost 90% of the bandwith and Google Sync around 2% although I have to say it looks it increases over time so slow startup accelerating. 51602 files waiting and cannot see how long that would take...
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Mohamed Fahmy 10/1/14 12:08 AM
For me too, it take a whole day (24 hours) to sync my 6 Gb. Completely ridiculous.
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow oatmeal769 10/1/14 4:07 PM

I have been looking on the web for two weeks for a solution.  I have the same issue as many others - ridiculously slow upload speeds (Like, 3 KB/s). I've looked in every forum, even Google's own posters can't explain it.

I *think* I finally found a solution!

Click on Google Drive in the system tray > Preferences > Advanced.
By default, the Proxy setting is set at "Automatically detect proxy settings." Instead, tick "Direct connection."  I immediately saw upload speeds increase radically.  I'm getting about 500 KB/s which is close to my max upload speed of 640 KB/s.

It's still going to take a LONG time to upload half a Terabyte, but it's at least do-able now.

Please try and report back, a lot of people are having this issue!

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Julia lloyds 10/16/14 5:07 AM
There are many ways to speed up the windows which make your PC better without upgrading the hardware. Here are some of the tips to improve the PC speed for faster performance.

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You can also make use of the Reimage Repair tool which helps you to improve the performance of your PC by making it work faster.

For More Information: http://www.reimagerepair.us.com/blog/improve-your-pc-speed-with-disk-defragmentation-and-cleanup

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow Andrew400 10/21/14 10:07 AM
> Instead, tick "Direct connection."  I immediately saw upload speeds increase radically.

Thanks, this seemed to work for me.

Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow oatmeal769 10/21/14 7:07 PM
Glad it worked for you!
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow mufaddal dawoodbhoy 10/21/14 7:09 PM
Re: Speed Issues: Slower than Slow wub51 11/6/14 7:03 AM
This definitely increased the speed.  Thank you for sharing.

On Wednesday, October 1, 2014 7:07:05 PM UTC-4, oatmeal769 wrote:

> Click on Google Drive in the system tray > Preferences > Advanced.
> By default, the Proxy setting is set at "Automatically detect proxy settings." Instead, tick "Direct connection."  I immediately saw upload speeds increase radically.  I'm getting about 500 KB/s which is close to my max upload speed of 640 KB/s.

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