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Can I create here a scientific page?

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Can I create here a scientific page? Gornea 2/11/11 7:30 AM
I need tools for creating a scientific page in Google, using my account. I can upload pdf's or word documents of any kind, pictures and so on, which is what I am doing currently for some other pages. I need a page of my own, dedicated to my scientific results, which I intend to publish. I also need in this page to upload presentations of my books in different languages, in order to be accessible to a larger audience. What does it take, financially, technically, etc? Keep in mind that I am not on the commercial side, but on the scientific side, and I am not specialist in handling the internet stuff. I am merely interested in publishing scientific results.
Re: Can I create here a scientific page? Jenny Lin 2/14/11 5:16 PM
For a direct response from DoubleClick's Rich Media Technical Services team, please submit your question to our Contact Us form at
Re: Can I create here a scientific page? Paul Salazar 6/24/11 11:34 AM

You can create a Google site with you Google Account.

Please check this page about how to build one