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Captcha in forms

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Captcha in forms negativekelvin 10/30/11 2:18 PM
The Google programmers should add a captcha feature to forms. that should be fairly easy because reCaptcha is owned by them and on their servers.
Re: Captcha in forms louisdelisle 11/16/11 1:53 PM
That would be very useful... It's bizarre that's it's not already implemented...
Re: Captcha in forms ruperty 12/5/11 5:56 PM
Come on Google.
Yet another thing you have been "looking into" for years now.
Re: Captcha in forms M1nt 5/29/12 5:40 PM
Ditto, 2012 now...
Re: Captcha in forms J R ASN-Administrator 10/19/12 12:45 PM
Ditto Ditto - LATE 2012 now!
Re: Captcha in forms Van Wilson 1/29/13 2:48 PM
Re: Captcha in forms --Hyde 2/7/13 7:58 AM

You can create your own simple CAPTCHA by inserting a multiple choice question like this:

------ Please prove that you are a human and not a robot ------

How much is three plus seven?
( ) Don't know
( ) 9
( ) 10
( ) 11

Use the "Go to page based on answer" option to jump back to the page where the CAPTCHA is, or to the next page in the event the humanoid filling the form gets it right. That should let you avoid most bots. If your current form only uses one page, place the CAPTCHA as the first item on the form and insert a page break after it.

Cheers --Hyde

Re: Captcha in forms ChuckInOregon 2/18/13 9:30 AM
Re: Captcha in forms Pedro Alveano 8/22/13 10:27 AM
Cierto! we need Captcha in forms. =)
Re: Captcha in forms Reed Sorensen 10/22/13 10:24 AM
Yep, reCaptcha should absolutely be added to Google Forms.