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Cursor three characters ahead

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Cursor three characters ahead hdelaney 5/5/12 1:54 PM
On a laptop running XP Pro I have a problem with the cursor positioning.  The cursor is always three positions ahead of where the character actually appears.  For example, as I would have typed the word appear the cursor would be three characters after the "a" when I type the "r".  Oddly enough it does not happen on any other computer accessing the same document and it does not happen now as I am typing this question.  
Re: Cursor three characters ahead Healey 5/19/13 3:30 AM
I am experiencing the same phenomena.  Happens randomly - does anyone have a cure? 
Re: Cursor three characters ahead Spencer Moore 5/20/13 7:00 PM
It happens when you use a windows run desktop because chrome does not like windows at all. I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!