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google spreadsheet keeps freezing

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google spreadsheet keeps freezing dgcaskey 6/18/12 7:28 PM

My spreadsheets keep freezing after about 10 seconds.  I've tried accessing them in Chrome, IE and FF; symptoms are the same.  Some of the sheets are large but nowhere near the max size and some are small.  same symptom.  I've tried clearing cache and cookies and doing a Windows disk cleanup.  I'm using a new (less than a year old) IBM Lenovo with Windows 7.  Help.  I need these spreadsheet for my business.
Re: google spreadsheet keeps freezing barrydav 7/29/12 12:09 PM
I just made a similar post. If you close and re open you can go for a little longer but it is annoying. I use the spreadsheet to schedule customer appointments and it sucks when it freezes half way through getting someones address.
Re: google spreadsheet keeps freezing Bas Braams 7/29/12 1:15 PM
<<google spreadsheet keeps freezing>> It has been reported several times on the forum just these past few days. For some people the issue is resolved by disabling the FastSave (Fast Save) extension; see the discussion under [1].

A quick way to explore disabling an extension is to use incognito browsing, which disables all extensions. In Chrome one controls the extensions under Wrench > Tools > Extensions. One can try Incognito browsing via Wrench > New incognito window.

[1] (2011-07-26) Spreadsheets just seem to load up and then disappear and freeze. Is there something I can do to prevent this or something I'm doing wrong?
Re: google spreadsheet keeps freezing Hubstr 8/30/12 5:20 PM
me too!  And the same things is happening to my partner.  Neither one of us can make any changes.