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Forms: Any way to manually "end" a multi-page form?

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Forms: Any way to manually "end" a multi-page form? PNaw10 4/23/12 8:40 PM
Hello all.  Already searched to see if this was already addressed, but couldn't find anything.

I run a mobile DJ business.  I am designing a form to ask customers for details about their events (weddings, parties, reunions).  As they go through the questions, they are taken to different pages depending on the answers they have given.  However, I've found there's no way to "end" the form without first tying people back to a central "ending" page.

Here's the basic "flowchart" of my form.

1) Main Page - Basic info.  Asks if the event is:
     - A wedding: Go to page 2.
     - NOT a wedding: Go to page 5.
2) Asks if the wedding reception is:
     - Taking place at the same location as the ceremony: Go to page 3.
     - Taking place as a standalone event, separate from the ceremony: Go to page 4.
3) Asks for event-specific questions.
     - In the form designer, at the bottom of this page, the default action is "continue to next page" or I can choose a different page.
4) Same as above, but slightly different set of questions.
5) Same as pages 3 and 4, but a slightly different set of questions.

6) This page only says "Almost Finished... please press the Submit button."

As explained in page 3... the pull-down menu at the bottom of the page in form design mode only lets you go to a different page of the form.  There's no option to just "submit" the form right then and there.  Whenever someone finishes page 3, 4 or 5, they have to go page 6 first.  Page 6 exists for the sole purpose of allowing people to hit the "Submit" button.

I think it's silly that I need to have a separate page just for this purpose.  I'm also afraid that some people might not realize they have to hit that last "Submit" button.  I'm considering adding some kind of "fluff" question on the last page to help make final page look more legit, and to avoid people possibly ignoring the Submit button... but I'd rather just be able to let people "Submit" when they reach the end of page 3, 4 or 5, as I think customers would be OK with completing three pages, but they might get impatient and give up when they see that "Next>" button taking them to a 4th page.

If this isn't possible right now, I really think Google should make it happen.  Seems like it'd be pretty simple.  In addition to the "continue to next page" and the "go to page X" options, just give us an option called "Submit Form."

I love the way Google Docs allows me to design a form where "earlier" answers can help decide which set of "later" questions the user will be asked... but having to bring people back to a central "Submit" page is making me reluctant to get rid of non-Google form I'm currently using on my site.  (Not to mention, my current form is actually "in" the site as a WordPress plugin, not an "iframe" embed that'll stick out like a sore thumb.)

Any thoughts?
Re: Forms: Any way to manually "end" a multi-page form? PNaw10 5/4/12 3:11 PM
Re: Forms: Any way to manually "end" a multi-page form? MarinusP 5/5/12 6:45 AM

As far as I know, it's not possible at the moment; you always have to go to the last page before you can submit the form.