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Individual Form Responses

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Individual Form Responses JRSeiwell 4/11/12 11:16 AM
I am a high school teacher and coach and sit on a number of governing bodies for high school activities.  Needless to say, Google's features are amazing and I use them daily!

However, I would like to 're-propose' that Google adds a very simple feature to its forms.

My students sign up for tournaments through Google Forms - it automatically records their email address (our district is a Google Apps user) and then emails them a copy of their responses so long as they click "email me a copy of my responses."

Why not just add the ability for the administrator (me) to get a copy of responses sent to my email as well?  Then all I'd need to do is print those and then I have individual form response pages.

I have seen a number of people wanting this feature.  It's easy enough (heck, if Weebly can do it certainly Google can) and they already have the system in place to do it, since they already can email out form responses.  I just want a little button to check to have me sent each individual form response by email.  Too much to ask?
Re: Individual Form Responses RISDHelpDesk 5/7/12 12:50 PM
I have often wondered why the "email form responses to administrator" option was not available. As a Help Desk person I have been asked about this feature many times and once again I find myself scouring forums to see if the answer is out there.

Google, please add this option!