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saving PDF's straight to Google Docs

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saving PDF's straight to Google Docs AGC195 9/28/11 8:38 AM
Note: I'm using Chrome beta on Mac OS X Lion running on Intel Macbook Pro, synced to my new Acer Chromebook, also on beta build.

I want to be able to save PDF's and other files straight to Google Docs. Before someone comes in and objects that A) this problem has already been raised before or B) you can paste in a URL to save a link straight to Google Docs with some interfaces / browser OS combinations, allow me to explain further.

There is no streamlined, straightforward, well-documented, single way to save PDF's and other files directly to Google Docs, thereby staying in the cloud at all times with documents. It seems like Google would have made a chrome extension or online app for this already. Yes, there is the "Docs PDF/Powerpoint Viewer (by Google)" extension for Chrome, whereby you may clink on *some unsecured (http as opposed to https) links and *sometimes, *hypothetically, but not in practice, transfer that file to Google Docs. There may also be third-party apps which try to do this, although totally compromising your security in the process.

Another step in the right direction is the recent updates to Chrome which allows printing totally in browser / HTML dialogs, including printing to PDF and print preview, although only to the desktop. I have been really impressed with the finish of this feature and how accurately it prints and PDF's compared even to desktop software such as the native Mac OS print-to-PDF feature which has been around for a while and Adobe's Acrobat. But Chrome has now replaced that in my daily docs usage as they have rolled the feature out.

Now my suggestion, which has been mentioned elsewhere but needs clarification. It is actually two related suggestions for sending PDF's straight to GDocs, 1) of webpage information viewed in the browser and 2) attachments and links of files.

Google, please consider these two solutions:

1) Add a "Print PDF to GDocs" in the Chrome print dialog. This could be added through Chrome settings, or even be a part of Google Cloud Print settings. Then you could take any page as if you were printing it as PDF to the desktop, but instead of saving it to the desktop on your computer, sending the file to Google Docs. This would cut out the unnecessary step of saving to the desktop, uploading to Gdocs, and deleting the desktop file or moving it somewhere else on the computer. Files viewed in the native Chrome docs viewer could be "printed" to GDocs in like manner.

2) Create a comprehensive scheme across basic Google apps such as Gmail and Gcal to save attachments and content contained in e-mail messages and calendar events straight into the Google Docs account that is linked by the general user account.

I'm sure these features will be added eventually in some form as the process of cloud computing and general convergence of Google's apps and services continues to procede and mature. I felt the need for these features needed to be articulated more clearly in more concrete terms. Please Google Gods make this happen! Any attention is much appreciated, it would save me a ton of time in my own daily document management as I use Google's many excellent cloud services.

PS I'm also already aware of the editing the URL to include "gv" and the old "view in google docs" and "save to..." which was but is no longer available w/ PDF handling

PPS I also assume that the original "Save to GDocs" option from the Google Docs Viewer was taken away for some security issue. That would be a welcome return if that feature were simply restored.
Re: saving PDF's straight to Google Docs AGC195 9/28/11 11:07 AM
I found a temporary workaround with a javascript bookmarklet. try this. create a bookmark with the following quoted language. whenever you are on a PDF in the browser, click the bookmark to go to GDocs Viewer: "javascript:window.location=window.location.toString().replace('view=att','view=gvatt')". However this only works for viewing attachments, not any PDF on the web.
Re: saving PDF's straight to Google Docs AndroidAP 10/11/11 8:17 AM
Check out Memeo Connect, a cheap add-in to windows explorer (or Mac) that provides a virtual "G" drive to which you may "save as" or drag and drop any document supported by GDocs. Hope this helps.  RDB
Re: saving PDF's straight to Google Docs grgilchrist 11/8/11 9:18 AM
Try a program called Gladinet (there is a free version), just use the download as PDF option and save it back to your google docs folder.
Re: saving PDF's straight to Google Docs AGC195 11/8/11 10:18 AM
Actually I found an easier option that doesn't require third-party software. Google has recently partially resolved this problem since I posted this. I don't know if this was a response to my postings in some way or if I just intuited the solution they would use to do this.

Here is how it works: print anything from Google Chrome. Once you are taken to the print page, choose from the printer option drop-down menu the Google Cloud Print option (you must have already set up Google Cloud Print in your Google account settings). A pop-up window for Google Cloud Print comes up. Choose the option "Save as PDF in Google Docs", or something to that effect, and voila!

This is a bit of a workaround to save a document to Google Docs, but it works. Hopefully a few of the steps that are necessary to do this will be removed as Google Cloud Print becomes more developed. I have started using this procedure when saving documents from the browser rather than saving to the desktop/client computer and then uploading separately in Docs.
Re: saving PDF's straight to Google Docs ilengr 4/19/12 10:01 AM
Forgive me if there is a more recent topic that I just didn't find - is this still the only way to "save" directly to Google docs? I can't set up Google Cloud Print because I'm on a company computer, where they don't allow such things. Yes, I can save a pdf from Chrome to my Downloads folder and then go to Google docs and upload it. I do this often enough, though, that it would be nice to be able to save directly to Google docs from Chrome. Thanks.
Re: saving PDF's straight to Google Docs MsKellie 5/9/12 9:15 PM
This is driving me crazy, I'm sure I could do this recently, I'm sure there was something in the extensions or lab but I've spent over an hour trawling the web and can't find the 'on' button for this feature. 

When I view a document from gmail I want to be able to 'save in google docs', can anyone help?

Re: saving PDF's straight to Google Docs yanglifu90 5/17/12 9:56 PM
The process stopped at "creating a print job" after I click "Print". And I thought it strange to categorizing saving a document to Google Drive to "Print". 
Re: saving PDF's straight to Google Docs yanglifu90 5/17/12 10:09 PM
Em... The document actually have been saved to Drive, but I don't know why it does not show "Job added". Anyway it is a great workaround. Now I wonder how to save other format files directly to Drive. 
Re: saving PDF's straight to Google Docs bluemarble1 6/23/12 12:50 PM
I was able to save google doc into pdf using Chrome and "Print with google cloud printer" > Save to google doc.  Only thing is it save the new pdf file into the top level instead of letting me specify a destination. But that works for me for now.
Re: saving PDF's straight to Google Docs Nick Bilderback 11/25/12 12:28 PM
Maybe click the upload button, then select the PDF file you want.

Hope this helps!
Re: saving PDF's straight to Google Docs Nick Bilderback 11/25/12 12:29 PM
the upload button is just left of "create" btw.
Re: saving PDF's straight to Google Docs Gill 11/25/12 1:25 PM
<<the upload button is just left of "create" btw.>> Right I think:-) It looks a bit like a castle I always think.
Re: saving PDF's straight to Google Docs dziegman 11/26/12 6:34 AM
Haha... it's supposed to be a hard drive.  Perhaps the castle is supposed to look like Window's Firewall or something? :P

If you hover over the icon, it should say upload.  That's the fool-proof way to do it really.

Re: saving PDF's straight to Google Docs guatemexicana 5/18/13 11:58 AM
Forgive me if this is one of the objections you were referring to or if you have already figured this out, considering this post was originally created over a year and half ago. There is a way now where you can upload a PDF straight to google docs (now google drive) without having to save it to your desktop first. You simply hit the upload button next to the create button and when the dialog box pops up for you to select a file to upload, instead of selecting a file from your computer you can simply paste the url of the PDF document into the "File Name:" box. It will save the PDF to your google drive without you ever having to save the PDF to your desktop first. I hope this helps :)
Re: saving PDF's straight to Google Docs Armin_2013 5/30/13 10:33 AM
Yes, I totally agree! It's not fun not to be able to rename the file when saving to google drive or decide the folder location. These two enhancements will make it a 5 star feature!
Re: saving PDF's straight to Google Docs Jayvan J. Santos 7/11/13 1:36 PM
Hi. I'm using Internet Explorer at my Universit right now, which doesn't allow saving documents onto the computer or allow Chrome to run. There is no hope for me. Please fix this.
Re: saving PDF's straight to Google Docs Scott Rohwedder 7/26/13 10:36 AM
Use the Google extension "Save to Google Drive" in Chrome to save pdf or powerpoints directly from the web.  Similar to Save As...
Re: saving PDF's straight to Google Docs KoalaBear84 8/28/13 12:22 AM
Re: saving PDF's straight to Google Docs vaanie 11/7/13 9:16 AM
This Firefox addon will let you righ-click a file's link to open in google docs where you can then save it to google docs.
Re: saving PDF's straight to Google Docs James6Mc 1/23/14 7:32 PM
Maybe this is an OS dependent thing, but on Mac OS X the dialog box (that appears from the upload button) does not have a "File Name" box.  You normally only get to type a filename when saving a file, not when selecting one for some other operation.
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