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KINGFISHER V/s FISHERKING Suryadeep Sandy 5/22/12 11:44 PM



Flamboyance thy name is Mallya,

Flying from Honolulu to Pattaya,

Soaring up,up and away,

Until a turbulence makes him sway.

Jack of all trades but master of one,

He has many a battle to be won.

The sword of Tipu makes him a sultan of swing

Nevermind if the Kingfisher is on a broken wing..

In happier times and in adversity,

He still owns his islands of prosperity.

He is the king of good times

But has fallen on bad dimes

With flights in a tizzy and the airline in a limbo,

Can there be a turnaround with a draught fizzy

Or a calendar girl bimbo ?




Conceptualised by SURYADEEP SANDY to revive spirits and boost the sagging morale of the kingfisher conglomerate.