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Google docs freezing!

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Google docs freezing! Bmwu 8/14/12 6:40 PM
This whole week, our school has been trying to use google docs. 
The page keeps freezing after typing a few letters regardless of which device (laptop, desktop, iPad) we are using.
The school has used Safari, IE and Google Chrome and the issue remains the same.
We are running on Windows 7. We have cleared extensions, caches and cookies. What to do? help?

Re: Google docs freezing! kneal2 8/21/12 7:37 AM
Same problem here! Does google ever read these things? Would be nice if they did and could come up with a fix for it...
Re: Google docs freezing! bloody_charliebeth 8/21/12 9:59 AM
It keeps doing the same thing to me every time i try to type something up, it freezes and says it is trying to reach Google docs. It is driving me crazy not being able to write properly!
Re: Google docs freezing! JackLR 8/28/12 11:03 AM
This problem was reported to me the last several days.  Happens in both Safari and Google Chrome, and some students are reporting it happening at home so I do not think it is related to our network.
Re: Google docs freezing! ohani 8/28/12 4:45 PM
Same problem, it is so darn frustrating
Google help us, please
Where is your sympathy ??????
Re: Google docs freezing! gregzimmerman 9/6/12 9:53 PM
I teach 6th grade and I just learned how to use google assignment dropboxes for google docs.  My students have IPADs so I had them go into google chrome and then google docs.  Many of my students came to me and said that their docs were freezing.  It is so frustrating. I dont know if the problem is with google chrome, google docs or the IPADs.  If anyone has a solution for this pleasssssse let me know.
Re: Google docs freezing! gregzimmerman 9/6/12 10:26 PM
Google will probably blame the computer (Apple etc)
Re: Google docs freezing! KylieT 9/13/12 12:59 PM
Hi all-

I understand you are frustrated when Google Docs freezes. So we can get a few more details about the problem and begin troubleshooting, could you please:
  • clear your cache and cookies
  • disable any add-ons or browser extensions (including Norton Antivirus)
  • try using a different browser to open your document 
  • try accessing your document in an incognito window in the Chrome browser (in the "File" drop-down menu click "New Incognito Window")
If none of this works, please let me know what browser and operating system you are using, and we can take a closer look.
Thanks for your patience,
Re: Google docs freezing! JackLR 9/13/12 1:33 PM
I will work to gather more information, but this is happening on student-owned iPads, so I have limited access to them.  As it is iOS, there are no browser add-ons or extensions.  We have tried Safari and Chrome.  I will try the suggestions of clearing cache and cookies, as well as incognito mode. 
Re: Google docs freezing! gregzimmerman 11/23/12 3:07 PM
I am 6th grade teacher.  I had the same problem with Google Docs.  Wanted my students to do their writing on Google Docs so that they could submit them to a Google Dropbox but students kept complaining that the docs were freezing up.  No rhyme or reason as to why.  We were using Safari to access Google Docs.  Another teacher suggested that we switch to Chrome, which I did but the same thing happened.  Anymore info.  Very frustrating.


Re: Google docs freezing! Sadia Baluch 11/26/12 7:18 PM
I am having the same problem, whenever I try to edit an document the docs freezes up. When i also try to past some information that I need, the information overlap each other into one full on sentence.
Re: Google docs freezing! Felicity_BB 11/26/12 8:12 PM

It would probably help if you put more info about your computer/browser. :)  Upthread, KylieT is a Google employee so she'll be able to help you with more suggestions and assistance!
Re: Google docs freezing! radioontap 4/25/13 5:49 PM
I'm having the same problem.  It happens at home and work no matter what computer I'm using.  My work internet connection is about the best you could possibly ask for and the PC is brand new and super fast and powerful.   It's been particularly bad over the last 3 days.  Refreshing the browser helps, but when you're trying to get work done, that can be very frustrating.   I hope Google comes up wit a fix that doesn't require users to jump through a bunch of hoops to correct.
Re: Google docs freezing! radioontap 4/25/13 5:51 PM
I'm using Chrome and Windows 7.

Re: Google docs freezing! L J Donelson 6/14/13 6:13 PM
I am using a chromebook and cleared cache... still randomly freezes for several minutes.  Sometimes get message page is not responding and ask if I want to kill it, patience and perseverance will be rewarded but by then I forget what I was typing :(

Wish Google would pay more attention to their forums/groups and respond with legitimate solutions.
Re: Google docs freezing! Martin Brooke 11/1/13 7:17 AM
Seems sad that this problem is still there and no solution has been found.

I personally think cloud documents are not currently a viable technology for reliable document production and may never be.

I would test the down load to work or other formats frequently!

Re: Google docs freezing! Alexandria n 1/4/14 8:46 PM
Oh my goodness this happens all the time. I am trying to write a process letter for my AP class and it freezes every few minutes. Reloading didn't do anything but force me to find my old draft as it cut out what I had written.  This happens more on the Ipad then the laptop, though I must say it rarely happens on our Mac. Please Google...
Re: Google docs freezing! mcgowen007 1/10/14 9:42 PM
This happens constantly.  It started a few months ago for me on my Windows 7 box running Google chrome.  I recently moved to a Windows 8.1 box running chrome and it continues to happen.  It does save most of my work, so I usually only lose a little bit of work, but I constantly have to kill the tab and go back in to continue writing my Google doc.  I am a huge fan of the cloud environment, and my wife even has a chromebook--doing all her work in Google docs.  Around the same time (related or not) her box has begun rebooting randomly and killing her work.  I hate to say it, but I am starting to lose a little respect for Google in general.  

I have always been happy with the Google approach but it seems, over the last few months, major bugs have gone unresolved.  I keep assuring my wife--don't worry, this is a major defect that will be addressed soon.  I reported the bug, but have not seen any improvement.  As a developer myself, this is a bit of a surprise.  Should these not rise to the top?  We are talking about defects that make the product very difficult to use.
Re: Google docs freezing! Wawasomo 3/11/14 11:49 AM
Google docs keeps freezing up on me. No matter what I try. Says "Working", but the problem is it is not ""working"". I run Safari on a iMac. I have cleared history, cookies, incognito, changed browser, tried a different internet connection with 4G hotspot, tried Chrome, tried Internet explorer on my PC and chrome on my PC. Nothing...