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The Law of Online Sharing

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The Law of Online Sharing kembriz 8/1/12 11:30 PM
Blogging is going ahead into a changing future. We can sit home without money for gas or for commuting to work, and perforce drop the whole wasteful system of commuting to work in expensive cars to offices and driving hours and miles to buy food or eat and take kids to school or just to look for old friends. We now stay home, near any family we have left and blog friends and gradually learn to converse again,starting with fluff, and blog and google another whole world of people, some desperate who may open up to tell what adventure is really happening to them and not let fear of secret police keep them silent. And some are starving and or freezing and might be neighbors blogging from nearby.And we can do something. That's what fluff talk was for For when blogging is not fluff. offers cloud based online document sharing with incredible features and rates