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Unknown e-mails requesting document sharing

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Unknown e-mails requesting document sharing gabi.sampaio 2/5/11 11:02 AM
Help! I have received more than 25 e-mails from unknown addresses requesting me to share one of the documents on my list.

All my documents are set to be viewed only by myself.

How did these people get to request it?

Is it a bug or a virus?

It`s scary!

Browser & Operating System: Firefox
Enterprise Apps or free version of Google Docs: Free version of Google docs
Describe the steps you took that produced this error: I have received e-mails on my gmail account
Copy and paste any error messages:

You are the owner of uol_gastropubs_110202.docx. has asked that you share this item with:

You can add these people in Sharing settings.

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Re: Unknown e-mails requesting document sharing Bas Braams 2/5/11 11:36 PM
This looks like something that was addressed by user trunky in [1] and by ahab in [2]. Following their suggestions, presumably the gastropubs document contained links and one of the owners of a linked web site got curious about the originating document -- wants to read the reviews of his or her gastropub perhaps. A bit more searching provides further help: search on "has asked that you share this item with" to find it. The quoted text is apparently from a form email that can be generated by Google if one is trying to access a restricted document. Sites guru Philridout provided that information in a Sites help forum that one will find via the just mentioned search, and I just reproduced it. I used a second Google account that I have to try to access a private document on my first account. Access was denied, but the system provided the option to generate the email described above. (Sender did not get to see the email itself, so the gastropubs name of the file may still be secure.) It all hangs together, assuming that the gastropubs file contains external links and that gabi.sampaio has been following those links from the document. All the time I am wondering if the issue described in [3] and in references therein has something to do with it, but I doubt it. The gastropubs thing is a *.docx document, presumably produced on a Windows system, and the links therein would go straight to their target, not be subject to a redirect through
Re: Unknown e-mails requesting document sharing gabi.sampaio 2/6/11 5:48 AM
Thanks, Bas. I did not know exactly how to search for this problem and was so scared that I decided to post it anyway. After that I saw the two other similar posts.

It`s true.There are two links in this document (the gastropubs' website). I don't recall clicking on those links, those. As far as I can remember, I have just written them. And also, I haven't done any changes in the document while online on google docs. They were all made on Word, from a Macbook.

Anyway, thanks for your help. I will not use working links on my google docs documents in the future.