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Firefox 16 support

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Firefox 16 support tal.aloni 7/1/12 2:50 PM

Hi Google Docs Team,
In the upcoming firefox 16, a longstanding bug has been fixed,
Up until Firefox 16, Firefox violated the CSS standard and calculated height using the border-box method, instead of the content-box method.

This bug was fixed yesterday, and as of Firefox 16 there will be no need to workaround this bug.
At the moment, users of Firefox 16 builds receives a browser-specific CSS that assumes that the browser still mis-calculate table cell height, which cause Google Docs to look bad,

it would be great to have this fixed (based on user agent identifier).

More info:

Tal Aloni

Re: Firefox 16 support tal.aloni 7/17/12 4:30 AM
Update: Fixed Today!