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Debug tool question

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Debug tool question bmcdonald 5/15/12 11:45 AM

I'm trying to understand how the debug tool is supposed to work. When I enter, my site loads with certain ads visible. I then click on the "details" links on the "Debug Output" page. The problem is that the ads DFP says are the winning ads are not the ads I saw when my page loaded. Are they supposed to match?

Re: Debug tool question Ingraye 5/16/12 11:43 AM
The details will do a new calculation of who wins so it may or may not match depending on your Line Items.  You can refresh a few times though or see the reasons for why DFP rejected the other Line Items are rejected.
Re: Debug tool question bmcdonald 5/16/12 1:53 PM
Thanks. Our problem is that what we see on our site doesn't seem right (the same ads appear over and over for long stretches), while the debug info shows different ads each time (as we would expect). Any ideas?