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__gads cookie domain

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__gads cookie domain 33x3 5/16/10 8:01 PM
__gads cookie is set on which causes issues with those who want to serve static content (images) on cookieless domains. Google Analytics gives you options to set the cookie domain but as far as I can see, there is no option in dfp. Anyone know if that is an undocumented option or is it coming?

Re: __gads cookie domain acamp 6/24/10 5:12 PM
I second this suggestion, would be very nice to have.
Re: __gads cookie domain acamp 6/24/10 5:29 PM
Note also that if you do try and set your domain in Google Analytics, and it ends up as something different, you now have twice as many google cookies being set, and it appears that the correlation and tracking with google analytics will be off if you have linked the accounts.
Re: __gads cookie domain mackthehack 11/23/10 5:22 PM
This is a performance issue - and setting the cookie domain in google analytics does cause double cookies as mentioned above.
Re: __gads cookie domain Alexander.Borela 2/16/11 12:29 PM
Any progress here?
Re: __gads cookie domain Alexander.Borela 3/5/11 5:58 PM
Please guys, just add a function/var/etc to make it possible to change the cookie domain like in Google analytics.
Re: __gads cookie domain Noki 3/7/11 9:02 AM
Good News: I contacted Google about setting the cookie domain and got notice that this issue was submitted as feature request to the DFP product specialists. Hopefully it get's a good priority.
Re: __gads cookie domain Alexander.Borela 3/15/11 10:08 PM
I hope so :D
Re: __gads cookie domain t.brodt 3/27/11 10:10 AM
Everybody with a cdn is still waiting for it :-(
Re: __gads cookie domain mackthehack 4/4/11 2:27 PM
No response from Doubleclick? We'd also love to see this "feature".
Re: __gads cookie domain Alexander.Borela 6/21/11 11:40 AM
Nothing yet? Please guys, just add an option to configure this like Analytics.
(unknown) 2/9/12 6:23 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: __gads cookie domain marfola 2/9/12 6:25 AM
Any news? I'd also like to see this fixed. 
Re: __gads cookie domain TobiasE 2/14/12 3:04 AM
Any news on this? I'd also love to be able to set the cookie path.

Re: __gads cookie domain pbradu 4/17/12 2:53 AM
Me too!
Re: __gads cookie domain myAPI 3/27/14 11:23 PM
Same issue, any updates, how to avoid __gads cookies in CDN sites?