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Reporting problems with the DFP async code

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Reporting problems with the DFP async code sunjohn 7/5/12 6:50 AM

I was discussing about the DFP async code with another webmaster. He told me that he didn't use the async tag because people working at DFP warned him that many reporting problems occur when using the async tag, and advised him to stick with the synchronous code.
Can anyone confirm that info ? Is it true - or has it been true but not anymore ?

Re: Reporting problems with the DFP async code oncalladops 7/5/12 10:00 AM
Interesting that he says Google warned him off of all of my dealings, Google is actually pushing async VERY hard!!!

I've not seen reporting issues with async...I've seen reporting issues with the Single Request tags, but not with async specifically.

My negative experiences with async are these:

1)  it does not work nicely with all 3rd party...some just won't show ads through it

2)  it does not play nicely with expanding ads...they don't expand

3)  I've actually seen it break page code

Because of these issues...until some internet standards are set around 3rd party ad tags...I use sync tags unless a client insists upon async even over my protestations.  :-)