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DFP for Pop-Unders

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DFP for Pop-Unders SeattleTina 4/11/12 3:15 PM
Please select your platform version***: DFP-Small Business

Question or Issue:  Can DFP handle/manage pop-unders? If so, how do I set this up? it does not show up under "inventory size"

Re: DFP for Pop-Unders Ingraye 4/12/12 5:53 AM
Pop-ups/unders, interstitials, site wrappers, etc (any ad without a specifically defined spot on your site) generally use the 1x1 Ad Unit size.

DFP SB doesn't have a built in creative for pop-unders but you can simply use the Third Party Creative option to write your own pop-under code.
Re: DFP for Pop-Unders mahmoud_said 5/3/12 4:04 AM
So, can I add an arbitrary HTML based ad (not just an image with a link)?
Re: DFP for Pop-Unders Ingraye 5/3/12 6:13 AM
For Third Party Creatives, yes.  Many people use Third Party Creatives to host tags from DART or DFA (Javascript tags) or from Advertising Networks (usually a mix of HTML and Javascript).  I have seen people use Third Party Creatives to do Text-based, Flash Expandable and Flash Pushdown before they became part of the standard Creative templates.