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Statistics not updating

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Statistics not updating popblish 6/28/12 7:06 AM
All of our campaigns haven't counted almost no impressions today, even though I can confirm that they have run and had large amounts of impressions. Campaigns that should have got approximately 20,000 impressions today show about 1000-2000 impressions. The ads run as we speak, but the reports only update with a few impressions / hour. What's wrong?
Re: Statistics not updating Kotomedia 6/28/12 7:13 AM
Same issue here...
I should have a lot more revenue from adsense and it's not displaying.

The odd thing is it's counting well on Google adsense directly.
Re: Statistics not updating Ingraye 6/28/12 7:13 AM
Does the Order tab show the correct amount (relatively) impressions?

The Reporting tab data is delayed several hours.  The Order tab data is less delayed but still delayed a bit.
Re: Statistics not updating Kotomedia 6/28/12 7:26 AM
 I don't use the order tab but in general the dealy for me is very short. It's like 15-20 minutes maximum. Right now I am only using DFP for Adsense.
Re: Statistics not updating popblish 6/28/12 7:28 AM
No, the order tab isn't updating correctly either. It shows the same amount as the report tab. Approximately 90% of the impressions from today are lacking. Additionally, a campaign i set live for 4 hours ago still shows "ready" and 0 impressions, even though it has been showing on the page for 4 hours and probably getting up to 10,000 impressions.
Re: Statistics not updating Kotomedia 6/28/12 7:30 AM
I do think there is an issue with the reporting.
Re: Statistics not updating DMacrory 6/28/12 9:39 AM
I am having exactly the same issue, and it couldn't have happened at a worse time, as I have a number of campaigns that are finishing at the end of the month, and I have no idea if they are opn track to finish. My other worry is that, if DFP isn't tracking impressions, I might experience some serious over-delivery, and so other campaigns will fall short! Just checked in reporting, and with 6 hours left in the day (+ lag time), I have deliverd 92.5% less impressions than last week!
Re: Statistics not updating Ingraye 6/28/12 9:49 AM
I'm personally not seeing any issues but that doesn't mean much.

In your DFP, click the "Report a Bug" link at the top right to notify Google.  It could be just a delay issue with reporting data.
Re: Statistics not updating Laurent-BCN 6/28/12 9:51 AM
Same here - When I download data I suddenly see an add unit 555 appear with a line item 44 that takes all the missing prints. The thing is we never created that ad unit or line item and can't get to it via inventory or orders to stop it.
Re: Statistics not updating Kelly Darnall 6/28/12 10:11 AM
Same issue here.  Data from yesterday and today is missing.
Re: Statistics not updating jueno 6/28/12 10:16 AM
We're seeing the same reporting problems. Site traffic is fine but the impression numbers aren't moving. I know the Google team was making changes to the site yesterday since we saw the reload screen many times.
Re: Statistics not updating SpikeLu 7/5/12 5:33 AM
I am having the same problem here.

The earning from DFP is not adding up to my Adsense account. I use DPF to run my adsense.

That's really bad! :( :(