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Bug report: all of is down

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Bug report: all of is down MarkSwanson 6/5/12 12:45 PM
I tried many ways to email doubleclick privately about this but it seems impossible so I'm posting here.

A recent change to doubleclick is causing broken HTML to be sent to browsers. The syntax errors seem to cause (at least) all to be broken.
Here's how you can see for yourself:

2. search for two double-quotes in a row. You should see the problem - your page is littered with errors like this:

... <snip>
<div id=""sf_fl_content""></div>
<script type=""text/javascript"" language=""Javascript"" src=""//""></script>
<script type=""text/javascript"" language=""Javascript"">

CTCommon.js isn't loading and SFCookie.include() fails.

Re: Bug report: all of is down oncalladops 6/5/12 1:39 PM
The only time I get the double quotes is when I copy from Excel and it's coded funky.  Then the creative end up with double quotes and all of the ads are broken.

Check your creative...see if that's the issue...if not, then I'm not really sure what to tell other reports have come in...

Since you are on pay for support.  give them a call/email and they should be able to assist as well.

Re: Bug report: all of is down MarkSwanson 6/5/12 9:52 PM
I really appreciate the response.
Following up through other channels...