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Google DFP Reporting

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Google DFP Reporting ESwebmaster 6/21/12 6:44 AM
For some reason over the last couple of months all of my line items in Google DFP have been reporting more or less the same number of impressions. However, when I click over to Adsense, these numbers vary by thousands. I can't seem to find a solution as in the past DFP used to report spot on numbers, but now, even though we have changed nothing, the reporting is way off.

Any ideas??

Re: Google DFP Reporting oncalladops 6/26/12 8:18 PM
that IS a strange one!  I'd file a bug...there should be a link at the top right corner of your DFP page called "report a bug"...just fill it out and let Google know.  I don't think this is one that can be solved in a peer supported forum!  :-(