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How to filter or refine search by dynamic meta tag?

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How to filter or refine search by dynamic meta tag? MathiasR 5/21/12 2:55 AM
We have delivered a public web site that is based on our CMS. In the CMS the author can select several classification for a content (ie. target audience, content theme, etc). The author selects the classifications from a list so they alternatives are known but new can be easily added, existing renamed or even removed.

We can easily show the selected classifications as meta tags or pagemap -objects on the pages, e.g.
<meta name="Target audience" content="seniors, families">
<meta name="Content theme" content="music">
  <DataObject type="document">
    <Attribute name="Target audience">seniors</Attribute>
    <Attribute name="Target audience">families</Attribute>
    <Attribute name="Content theme">music</Attribute>

We are using the javascript-based google custom search box on a site. The customer would like for users to be able to filter the search results (quite like refinements) based on the classification. So when a user has done a search, the google search box would show Target Audiences and Content themes that the results can be filter by.

How should the classifications be represented and how can I configure the search box to do this?
Re: How to filter or refine search by dynamic meta tag? Eric Davis Seattle 12/24/14 8:09 AM
I have the same question, though, for our site we have meta tags already in place <meta name="modulename" content="[ContentType]"> where ContentType equals Events, Web Page, Provider, HealthTip, etc.  Is there a way to turn those into refiners?  I cound add the PageMap XML to our pages if that's the only way too.