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Google search and IE sont incompatibles!!!

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Google search and IE sont incompatibles!!! aupetitparieru 8/15/12 1:22 AM
Hello, I have a problem with the widget, since I have installed it  I see a white page with Internet Explorer 

The majority from my visitors have Internet Explorer

With Firefox and Chrome this is ok!

In waiting your help.
Re: Google search and IE sont incompatibles!!! TelBradley 8/19/12 3:09 PM
Yes, this can often be the case with IE.  What version are you using?  Is it IE?  That seems to be causing quite a few incompatibiltiy issues.

I have been trying to deal with an incompatibility issue with the Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) script and also, coincidentally, an addon script.

I have just visited your site.  No, it isn't good is it?

I have heard that placing the script lower down the page can help sometimes.

Take a look in the Google CSE area where the incompatibilities are discussed in a bit more detail.

Good Luck!

Terry Bradley