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Why are thumbnails not displaying?

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Why are thumbnails not displaying? nalleyp 12/6/10 11:14 AM
I have implement cse on a site however I am unable to get the thumbnails to show in results. I have posted the Pagemap and my search function below. Can anyone advise if I am missing something?

in the <head> section of page:

 <DataObject type="thumbnail">
    <Attribute name="width" value="100"/>
    <Attribute name="height" value="130"/>

in body section of page:

<script type="text/javascript">
google.load('search', '1', {language : 'en', style : google.loader.themes.MINIMALIST});
   google.setOnLoadCallback(function() {
   var customSearchControl = new'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx');
   var options = new;"mysite_");
        customSearchControl.draw('cse', options);
     }, true);

<div style="display:none">

    <!-- Create 48px x 48px thumbnails.-->
    <div id="mysite_thumbnail">
      <div data-if="Vars.thumbnail" class="gs-image-box gs-web-image-box">
        <a class="gs-image" data-attr="{href:url, target:target}">
          <img class="gs-image" data-attr="{src:thumbnail.src, width:48, height: 48}"/>

    <!-- Return the unescaped result URL.-->
    <div id="mysite_webResult">
      <div class="gs-webResult gs-result"
        data-vars="{longUrl:function() {
          var i = unescapedUrl.indexOf(visibleUrl);
          return i < 1 ? visibleUrl : unescapedUrl.substring(i);}}">

        <!-- Build the result data structure.-->
            <td valign="top">
              <div data-if="Vars.richSnippet" data-attr="0"
            <td valign="top">

              <!-- Append results within the table cell.-->
              <div class="gs-title">
                <a class="gs-title" data-attr="{href:unescapedUrl,target:target}"
              <div class="gs-snippet" data-body="html(content)"></div>
              <div class="gs-visibleUrl gs-visibleUrl-short" data-body="longUrl()"></div>
              <div style="color:#676767" data-if="Vars.richSnippet && Vars.richSnippet.document">

                <!-- Insert an icon denoting the result file type.-->
                <img data-attr="{src:Vars.richSnippet.document.filetypeImage}">

                <!-- Insert the author name for this Scribd post.-->
                By <span data-body=""></span>  - 

                <!-- Insert the number of pages in this Scribd result.-->
                <span data-body="Vars.richSnippet.document.pageCount"></span> pages - 
                <!-- Insert the number of times this Scribd post has been viewed.-->
                <span data-body="Vars.richSnippet.document.viewCount"></span> views
                <!-- Insert the last modified date-->
                 - last modified  <span data-body="Vars.richSnippet.document.timeAgo"></span>

              <!-- Render results.-->
              <div data-if="Vars.richSnippet && Vars.richSnippet.action" class="gs-actions"


Re: Why are thumbnails not displaying? tc82 7/20/12 5:58 AM
Did you find the solution for your issue. For me some of the resullts like pdf files and all doesn't show thumbnail.
They doesn't staisfy any condition to use the custom thumbnails.
If you have resolved this, please do help.