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Disabling Google Instant and IE9

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Disabling Google Instant and IE9 Panda_Effects 7/26/12 12:02 PM
Found something odd with Google search on Internet Explorer 9.

This used to work to disable the Google Instant but when entering in keywords into the search field, cannot press the keyboard Enter key or click on the Google search button.  But the I'm Feeling Lucky works.
Re: Disabling Google Instant and IE9 Panda_Effects 8/12/12 5:01 PM
Just found another strange issue, but this time with Google Chrome.

If searching for etsy craft and on the second page at

When clicking on both the item or the picture it just disables and goes nowhere.

How many other sites are affected by what appears to be possibly a huge bug?  And does it rotate affecting different sites at different times?

And will those clicks that go no where be counted against when Google Shopping starts charging?