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PDF content not being indexed

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PDF content not being indexed Sam56187 6/25/12 2:04 PM

I have a few select PDF files that are in the Google index (if I search Google for the exact URL or file name, it comes back fine). Same results on VS my custom site search.
However, none of the content in the PDF seems to be indexed and is not being searched.
What are some causes of this? The majority of my PDFs are indexed correctly but a select few seem to be indexed without any of its content, just the file name.

Any help would be appreciated
Re: PDF content not being indexed Web Librarian, Consultant for 6/26/12 8:14 AM
I have run into this same issue with pdf pages that I have included in the index custom lesson plan search engine that I manage at

It would be so helpful if web developers and web content managers designed and coded their sites so that they could be more easilty and accurately retrieved by search engines.

I would also like to see developers include rich snippets and structured data to aid in more accurate retrieval of the most relevant resources when users conduct a search.

Web Librarian

Re: PDF content not being indexed Sam56187 7/5/12 7:56 AM
Does anyone know what causes this and how I can stop it from happening? I need the content in my PDF's to be searchable.
Re: PDF content not being indexed markm1234 8/21/12 6:34 PM
id also like to know this as I am having the same issue.  google claims that pdf files are indexed as well as normal html pages, but this certainly doesnt seem to be the case.  if anyone knows anything...