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Adsense Search Engine Doubt...

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Adsense Search Engine Doubt... gokcareer 3/4/12 1:38 AM
Hai Friends,
Adsense search engine result page contain ads on top and right side.. But the search results are only in links for web or our own site... But in their search results are showing their own results but that page containing google search ads also that page is containing three adsense content ads and right side google search ads..

Check this link, Then u may known..

How they only got like that search code?? Also in that search box there is no any watermark like "Google Custom Search" .......That is very nice.. me too want made like that for my website.. how we can get like that code????  

Or i need to make some changes in our google search code??? Google will accept for doing like this changes on their code???

Waiting for your reply.... Also guide me in code. If u r having any model code means post me...