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Chrome-only alex 12/9/11 4:17 PM
Why is Google Currents Producer a Chrome-only app?

Re: Chrome-only SofiaF. 1/10/12 11:04 AM
Hey alex,

Google Currents producer is a very new product and and you noticed, right now it is only fully compatible with Chrome (which I'm sure you know was developed by Google as well). I'll take a note of your feedback though. Thanks for participating!

Re: Chrome-only Chrissss 7/30/12 12:18 PM
Is there an update on this topic? Google Producer is not new anymore, and I know people who change the user agent and use Google Producer with Firefox without problems. So why do you still block other browsers than Chrome and Chromium?

Re: Chrome-only rcteigao 12/5/12 6:10 AM
So much for an open internet...