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Feedburner problem?

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Feedburner problem? LawRD 4/20/12 2:33 AM


We are with a problem ... a section called Blog was created in your magazine. We configure it ti display the RSS of our blog:

Everything works fine when we use the Google Currents produce tools: the feed is displayed.

After publishing our magazine with 0 warning, the blog feed is empty: Google Currents tell us that there are no articles in the section.

Can I ask for ... help? 
Re: Feedburner problem? ysilver 6/22/12 8:27 AM
I am not able to verify my Feedburner feed, I wonder if that is the issue.  Did you ever resolve this?
Re: Feedburner problem? Cassie Doll 6/22/12 1:44 PM
Alas, no, I think we still sometimes have the feedburner domain popping up for feeds.
I would suggest re-creating your feed section - that usually changes the domain you need to verify from feedburner to the actual domain of your blog.

Also, feed verification errors should hopefully be a lot more obvious in a week or so. You should sheet a bright yellow warning at the top of producer if you have unverified feeds in a published edition. So at least the issue will be clearer!
Re: Feedburner problem? ysilver 6/22/12 2:07 PM
I added my domain as a feed even though it wouldn't find anything and validated that.  Then I added my feedburner feed as an additional section.  As I only have one and no TOC, I was able to hide the broken feed, verify my domain and now it works.  Check it out at 
Re: Feedburner problem? Cassie Doll 6/22/12 2:31 PM
Under Distribute > Verify content ownership it says you've verified all of your content.
So you can go ahead and delete whichever section you don't want, cause both the feedburner feed and your domain based feed are aok.