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How do I do a clean install of Google Chrome?

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How do I do a clean install of Google Chrome? Jake-Bob 2/21/10 2:41 PM
Please describe your question/comment in detail (for example, steps to reproduce the problem): I've been having a problem with Chrome that stops it from showing web-pages. It won't say it couldn't find the URL or whatever, it just hangs for a minute or three, then asks me to kill the tab as it's become unresponsive. I've wanted to do a fresh install of it, but whenever I've tried to un-install and re-install Chrome, it's still got the loading problem. How would you completely remove Google Chrome from a PC short of re-installing Windows XP.

Google Chrome version (type in about:version into the address bar): unknown (38071)
Operating System: Windows XP
Re: How do I do a clean install of Google Chrome? Stefan vd 2/22/10 5:24 AM
Just install Google Chrome and remove the folder in this location C:\Users\Stefan\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\
Change "Stefan" to you name of you account computer.
Re: How do I do a clean install of Google Chrome? johan.beronius 9/29/10 4:42 AM
I have the same problem. Chrome starts up and the GUI with all the menus works but the document part of the browser window is just blank and can not load anything. The mouse cursor is busy.
After a few minutes a dialog pops up and says the tab is not responding. The Kill Pages-button does nothing.

Have tried to uninstall and reinstall. Also tried to delete C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\ and reinstall. And to erase everything that has to do with Google Chrome from the Windows Registry. Nothing helps.

Also tried various command line options to disable plugins, no difference. Have no extensions installed.

This happened after an upgrade from Chrome 4, which was working, to Chrome 6. Have also tried Chrome 7 canary build with same results.
I'm on Windows Vista Business 32-bit.
Re: How do I do a clean install of Google Chrome? FFworks 4/8/11 8:36 AM
same problem, no tabs load...spinny circles. I can't anything from about:version or options or history or ANYTHING. Every tab is blank with spinny circles. I hadn't used chrome for several months after using it w/o problems for months. I decided to pull it up and benchmark it against FF and IE9 and nothing....

I guess now that IE9 and FF look just like chrome this isn't a big deal. I'll just keep using FF. It doesn't look like google wants to fix this anytime soon since I see posts from 2010 where this same issue is reported.

I'm also being forced to use vista 32.