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How do I block pop-ups?

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How do I block pop-ups? gbpgbp02 2/4/10 6:22 AM
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Google Chrome version (type in about:version into the address bar):4.0
Operating System: XP
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All of a sudden on my work laptop popups are no longer getting blocked. I've checked on the Wrench menu->options->under the hood_> Web Content, and nothing about popups is there for me to select or deselect?
Re: How do I block pop-ups? dwight.stegall 2/4/10 9:23 AM
popups are blocked by default. but some webmasters are very adept at coming up with ways around popup blocking. like slide-ins or dropdowns. the only way to stop those is to disable javascript. but if you do half of the things on most websites won't load or functions anymore. it's just one of those things we all have live with.
Re: How do I block pop-ups? linkinsama 2/12/10 10:48 AM
I disagree - I don't get pop ups in Firefox but do in Chrome. Blocking them SHOULD be a default but if they are being blocked it's a very weak blocker
Re: How do I block pop-ups? dan-o-myte 2/15/10 4:52 PM
I disagree with Google's new tack on this. Give us more control over popups!
Re: How do I block pop-ups? Dinsan_ 2/16/10 9:05 AM
options > under the hoods > content settings has options to block popups ... more control over it .... this is still under development ..I believe .. so, wait for it on ur stable or beta releases 

Re: How do I block pop-ups? shantaram 2/20/10 12:44 PM
i am not getting the popup in firefox, but in chrome popups for some site are coming. How to prevent this, because in my version of google chrome, there is no option for disabling/enabling popups in the--under the hood-- section.
Re: How do I block pop-ups? winelvr 3/2/10 8:29 AM
I'm also seeing pop-ups. Any solution for this? The help page ( doesn't match the options -> under the hood pane anymore... I'm using the latest version. From about:version:

Google Chrome (Official Build 38071)
WebKit        532.5
User Agent  Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US) AppleWebKit/532.5 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/532.5
Re: How do I block pop-ups? dougedmunds 3/8/10 11:54 AM
I keep getting popups from  
I blocked content in the host file, but I still get the popup, with a default message:

This webpage is not available.

The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

The parts after the .com will change depending on the site.  

I'd still rather fully block the popup, if possible.
Re: How do I block pop-ups? Alieena 4/2/10 11:07 AM
I hate pop ups but I love Chrome. Google Chrome works very well but they have to find a way to prevent these pop ups. I for one hate pop ups and would love to block them. I hope they really hurry up and find a way to fix this issue of annoying pop ups.
Re: How do I block pop-ups? pecosgal753 4/11/10 1:55 PM
I too hate popups, but they are there even though I chose not to get them ever unless I want them on certain sites.  Very annoying.  Not going to change browers again for fourth time because otherwise the Google Chrome lets me do what I want to do.  The others didn't like any sites I did.  So if anyone knows how to get rid of them or they update Google and I missed it let me know.  Thank you.
Re: How do I block pop-ups? melaniecosentino 4/21/10 8:39 AM
Investopedia has it so bad you can hardly click on a link with them flying in and then the link doesn't work until you close the popup, but the second you mouse back to the link there's the popup again. I'm wondering if these are Google advertising clients.
Re: How do I block pop-ups? martinhse 4/25/10 7:29 PM
I don't want popups.  I do not get them on internet explore because I have them blocked and I thought I had them blocked on google chrome but it does not appear to be working.
Re: How do I block pop-ups? Gingerred 6/29/10 4:32 PM
popups are doing my head in, aghhhhhhhh
Re: How do I block pop-ups? rntammyp 9/3/10 11:26 AM
I am also getting frequent pop-ups when using Chrome.  This seems to be a recent occurrence. Is annoying though. Grrr ...
Re: How do I block pop-ups? alisonsymonds 9/14/10 12:34 PM
Pop-ups were annoying but tolerable for me until I started to receive constant reminders from adobe & java script telling me about updates. These hindered my pc operating system (windows vista - so no surprise there), and it became intolerable.  My browser was internet explorer, which has always been unimaginative, so I tried chrome.  I found a better browser but the pop-ups prevailed.
Using my husbands macbook on a weekend away was a very nice surprise. Using safari (apple's browser) there were no pop-ups/add ons/slide ins/drop-downs. This, I learnt is standard with macs.
 I have used safari as my browser on my windows vista operating system [supposedly]) for the last month and will never look back!
Re: How do I block pop-ups? ivangoldman 3/5/11 3:48 PM
I have complained to Google that some of these popup pests have found a way around Chrome. Now the popup comes up BEFORE I get on the Net. It must be inside the startup system, and it found a way in through google chrome. One of the offenders is casalemedia. There are others. I have tried going to the optmd site advertised on the popup which supposedly lets you deny popups for 5 years. I firmly believe that's bullshit and that going to the site probably worsens the infection. Google has to do something about this. Please everybody, complain. Make them get on it.
Re: How do I block pop-ups? Ravi2010 3/6/11 2:19 PM
Yes, I am also starting to see more pop-ups with Chrome lately (version 9.0.597.107). For example, I got popups from in while checking out critics review and fans review back and forth.
Re: How do I block pop-ups? Kyurel 3/6/11 2:46 PM
Okay, so here's how pop ups are handled on chrome. Pop ups are handled by a snippet of javascript. Chrome blocks pop ups that can be initiated involuntarily, such as if they're set to pop up on the loading of the body, or when you mouse over something. What is bad, though, is that chrome assumes that if you click somewhere, you mean to open the pop up. Sometimes sites put pop ups in links or blank areas of the page, some common places for people to click. However, chrome comes with a nice feature for blocking the most annoying pop ups; alert boxes that keep popping up everywhere. All you have to do is click "don't display pop ups from this page again" and press cancel. You can be caught by certain pop ups, but certainly not all. Chrome cannot block slideins and fadeins because most of the time when sites use these, it's legitimate content. The only way to do better than chrome or any other browser would be to identify certain words in the elements with active javascript, much like adblock does. On most sites, you just need to be careful; if there are too many pop ups on a site, you must remember that it's usually not worth browsing (except in some cases like download sites where the bandwidth becomes so costly that they have to put ads on the page).
Re: How do I block pop-ups? muntoo 3/7/11 4:28 PM
Yes, as Kyurel said, it's not easy to distinguish your "bad" Javascript popups from "good" ones (in the case of slide-ins/etc).

When I ran the tests at with NotScripts enabled, I didn't get any popups. With NotScripts turned off, the only ones I got were "Drop down Popup" and "Sticky popup". Again, it's not possible to disable these without messing up the non-popup windows. Some [most? all?] popups don't go to the browser and say "Hey! I'm a 'bad' popup! Please block me, will you?".

All of the four "good" popups worked with NotScripts turned off. (These should work because they're not the "bad" popups; their the ones you choose to open, like links.)

My advice: use NotScripts, and only enable Javascript for those sites that you would like to have Javascript turned on. It's more secure, too.

NotScripts can be installed at:
Adblock Plus can be installed at:

Have fun! (Or not.)
Re: How do I block pop-ups? pziman 3/30/11 5:10 AM
Thank you "muntoo". Very helpful, NotScripts solved my problem with popups.
Re: How do I block pop-ups? Moron Programmer 4/11/11 8:14 AM
I want to be able to copy the address of the pop-up and paste it to make my own filters of places allowed/ or not allowed to have popups. Most of the games I play popup a second window. But here is an ad ( that has popped up twice in 10 minutes. I want to be able to go to popup, exceptions, and NOT allow this popup But at the same time I want to go in and and allow the game popups.
Re: How do I block pop-ups? figyumum 5/8/11 5:14 PM
Chrome should be able to block ALL pop-ups if we check the blocker and don't allow exceptions. Not good.
Re: How do I block pop-ups? muntoo 5/11/11 6:24 PM
NotScripts is definitely no match for NoScript on Firefox, in terms of usability, speed, and security. But it's all we got, as Chrome doesn't have as much support for this kind of stuff as Firefox does.

I hope the developers will do something about this, someday.
Re: How do I block pop-ups? muntoo 5/11/11 6:27 PM
@figyumum Have you missed what I said earlier?


(Sorry about shouting.)
Re: How do I block pop-ups? slistermann 5/28/11 6:38 PM
I don't know anything about computer tech or jargon. All I know is that when I was using IE which I HATE, FF, or old Google I never had one single pop-up EVER!!!!! Have a brand new HP, Windows 7 premium and a great (have never failed before) security program. two weeks ago went over to the chrome side and now I'm getting pop-ups, with Google Chrome logo's on them no less!!   Makes it look like they were sponsored by Chrome. Want to stay but this will end up way too irritating for me, hope they can fix it soon or I'll have to go back to the dark side (IE).
Re: How do I block pop-ups? blkirin 7/16/11 8:29 AM
I disagree with dwight, I don't have to live with the pop up issue, I can go back to Firefox. I don't understand why it just recently became a problem. I was not having a problem with pop-ups until about a week or two ago. Up until then, not a problem. Has Chrome changed something in their pop-up blocker?
Re: How do I block pop-ups? vedantecorp 7/24/11 3:51 PM
I have pop ups disabled but still get them from adds after the forward slash).  

Any suggestions how to stop this?  I see someone asking the same question earlier in the conversation chain.
Re: How do I block pop-ups? tms925 8/11/11 3:45 AM
I see I am not alone, I too am getting pop-ups in Chrome only which started after some update I believe?

What did you do google and how do we stop them?
Re: How do I block pop-ups? Printer G 8/12/11 4:44 AM
Hi all,

How can I add the following URL to the exceptions list in Chrome please,

There is already one exception to 'allow' a pop up but when I enter the address above to add another and block it disappears and doesn't save.

Re: How do I block pop-ups? n781lc 8/22/11 3:42 PM
Would really like to believe Google and their apparent desire to improve browsers .. BU, someone there is simply not of either this country or have no clue as to what we are used to.  Many kids seem to get involved 'cause they work for less but have no experience in past usage.

Managing the bookmarks is AWEFUL and Pop up sare a real P I t A!!
Re: How do I block pop-ups? matrixmainframe 10/8/11 7:20 AM
I get non stop pop ups while using Google Chrome, it's pathetic and that's why I use anything other than Chrome
Re: How do I block pop-ups? sandibhere 10/24/11 5:20 PM
I think we may have to go back to IE.   I have been listening to the same radio show on computor for years.  I have an old computor and have no trouble getting the station.  Except on Chrome!!! My computor is too old to apparently down load silverlight or whatever Chrome needs to connect to it.
Still no problem w/IE
Re: How do I block pop-ups? jr555 10/31/11 5:43 AM
I just upgraded my computer to help my local cable. All the new, ! platforms, windows 7, all that. This Google Chrome putting this pop-up..,,, and This little spinning balls app that keeps showing up, all on the desktop,,,,,,,,,,,,,,IS PISSING ME OFF TO NO END. !!!!!!!! My girlfriend doesn't know all this stuff about computers, so everday i am getting some new shit i didn't put in there! My life was great the day we upgraded our old PC and now have the latest surfing and programs we like. Man, we DON't WANT Google Chrome, we don't need it! If it is something that has to be in your computer then Microsoft should have to approve it or something. We just keep blocking alot of bullshit out of our computer that we didn't want anyway! STop THE Putting your stuff in here that we don't ask for!! If we wanted Google Chrome to use, we could have had it put in there when we bought it!  GOOGLE..... if you don't stop, I am ripping your connection to another more private surfing experience, Bing and Google don't mix, Firefox with Google, screws your stuff up too. look, if your all google, mail, desktop, all, THEN SHOULDN'T HAVE ANY PROBLEMS AT ALL WITH OUR COMPUTER EXPERIENCE! If it keeps up, we are logging off and smashing our computers with a hammer and forget about this expensive, overated experience.......and if Google can't stop just inventing some extra tag on programs to make a buck off what some other chap say's his program can do,,,,and it isn't helping after millions of people tell you, THEY DON'T WANT IT, GoogleChrome, take my advice........START OVER, find something new instead of some cheap copycat program ya'll can come up with just some idiot thing to try and get people interested! For the sake of humanity,,,Think of some other way to introduce your new inventions before you decide to make everyone live a NIGHTMARE. TAKE your stuff off my desktop, you are illegally putting stuff in my paid for creative space and F'NNNNN UP MY GOOD TIME! I am not taking it off my desktop! You are! and if you don't.......I have a lawyer too! Sorry have to express this, but after i have spent$$$$$ on all this.... Get out of my spaace and leeaaaave me alone with your pop-ups and your extra stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: How do I block pop-ups? jr555 10/31/11 5:47 AM
Re: How do I block pop-ups? Tomoya Kawasaki 11/9/11 3:46 PM
Hi everyone, 

To get to pop-up settings, please follow the steps below: 

1. Type "chrome://settings/content" into the address bar. 
2. Go to the "Pop-ups" section, which is the 6th item from the top. 
3. Adjust the pop-ups settings. 

If you want to learn more about pop-ups control, see the referenced help article below. 

If you have pop-up blocked and are still seeing unwanted pop-ups on a particular site, check the following: 
1. Type "chrome://settings/content" into the address bar. 
2. Go to the "Pop-ups" section, which is the 6th item from the top. 
3. Click "Manage exceptions". 
4. Check if the site is listed and under Behavior, "Allow" is selected. 
5. If the site is there, select "Block". 
6. Report back if the site is still showing you pop-ups. 


Re: How do I block pop-ups? DeHavia 11/10/11 9:33 AM
i've tried everything pop ups are still coming up. They even started coming up on mozzila. google chrome is affecting my computer.
Re: How do I block pop-ups? rick.and67 11/13/11 5:39 PM
Despite what Tomoya Kawasaki says, I am getting pop-ups from  I had already set pop-ups to block everything, with only 2 exceptions (not optmd obviously).

Can't Google with all it's brainy folk tell us how to fix this?
Re: How do I block pop-ups? Tomoya Kawasaki 11/14/11 2:06 PM
Hi rick.and67, 

When I visited the site you mentioned, no pop-ups showed up. 

Are you experience the same thing in other browsers? 

Have you done a malware or virus scan lately? 

Re: How do I block pop-ups? rick.and67 1/12/12 7:32 PM
Sorry for the long delay in replying, I didn't see your response.  I never went to, but that's where the pop-ups are coming from.  By the way, this hasn't happened to me for some time now, perhaps a month or so.
Re: How do I block pop-ups? Tomoya Kawasaki 1/18/12 3:33 PM
Hi rick.and67, 

Glad to hear that it isn't a problem any more. Thanks for the follow up. 
Re: How do I block pop-ups? prennix 1/18/12 5:38 PM
this has been going on for many months, no way to stop from popping up! as mentioned above, even blocking the domain via hosts file still causes an empty popup.
Re: How do I block pop-ups? CeriR 2/1/12 1:36 PM
Dear Muntoo

You are the best!! Totally worked, I can now surf in peace - cant thank you enough I was getting soo stressed out with Chrome, you've made my day thanks a million!!!!

Re: How do I block pop-ups? migle 3/3/12 1:21 PM
I don't find an acceptable answer for this issue in this topic. I don't think having Javascript disabled by default is an acceptable answer! What sites work with Javascript disabled? That's a pre-historic answer.

Now, I thought that preventing scripts from opening pop-up windows had become the standard in all browsers. I have pop-ups disabled in my settings, I never even had to add an exception. However, in recent times I see that chrome is allowing pop-ups.
I'm not talking about sliding divs or anything of the kind, I'm talking about new windows opening full screen, lots of them, three or four at a time.
I don't know what happened, I bet chrome is doing something smart, like allowing pop-ups from signed scripts (without asking me if I accept an exception for that signed script) or like allowing pop-ups from certain scripts that follows some guidelines which google considers acceptable.

I don't care if google considers the pop-ups from some scripts acceptable. Chrome is not respecting my preferences of not having pop-ups and I don't want a browser who thinks somebody else's opinion is more important than mine.

I used to use firefox but switched because chrome was faster. Now, if this doesn't change very quickly, I'll have to switch to another browser which is very annoying, I have many things working as I like in Chrome.

But this is intolerable, both because the pop-ups are intolerable and because having a browser that thinks it's smarter than me is intolerable.
An disabling scripts is not an acceptable answer and we have seen for so many years now that it's not even necessary.
Re: How do I block pop-ups? Tomoya Kawasaki 3/5/12 2:30 PM
Hi migle, 

Can you provide us with the sites that you're seeing the pop-ups happen? It'll help us investigate. 

Also, when was the last time you did a malware scan? 
Re: How do I block pop-ups? migle 3/7/12 1:36 PM
@Kawasaki, I found this other thread, where someone (knowingly or not) is telling that this is by design:

According to what is said, google chrome has a theory about some pop-ups being good while others bad and it cares more about that theory than being faithful to the letter of "Do not allow _any site_ to show pop-ups (recommended)".

The links posted on that thread seem to cause pop-ups. That's the case of:

And I would add:

However, at this moment I think it may be the fault of the flash plug-in and not google chrome.
In fact, I got a similar behaviour of another browser which is using the same plug-in.

> Also, when was the last time you did a malware scan?

This is not my hobbie.
Re: How do I block pop-ups? Tomoya Kawasaki 3/8/12 1:42 PM
Hi migle, 

The 2 links listed didn't trigger any pop-ups. Doing an malware scan from time to time is recommended. 

Re: How do I block pop-ups? Thomas B 3/8/12 4:15 PM
I get a pop up here:

Can we report these somewhere?
Re: How do I block pop-ups? migle 3/10/12 1:19 PM
@Kawasaki, the only software involved here is google chrome and the flash plug-in. Those two links right now have no content, maybe that explains why you see no popups, but before I tryed them on two different computers, a desktop running Windows and a laptop running Linux (running slightly different versions of chrome and flash, 17.0.963.56 versus 17.0.963.78 and vs I find it kinda hard that I had a similar malware on both... heck, I find it very hard that there would be some malware able to install itself on my specific installation of 64-bit Linux (the only possibility I see would be some script running within chrome)...

I've been programming computers for over 25 years and have internet at home for almost 20 and I think I can keep a tight control over the software I have on my computers.

As they say, "caveat emptor"...
There's nothing else I can do, I have no patience to go looking for more links that cause pop-ups on behalf of you...

I find this attitude very passive...
Re: How do I block pop-ups? Jack Platt 4/29/12 2:08 AM
Greetings Google Chrome,

Despite activating the Pop-Exception blocking behavior for the website, I will very often get one pop-under at that site that I cannot stop. from appearing from time to time.  I would estimate that it appears every day to every other day when I go to the site for the first time in Google Chrome after rebooting the computer.

Scans with updated Avast AV and Malware Bytes Anti-Malware show a clean system.  Please note that www.sitcomesonline is the ONLY site where I have had this pop-up, and occasionally the * domain.  However, I reported the issue with * to Google and that pop-up appears to have stopped. the issue with at Sitcomes Online, remains.

I was able to stop this pop-up from appearing in IE, by adding the cdn.optmd domain to the Restricted Sites List.

Thanks in advance Google Chrome for researching this issue.



Re: How do I block pop-ups? Jemfaycrystal 6/28/12 7:41 AM
Same here.  I use Firefox for almost everything because I get no popups but Chrome stinks in this area.  They need to fix this.
Re: How do I block pop-ups? Nicknamerequired 7/3/12 10:24 AM
Chrome extension to rid yourself from annoying social popups. Free from me.
Re: How do I block pop-ups? dtalpk 7/24/12 12:26 PM
I am considering to stop using google because of this annoying pop-up windows.
Re: How do I block pop-ups? suri babu 8/11/12 10:51 AM

why are you not looking a bad guy with a trustworthy smile,
didnot get it, I will that buy for all of you,
google is doing all this from behind for business, it is promoting people doing business, why will google not encourage its clients for advertising their products.

My example is SHAADI.COM, one of India largest/biggest MATRIMONIAL ONLINE WEB SITE. I am getting this advertisement once in every 5-10 minutes of browsing. I called SHAADI.COM helpline and complained regarding, they simply replied to manage the popups from chrome itself. that clarified my doubt as is client of google Ad marketing agency and so the ad is popping up in my system regularly. Still searching a way for better popup blocker, IE is OK, Firefox is the best to my knowledge.

Don't pray to GOOGLE for HELP, it is building the best ever POPup Blocker in the coming next 10 years and surely release that edition when it is out user friendly market.

I strongly suggest/recommend everyone to stop using GOOGLE CHROME web browsing software.


Re: How do I block pop-ups? why is this so bad 9/3/12 4:07 PM
You installed Chrome. A browser from Google. Google is an Ad company. What did you expect?

This bug has existed for years and they have no intention on fixing it. Just browse the chrome bug database and you'll see hundreds upon hundreds of people posting this for years now, and the only response, is literally, that it is not a bug but an intended feature.

Their reasoning is that only legitimate websites use OnClick popups to provide you with helpful/important popups! The fact is, all legitimate websites assume you have a functional popup blocker and so they DONT use popups at all. Only illegitimate sites use popups still.

Re: How do I block pop-ups? churrochurro 7/1/13 5:05 AM
Ever since I installed Opera (just to see what it was like), Google Chrome keeps giving me pop-ups.  Not only that, but when I'm on Facebook, there will be little banner-style pop-ups on the News Feed and video ads when I try viewing an image that I've never seen before the pop-ups started.  I've gone into the Pop-Ups section on Chrome settings, but it says that no site is showing pop-ups.

I did uninstall Opera, thinking that was what was causing the pop-ups, but I still get them.

Is there any way to fix this?

Re: How do I block pop-ups? darcy white 7/14/13 11:04 PM
on internet applications popups occur whenever online
Re: How do I block pop-ups? Akinyimarie 7/19/13 8:00 AM
I am still having a pop up in Chrome. I have it set to no pop-ups and yet bizcoaching STILL either opens up a window covering my screen or takes me to a new tab. It shows as blocked so how is it still managing the pop-ups?!? HELP!
Re: How do I block pop-ups? renault760 8/2/13 11:30 AM
I've just started getting a pop up at the bottom of each page I click on on Ebay. Very annoying. I'm about to ditch Chrome except I've got several "favorites" listed. Anyway to transfer them to a pop up free browser?
Re: How do I block pop-ups? renault760 8/5/13 7:04 AM
I've started using Firefox for Ebay and I'm not getting any pop ups.

If Google, with all of their wealth and expertise can't prevent pop ups then they must be complicit in their creation.

So ............... Google. That's what I say.

Also, Ebay is a big company yet you can still contact them for support and even ring them up.

How come useless Google don't have such systems in place? LG.

Re: How do I block pop-ups? John Weatherly 8/12/13 2:30 PM
Re: How do I block pop-ups? renault760 8/13/13 2:34 AM
Hi. Every time I click that link I get a box telling me that an error has occurred and an option to "re-load", which then just leaves me at some "app"store with no sign of a pop up blocker.

Besides, why on earth should we need an "addon" to block pop ups? If Google cared as much about the "user experience" as they claim to then they could stop pop ups in an instant.

Bottom line, only one thing matters to Google, MONEY.

Re: How do I block pop-ups? Charmaine Moore- Turner 8/13/13 5:18 PM
I have the pop ups turned off, and there are no exceptions, all of that jazz, and I am still getting adds. I am getting really mad. PLease fix it. seriously
Re: How do I block pop-ups? pinbalwyz 9/3/13 5:22 AM
You may love Chrome (admittedly, it's less bloated than IE), but Google has an incentive to burden you with pop-ups. They auction certain words/phrases for advertisers willing to pay what the market will bear. Hence, you see highlighted or underscored words/phrases which produce pop-ups whenever your pointer passes near them...even images/photos. Web pages become a minefield instead of informative or entertaining. You can shut down Javascript, but if you do, certain sites become inoperable for you. Google is very much part of this spam.

Someone may have developed a hack to neutralize just the snippet of Javascript responsible for this spam.

Re: How do I block pop-ups? pinbalwyz 9/3/13 10:55 AM
Suri is spot on! Why comments here don't recognize the obvious is beyond me. Google afflicts its users with pop-ups for $. It auctions words/phrases to the highest bidder to serve as pop-up advertising. Too often, your browser will resemble a minefield rather than an information/entertainment page.
Re: How do I block pop-ups? Kimberly Baxter 10/2/13 5:21 PM
Did NOT used to be like this on Chrome. Now it is. ANNOYING. I've had enough...time to drop Chrome and Google since they are now so intrusive. Duck Duck Go is the next best thing...
Re: How do I block pop-ups? Botros Barsom 10/5/13 5:08 AM
steps to block pop-ups
Re: How do I block pop-ups? Cottingham Shiela 10/6/13 6:20 AM
im having trouble blocking pop ups in google chrome i have windows vista
Re: How do I block pop-ups? Paula Slater 10/29/13 8:00 AM
I am getting all these pop ups about movies and games. These all started after an up date from Windows. Also when I type in a search phrase it shoots up to the URL bar and is hidden so I cannot see what I was typing.
I've tried to uninstall all programs that I do not recognize but even that has posed some problems. I can uninstall one program and then the second program takes hours so I need to restart in order to unfreeze. I am using Bitdefender but it does not pick up this garabage. Everytime there are windows updates there are problems.
Re: How do I block pop-ups? rose robin 11/19/13 11:19 AM
hay um im haveing truble with my pop up blocker it dont block crap even thow the thing pops up i went to the extensions and fixed it but down loaded a new server game and it came back
Re: How do I block pop-ups? Olga Cardenas 11/22/13 8:13 PM
porn pop ups
Re: How do I block pop-ups? Soco Ortega-Olmos 12/8/13 11:46 AM
I get lots of pop ups, how do I block them?
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