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Google Chrome uninstall

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Google Chrome uninstall geej4 4/23/09 4:10 AM
If I install google chrome to give it a terst drive and do not like it, can it be unistalled?
Re: Google Chrome uninstall †Tommy G.† 4/23/09 6:38 AM
Yes, it is a program you can find in your Add and Remove Programs.  
Re: Google Chrome uninstall ai9w 4/23/09 11:11 AM
To simplify, go to the "Start" button in your "Task Bar", select "Control Panel", pick "Add or Remove Programs", select "Google Chrome", click on it and choose "Remove".
Re: Google Chrome uninstall StevePaul 4/23/09 6:47 PM
Chrome cannot be uninstalled through Add and Remove Programs

Go to your Start menu > All Programs > Google Chrome > Uninstall Google Chrome ..
Re: Google Chrome uninstall ai9w 4/24/09 2:32 AM
Yes it can, see "Chrome Help", direct from said "Help":

You can remove Google Chrome like any other Windows program. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the Start menu on your computer taskbar.
  2. Select All Programs.
  3. Select Google Chrome.
  4. Select Uninstall Google Chrome.
  5. Click the Yes button in the confirmation dialog box.

The uninstall process will begin and all your Google Chrome browser and application shortcuts will also be removed.

Alternatively, you can double-click Add or Remove programs in Window XP's Control Panel or Programs and Features in Windows Vista, select Google Chrome in the list, and click the Remove button.

Google Chrome leaves behind your profile information in case you wish to reinstall in the future. To delete this information, go to%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome in Windows XP or%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome in Windows Vista.

I've done it a couple of times for various reasons, cleaned the registry and done a reinstall cleanly.

Re: Google Chrome uninstall MuchGrace 5/4/09 8:32 AM
When I uninstalled Chrome, I knew something didn't look right.  It changed some icons on my desktop to the Chrome symbol.  When I click on an icon on the desktop now, a box pops up that says,
"Choose  the program you want to use to open this file:  
File:  launch?.rand=8qnldh4k2q15f "
Then it lists the programs, I can select Internet Explorer and then it will go to the website.  But the next time I click on any desk top icon, it does the same thing over again.
I even went to a system restore point a day before I installed Chrome, hoping my desktop icons would then function.  It didn't help.  In fact, I restored two different points and both times Chrome came back up as the web browser, even though I had removed it from my programs.

I wish I had never installed it.
Re: Google Chrome uninstall Obama Mama 5/8/09 11:57 AM
I'm having the same problem with desktop icons after I uninstalled Chrome.  Plus, I can't use any links to websites that are in my Outlook e-mail.  When I click a link I get this message:

"The operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Contact your system administrator."

I AM the administrator and did not change any settings!  Help!!!
Re: Google Chrome uninstall nakro 5/8/09 12:27 PM
@obama's mom.... 
follow this link and post there if you have any problems

this will fix it

Re: Google Chrome uninstall babtothebone60 5/17/09 9:46 AM
I agree with Much Grace, this was a major mistake and I wish I had never installed Google Chrome. It has screwed up so much ,from the Icon changes too the inability to simplyl click on web links. Now I have to copy and paste any links (Face book) I have tried to contact Google ...that's a waste of time. Never again will I download such crap.
Re: Google Chrome uninstall GolfPro72 5/18/09 2:56 AM
It is SUPPOSED to uninstall from the Add/Remove programs menu, but it doesn't.... At least not without a fight. I have attempted several times and each time I do, I get a message telling me "Please close all Chrome windows and try again". Chrome is NOT running while I do this. To see if this was in fact the case I brought up my Task Manager and the only thing running at that time was chrome.exe, so I ended it then tried the uninstall. Lo and behold, it finally began to uninstall.

Seems to me that this step isn't something I've ever had to do before when uninstalling versions of IE or Firefox. While I am a fan of Google, this browser needs some more testing and better functionality before I'd consider it "ready" for public use.

Back to Firefox for me.
Re: Google Chrome uninstall dwight.stegall 7/16/09 5:40 PM

This is for Microsoft Windows.

First of all close Chrome.

Right click the Taskbar the click on Task Manager. Click on the Processes Tab. In there look for any mention of Google Chrome. If you see that click on it to select it. Then click on the End Process button.

Now go to the Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > Uninstall a program. Click on Google Chrome. Then click on Uninstall and follow the directions. If that fails read below.


If you clicked on Uninstall and nothing happened it's because there is a problem with the Windows Registry. But there is a simple workaround. Reinstall Chrome over top the current Chrome. This will reset all settings to their defaults.

Now simply go back to the Control Panel and uninstall Chrome. :)
Re: Google Chrome uninstall sreadd23 8/1/09 9:27 AM
ai9w has a very good understanding on instructions for the beginner.  ai9w got me thru this process
Thank you
Re: Google Chrome uninstall uninstallme 10/12/09 6:11 AM
I've gone through and tried all these methods of uninstalling, but Google Chrome just seems determined to stick around on my laptop...  Chrome is not open when I check Task Manager.  Trying to remove through Add/Remove Program, when I click on "Remove", my computer just toggles to another window, and does not seem to take any other action.

I coudl well have deleted an important Program File or something when I was trying to free up some space, but other programs have uninstalled without drama.

Even when I tried to reinstall (as kindly suggested by dwight.stegall), I wasn't even able to download it again.  "Google Update installation failed with error 0x800704c8".

Any tips?
Re: Google Chrome uninstall MFE 12/29/09 10:53 AM
If you download Google Earth it will install Google Chrome.  You must uninstall Google Earth first than you can uninstall Google Chrome.  This is how I uninstalled Google Chrome in Windows 7.  I hope this will help.
Re: Google Chrome uninstall Roger-Ohio 1/22/10 3:25 PM
You cannot uninstall Chrome by using the Uninstall option in your Control Panel.  You have to be willing to modify numerous lines of your Registry to completely remove Chrome.  If you don't remove the right keys you will end up crashing Windows Explorer.

For some reason Google thought it was OK to install Chrome secretely on your PC then to make it very difficult to remove. This makes Chrome a Trojan Virus based on my definition of software that takes over your PC.
Re: Google Chrome uninstall Roger-Ohio 3/1/10 7:40 AM
Have done more research.  Have removed Google Earth and followed various instructions to "Uninstall" Chrome using Windows Control panel. The problem is that when I check the Registry I still find 47 Keys with some reference to Chrome.

Any of the supposed Experts on Chrome here willing to advise how I am to edit or just delete all 47 Registry entries and NOT mess up other programs?

Here are the first 5 with the Key followed by the Value Data:

1.        HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ftp\DefaultIcon
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe,0

2.        HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ftp\shell\open\command
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" -- "%1"

3.        HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\http\DefaultIcon
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe,0

4.        HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\http\shell\open\command
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" -- "%1"

5.        HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\https\DefaultIcon
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe,0
Re: Google Chrome uninstall NVALL 3/16/10 7:41 AM
I have posted this as a new thread, but I am seriously desperate for an answer so I'm going to post my issues with Chrome here as well:

So I downloaded the most recent version of Google Chrome on Friday (March 12, 2010) and used it for a day or so, then when I came in to work on Monday decided I'd just rather go back to Firefox so I uninstalled Chrome thinking everything would go back to normal.


Any browser I have tried to use since (Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.5, Opera, which I downloaded just to see if it would work any better, whatever version is out right now) have been unbearably slow, like I was using the first dial up connection ever created. Not only that, they load numerous pages in plain text (for example,, a few pages and message boards I tried to go to for help with this problem). Another thing that happens in Firefox is that I can't go to any Firefox pages, I get the message "Server Not Found". I also need to reload pages, sometimes multiple times, for them to show up after first getting the "Server Not Found" message.

I have gone into my documents and settings and deleted the Google file completely, which fixed a known issue with opening hyperlinks from Outlook. I have gone into "Regedit" or something like that from Start>Run and edited html files to try and fix the problem, and nothing else has changed.

Amazingly, Google searches and Google webpages still work perfectly fine! //sarcasm
But when I do a Bing search in IE, I get "Internet Explorer cannot display the web page".

Can somebody PLEASE tell me how I might be able to fix this problem without completely reinstalling my computer? I've already had to do that once this year, and I'd really rather not do it again (this is my computer AT WORK, so technically not even my computer).

Also, I'm on a Windows XP computer.

If anyone can help me, you will be my lifesaver.
Re: Google Chrome uninstall MFE 3/17/10 1:58 PM
Go to and search there for a solution or call her on Sat. radio station in your area.  It sounds like you have virus, malaware etc.
Re: Google Chrome uninstall kackyw 4/22/10 9:36 AM
Here is what I did: open the task manager and you will see one or two instances where Chrome is running in the background, un-invited. end those and you will be able to un-install. Too bad Google. I might have tried it if you hadn't been sneaky.
Re: Google Chrome uninstall JJ123 5/15/10 9:36 AM
When I try to uninstall, it say: "Please close all google chrome windows" when I don't have any google chrome windows open... HELP ME OUT
Re: Google Chrome uninstall kackyw 5/15/10 10:35 AM
We can't help you if you don't read the messages. My message right above yours tells you what to do. Open your task manager. If you don't know how to do that, here is how:  In Windows, you can open it by clicking holding down the CTRL and ALT keys at the same time with your left hand, then while you are still holding them, click the DELETE key with your right hand, the release all keys. It will either launch the task manager or give you a list of things and you can choose task manager from that list. When the task manager opens, click on the process tab and read down the list of processes. They are in alphabetical order. You will see that Chrome is indeed running, probably more than once. Click on the name once to highlight it, then hit your DELETE key. After you have deleted all instances of Chrome, you can go back to your control panel to un-install Chrome.
Re: Google Chrome uninstall starlusa 9/25/10 11:15 AM
I was told that GOOGLE CHROME runs faster but its a scam to make you buy it. because they slowed down normal internet for my lap top which is plugged into the wall! i try to play games as in the flowing: Freerealms, Fiesta, FFF (fly for fun) i am atleast 12 years old i dont care but they keep NOT finding the problem that i have been trying to get on for weeks and i am trying to uninstall it and truely, its pissing me the crap off im getting sick of it and also i am the president of 6th grade now...(im still 11) and strangely i cant find my favorites to get to my school site to help and end e-mails but now google chrome is making this fustrating. i wish i could sue them i know this is a compleate scam. i dont care that i am threating
Re: Google Chrome uninstall CDH Software 10/22/10 6:07 AM
Chrome sucks, after uninstallation it leaves a ton of registry entries.  At least one of which is locked so you cannot delete it or update it to another setting.  2 Thumbs down for Chrome.  Becuase of these entries it screws up launching other browsers from links in emails and other programs.  Resetting file associations doesn't work.  The only way to get other apps working correctly is to manually change thre registry entries that you can.
Re: Google Chrome uninstall lazyoneph 12/8/10 6:01 PM
1.This "feature" (Google Chrome, and many things "Google" simply appeared one day, weeks ago, without my requesting it.  So far, all attempts to "UNINSTALL" have FAILED!!  What part of "UNINSTALL"  do you not understand!?!?!  2.  Why, when we ask a question, do you refer us to pages and pages of "answers" from other people, and none from you.  We assume you have the "expertise"  to either FIX the "problem" or provide us with specific knowledge,  that will allow us to do this successfully.  Your approach only makes the probvlem worse, and wastes our time.
Re: Google Chrome uninstall rinaza 3/2/11 6:44 PM
google chrome has ruined my desktop icons...couldnt find 'favourites' icon which had my hundreds list of fav url/websites and personal blogs add!!!  i followed afew suggestion to unistall google chrome but failed.wish i hdnt install chrome! how to effectivly uninstall???
Re: Google Chrome uninstall kackyw 3/2/11 8:06 PM
Here is what I did: open the task manager and you will see one or two instances where Chrome is running in the background, un-invited. End those. Now open your control panel, go to "uninstall a program" and un-install.
Re: Google Chrome uninstall zotric 5/5/11 10:12 PM
Here is the link that tells you how to uninstall Chrome if you are having difficulties.
As you will see, this is not for the average user, intelligent or not, as it involves editing the registry.
Same old problems I complained about ages ago and I think Google has every incentive not to fix them.
Haven't yet tried Chrome 11.0 uninstall (in a Virtual Machine of course!!)
Do Chrome fan boys ever mention this?
Re: Google Chrome uninstall tech329 6/7/11 1:05 AM
Google has had and apparently continues to have issues with Favorites. As far as I'm concerned Favorites are part of a persons data on a computer and Google shouldn't be messing with them. Recently I have uninstalled Google Toolbar a couple weeks apart on two different machines and in both instances the favorites were removed as part of the action.

Google needs to get it in their head that Favorites are not browser centric objects. They are user centric objects and a browser should never be deleting them. Favorites are intended for use in a generic way by whatever browser is in use.
Re: Google Chrome uninstall badkitteh 7/28/11 8:43 PM
In the last 2 days, I had tried reloading Chrome, uninstalling it and downloading removal tools, as well as following manual removal directions, all to no avail. I came across several more topics regarding deleting ctfmon.exe or citivan.exe or citiUCS.exe files, but read on that this may not be a great idea. One topic stated to turn off these processes in task manager. When accessing task manager, I saw 3 chrome.exe processes running, then ended them. I thought to try going back to uninstall or delete Google Chrome & that did just the trick. I wish I had come across kackyw's suggestion 2 days ago, instead of stumbling upon it today lol.
Re: Google Chrome uninstall CiTi 8/3/11 3:40 AM
I have same problem with the others. I have Google Chrome and I like to use it. But I cant open it anymore. so I want to REinstall it for solving the problem. but I cant open or delete it. And I checked the task manager or others too. but I cant uninstall it yet. I tried restart my pc many times too and without click Google Chrome , I tried to uninstall it but I cant uninstall it. I can push Unistall button but the Google Chrome is sneezing :)
Hey google help me about it.
Maybe you want to learn I have a Windows Vista
good luck :)
Re: Google Chrome uninstall wpshore 8/5/11 5:50 PM
Hi, because Secunia PSI notified me that the previous version (12) was obsolete and I couldn't uninstall, I eventually figured this out:

Hi, basically I followed the instructions I found here:

I only have a couple of comments which differ from the instructions (and might help):

(1) Per other sites, before I started using the instructions, I used TaskManager and made sure that no instances of anything with the word "chrome" was running under the "processes" tab;
(2) My computer saved the "remove.reg" file as "remove.reg.txt" for some reason, so I simply re-named it back to
"remove.reg" [keep in mind where you're downloading it so you can find it..]
(3) Rather than deleting only the Chrome folder I deleted all the folders [better safe then sorry];
(4) You can just use <WindowsKey-R> or Start Button-Run and copy & paste the
                          %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google
command (assuming, of course, you're running XP to make it easier;
(5) Since my goal was to re-install it - at the end of the process I had to re-download the Chrome browser because I kept getting "installation fail" error messages [it went away after a few failures, maybe I was rushing Windows more than it wanted to be rushed].

The bottom-line is that it worked at the end and, knowing the above, I could probably get it fixed in only a few minutes now. Good luck.
Re: Google Chrome uninstall Tomoya Kawasaki 8/8/11 2:20 PM
Hi everyone, 

If you need help uninstalling Chrome, please refer to the help article. Thanks. 

Re: Google Chrome uninstall kackyw 8/8/11 5:47 PM
Oh, has Google changed it so that instances of chrome will not be running un-invited in the task manager? Because I don't see any reference to it in that article, and it is the reason that Chrome can't be un-installed from the Control Panel. And the backup plan is to do a registry change? YIKES
Re: Google Chrome uninstall kjustinme 8/17/11 7:25 AM
I uninstall my google chrome and when i attempt to install it again an error occur. Help me please. I want to install my chrome again. Or else I'm going to die. :(
Re: Google Chrome uninstall Tomoya Kawasaki 8/17/11 4:34 PM

What kind of error message did you get? 

Re: Google Chrome uninstall someone123456789 9/11/11 4:49 PM
i got a message saying please close all google chrome windows and try again but the thing is i had no google chrome windows open
Re: Google Chrome uninstall kackyw 9/12/11 9:27 AM
There are invisible Chrome windows open. Go ctrl+alt+delete and "task manager". There will be several Chrome activities running and you need to delete them so you can un-install.
Re: Google Chrome uninstall Reiver 10/1/11 2:09 AM
I had trouble uninstalling Google Chrome because there were still some Apps running.  It seems that because the Apps were running it wouldn't allow me to uninstall.  Remedy - Click on the spanner.  Then click Options, then click on Under The Bonnet.  At the bottom of the page untick the Background Apps. box.  It allows Apps. to continue running when Google is closed, preventing you from uninstalling.
Re: Google Chrome uninstall Tomoya Kawasaki 10/3/11 2:21 PM

Thank you for providing the solution to close out anything running in the background. 

If you're still have the issue, please report them here.
Re: Google Chrome uninstall Dinsan_ 11/5/11 6:34 AM
I have written a blog post about how to remove Chrome from your computer and also the data you stored on Google servers.  This should cover almost everything you need.
Re: Google Chrome uninstall penafire 11/21/11 9:29 PM
So I've done all of the above and I still can't uninstall Chrome which is pissing me off since now my Interactive Services keeps popping up. So I turned that off but every time I restart my computer, Chrome opens up and I have to redo the whole thing. Now I'm pissed that it seems if I do figure out how to uninstall it, the uninstall will create more work. Any ideas?
Re: Google Chrome uninstall kackyw 11/21/11 9:38 PM
Penafire, did you open Task manager and delete all the lines where Chrome shows up?
Re: Google Chrome uninstall dna9 11/23/11 12:34 PM
geej4:  you fell for it.  you CANNOT totally un-install google chrome.  i found that out a long time ago.  all google software NEVER totally un-installs.  chrome, chromium, picasa, earth, etc...  the only way is to format.  there are alot of forums that claim google software is spyware.  i believe it now that i have seen it.  this is how they make money off of you.  they watch where/what you do on the web and make ad revenue.  every click you make gets sent back to google servers for billions!  facebook does the same thing ($$$).  use firefox with "ad-block, ask for sanitize, better privacy"  add-ons.  just try to clear your history/cookies with chrome/chromium browser.  it's very hard, nearly impossible to do totally.  google loves you!  even the paid google shills won't admit it.
Re: Google Chrome uninstall troyt 12/5/11 1:41 PM
I too have the same issue. I have followed all the article's help tips except the detailed registry re-write. Chrome is very invasive indeed. I close out all Chrome actions in the Task Managetr and Processes, but as soon as you hit the Windows uninstall button, a Chrome process restarts and you get the "Close all Chrome actions before uninstalling" loop once again. I used to trust Google to "Do no harm", geez, call me a sucker...
Re: Google Chrome uninstall Tomoya Kawasaki 12/5/11 2:05 PM
Hi troyt, 

When you have exited the Chrome, do you still find a Chrome logo in your task bar? If so, can you right-click the icon and select exit again? 

After you've done that, please try uninstalling again.  
Re: Google Chrome uninstall zotric 12/6/11 1:09 PM
Tomoya San
It is good to see Google still taking an interest in this long running discussion.  Thank you for your assistance.
I think that the question "Why does Google not just fix the problem or explain why not?" deserves an answer.
Like troyt I advise people not to try out Chrome except in a disposable virtual machine.
Personally I have given up on Chrome.  Internet Explorer and other browsers work well enough.  There is, for me, no incentive to try out Chrome again whilst the un-installation issues persist.
Many thanks
David Green
Re: Google Chrome uninstall Remote Control 12/6/11 1:42 PM
For those who get the Close All Google Chrome Windows when trying to uninstall it, there are in fact still Chrome processes running, but those dirty programmers hid those processes off of your user console.

The sneaky thing it does is run out of console, which means in runs outside of your User and with it as well.
All you need to do is open your Task Manager (ctrl+alt+del), select Show Processes From All Users, then scroll through until you see the hidden Google Chrome processes running without your consent and end them, then go directly to your control panel and uninstall it.

Re: Google Chrome uninstall anna.h 12/9/11 10:36 PM
I have been trying every step everyone has posted... None worked.... It had messed up my computer...finally an it friend of mine advised me to start the computer in safe mode...then go to your control panel and go to program features folder then go to all Google items and uninstall them... If everytime you try to remove Google and it tells you can't because you have to close the other Google Windows but you don't have any other Windows open....this is the only wayto remove it.....
Re: Google Chrome uninstall Tomoya Kawasaki 12/12/11 2:35 PM
Hi everyone, 

To help further investigate the issue, can you please help me understand the following: 

1. Is the computer shared by multiple users, who have their own login credentials? 
2. If so, is Chrome installed on all of the user accounts? 
3. Are you trying to uninstall Chrome from just your account or all accounts? 
4. If it's shared, do you have the admin right to the computer? 

Re: Google Chrome uninstall triten11 5/21/12 4:24 PM
Download Revo Uninstaller (free) and it will uninstall and clean the registry.
Re: Google Chrome uninstall calvinwong96 6/23/12 3:02 AM
Why i cant see my google chrome in the list?!
Im realli fed up ady TT
cant someone hlp me pls..
Re: Google Chrome uninstall jeanut 6/26/13 3:29 PM
Re: Google Chrome uninstall Negeen E. 9/10/15 1:43 PM
Hey People of the Internet!!

The original post on this thread is from a very long time ago and the best answer marked solves the problem, if you have another question please, start a new thread so someone from the Chrome team can help you!

Happy interneting :)
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