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Disable or "add exception" to Flash Block

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Disable or "add exception" to Flash Block yayyayrenee 12/2/11 1:22 AM
The search in Help is only telling me how to install flash block.
This is NOT the problem..
I cannot play music on a website until I either make an exception for the website or disable flash block altogether, which I am willing to do, if I only knew how.
Can I please just have a step-by-step walkthrough if anyone knows how to do this, since all I seem to be able to find is how to install what is already installed and what is currently the problem?
Much appreciation!
Re: Disable or "add exception" to Flash Block Stefan vd 12/2/11 1:46 AM
Re: Disable or "add exception" to Flash Block beetlespit 8/12/12 5:03 PM
Best options is to UNINSTALL FLASHBLOCK and install something better. Just search the webstore for the words 'flash' and 'block'.

Don't use the 'FlashBlock' extension that Stefan vd has linked to. That one silently crashes when you open its options page. After that, it's completely useless, and you will not be able to add anything to the whitelist nor block flash anymore. Stefan obviously didn't test that extension, but is just posting to gain rep.