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Keyboard not appearing on Xperia Pro

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Keyboard not appearing on Xperia Pro RandalCyverm 6/21/12 10:30 PM
Hello everyone,

I have this issue with Chrome on my Xperia Pro whereby the soft keyboard doesn't appear when I tap on text fields. The hardware keyboard works, though some symbols cannot be entered as well. Is there some way to solve this problem?


Re: Keyboard not appearing on Xperia Pro krstep 6/27/12 5:41 PM
FFS, this makes chrome unusable. Please fix hardware kayboard devices!
Chrome is in stable version now, but it's not even usable....
Re: Keyboard not appearing on Xperia Pro RandalCyverm 6/27/12 5:59 PM
What is FFS?
Actually, I found out that the keyboard mechanics were like, ported over from the laptop version of Chrome, such that our shift key and the blue symbol key works very like how it would on a computer. So I have to hold down shift and another key for an uppercase letter.
Re: Keyboard not appearing on Xperia Pro Traviizter 6/28/12 4:03 PM
I've had this problem too and reported it multiple times with no avail, I guess.
List of keyboard-related problems:
- On phones/tablets that have a physical keyboard like our Xperia Pro do not get the option for a soft, on-screen keyboard when tapping a text field.
- When using the physical keyboard, the option to press 'shift' and 'alt' once or twice to get a capital letter (and caps lock) or numbers/symbols respectively is not available; you are being forced to hold either shift or alt if you want a capital letter or a number/symbol.
- If a text field can only input numbers, like a PIN code, Chrome does not default to numerical input from the physical keyboard, instead allowing any form of input.
- You cannot start typing from the page to enter a new url/search. So for example, I'm browsing and I want to search for 'youtube'. I cannot simple start typing this, instead I have to click the address bar, wait while it adjusts and then I can start typing. Not a big deal at first, but gets really annoying over time.

If you're going to move Chrome out of beta, at least make sure that basic fundamentals such as these are addressed! This seriously hinders usability; now I am forced to use two hands because there is no on-screen keyboard.

Re: Keyboard not appearing on Xperia Pro dfandrew 6/29/12 2:50 AM
I can confirm, that this problem persists with Sony Xperia Mini pro SK17i. Quite annoying :(
Re: Keyboard not appearing on Xperia Pro Neophytex74 6/29/12 5:41 AM
Не только клавиатура пропадает, экран мерцает!!!!!! На видео видно!
Re: Keyboard not appearing on Xperia Pro Traviizter 7/5/12 6:13 AM
Is this just going to continue being ignored?
I've had to move from Chrome to the stock browser because of the issues I raised earlier.
(unknown) 7/13/12 2:58 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Keyboard not appearing on Xperia Pro Pilipenok Oleg 7/13/12 3:01 AM
Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro (MK16i)
Android ICS 4.0.4 (4.1.B.0.431)
Chrome for Android (18.0.1025123)
Same problems. Keyboards (both soft and hard) work only in address bar. But in any input fields on pages soft-keyboard doesn't appear and hard-qwerty allows to input only digits and Latin chars.
Re: Keyboard not appearing on Xperia Pro jbcamden01 7/15/12 2:57 AM
Yes, same problem with Sony Xperia Mini pro SK17i running Android ICS 4.0.4 with latest Chrome for Android.
Re: Keyboard not appearing on Xperia Pro CerberusLabrat 7/16/12 11:41 AM
Same issue here. Rather annoying. And the solid keyboard isn't working right either. You have to hold down alt/shift to get to special characters. And you're pretty much screwed for symbols. Anyone find a fix yet?
Re: Keyboard not appearing on Xperia Pro Javier S. 7/19/12 11:32 AM
Please, take a look at this... You just can't use the browser at all when it won't recognize either your virtual or physical keyboard. We need a fix.

At least stop listing Xperia Mini Pro Sk17i and Sk17a from the app compatible devices. They aren't.

Re: Keyboard not appearing on Xperia Pro jasonsf 8/18/12 8:14 PM
This isn't just an Xperia problem. I'm using CM9 on an Epic 4g and having the same issue. Hardware keyboard = no soft keyboard in Chrome.
Re: Keyboard not appearing on Xperia Pro krstep 9/6/12 10:25 AM
So this is gonna keep getting ignored?
At least is there some workaround to temporary disable the HW keyboard?
Re: Keyboard not appearing on Xperia Pro tauzinger@ert 9/10/12 10:46 AM
Same thing on my Droid 4.  On some pages the keyboard doesn't work at all.

Work around for special characters (!@#$%...): hold down the shift key and at the same time press the corresponding number key, as you would on a regular PC keyboard.  Same for uppercase.

This needs to be fixed.  Having a real browser is great, but if you can't enter data it's useless.
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