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Chrome issuing malware warnings

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Chrome issuing malware warnings Tyler.Durden 2/4/13 6:33 AM
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Lotta posts on usergroups today regarding Chrome blocking pages, indicating malware from

False trigger or truly finding bad mojo? 

I personally got the report/block at

Thx for any info.
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Re: Chrome issuing malware warnings Buzz Capizzi 2/4/13 8:11 AM
Recv'd same from
Re: Chrome issuing malware warnings Tyler.Durden 2/4/13 8:14 AM
My guess is an adserver is tainted, but who's, I do not know. A reload of the desired page may get you the page you want, but the warning may persist for some pages.
Re: Chrome issuing malware warnings Michelle Landers 2/4/13 8:15 AM
I've received the same message when going to youtube,
Re: Chrome issuing malware warnings Chucktheuser 2/4/13 8:28 AM
Given that this is an issue that is popping up all at once on a number of different reputable sites, could it be that Google just added to its list of malware software? According to Netseer's linkedin page,  "NetSeer allows publishers and advertisers to derive greater revenue and user engagement from display and pay-per-click advertising with breakthrough technology that utilizes “concept relationships” to match contextually relevant ads with user intent.

- Mediat: Precisely targeted, contextually relevant media
- ConceptLinks: High performing text ads automatically optimized to each page
- Contextual Services: Web service to categorize and increase monetization of ad inventory.

By using proprietary technology, NetSeer delivers precisely targeted, relevant media for advertisers and publishers resulting in superior advertising performance."
Re: Chrome issuing malware warnings Dennis Stoffels 2/4/13 8:44 AM
Google Display Network has blacklisted Netseer. So any advertisment using the technology will be recognized by chrome and therefore the site will be blocked. All the publishers who allow DoubleClick/AdSense (that is almost every large Publisher)in their network, can be blocked by Chrome. Keep in mind that the Publisher you're visiting is not infecting you with malware
Re: Chrome issuing malware warnings Tyler.Durden 2/4/13 8:48 AM
If you have not already, I suggest reporting the issue to Google using the Chrome browser menu in the upper right-corner, select: Tools>Report an issue...

Re: Chrome issuing malware warnings Jason Carson 2/4/13 8:54 AM
Been getting this on and
(unknown) 2/4/13 9:07 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Chrome issuing malware warnings ram.miranda 2/4/13 9:25 AM
Happened to me in and
Re: Chrome issuing malware warnings Jason Carson 2/4/13 9:49 AM
Issue seems to be resolved for me now.
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Re: Chrome issuing malware warnings Brennan Boyle 2/4/13 12:13 PM
I have been getting this problem for over a year. Not on that website, but for basic things like GOOGLE.COM... Facebook is also a common blocked site. Of course, I have tried the ole "clearing the cache" and myriad other remedies but me and many others cannot shake it. Restarting the computer after clearing the cache? It could still be blocked. The thing is, the blocked sites seem to randomly stop being blocked-- and so I must patiently wait to use google or facebook.

I use chrome and am on a mountain lion mac. Everyone on the home network uses a mac and is similarly affected. It's not a singular computer's problem. This incredibly frustrating issue has not been addressed in over a year it has been happening.

Switching to Google Chrome Canary is of no avail.  

Re: Chrome issuing malware warnings Jessica Woollcombe 2/4/13 3:11 PM
Actually, according to the Mercury News at, it's because was hacked last night and got hit with a trojan.  From what I can tell, Google blocked it preemptively to keep users secure.  The company says that nothing is being advertised that has been compromised, but I believe that Google is doing its best to safeguard its users.  Check out the story for more information.
Re: Chrome issuing malware warnings JackyH 2/5/13 11:37 AM
Hi Everyone,

Thanks for reporting this issue; on other threads, users are reporting that this issue is due to extensions. In this manner, can you please try disabling all extensions (go to chrome://extensions); is this issue then resolved? If so, please re-enable your extensions one bye one and see if a particular extensions is causing this issue. On other threads, users are reporting that "Allow Right Click 1.2.13" extension, "Send using Gmail (no button)" extension, "Ruul" extension, and "Yontoo" extension are common extensions causing this issue. 

If your issue is indeed extensions caused, please help us resolve this issue by reporting that here and by answer these questions: 
  1. Visit your Extension Setting page (chrome://extensions) and locate the extension that you’ve disabled.
  2. Check the "Developer mode" checkbox on the top right of your Extension Settings page (chrome://extensions). You'll see that each extension gets a unique ID; please let us know both the extension ID and name, so that we can look into this further.
Re: Chrome issuing malware warnings Tyler.Durden 2/5/13 12:58 PM
Got a reply from yesterday, 2:14pm ( I let them know about the issue in the early am):


Thank you for letting us know. We will block the offending ad ASAP.

Wunderground Support

Seems the issue is resolved for the time being.