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Déjà-vu: All passwords lost!

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Déjà-vu: All passwords lost! Christopher-S 8/24/12 10:19 AM
It already happened once this year and now it happened again: Google Chrome lost all passwords on all my computers. I have them synced but they are not there anymore. In my google account it suddenly shows 20 passwords, before over 300. Thanks Google! You guys suck! Now it is final, I will stop using chrome!
Re: Déjà-vu: All passwords lost! OzzyCzech 8/25/12 12:16 AM
I have same problem on all my devices. All stored passwords are just gone. Google is there any solution get everything back?
Re: Déjà-vu: All passwords lost! dhammerton 8/25/12 12:18 PM
Do you have the Google Chrome app installed on an iOS device by any chance? This has also happened to me and the only thing I can think of that has caused it is the recent update to the app.
I opened the app on my iPad a couple of days ago and all my most visited sites had disappeared, and only today I have found out that my passwords have all gone today (because Chrome on my iPad was set up to sync with Chrome on my PC). Thank goodness my bookmarks are intact.
Re: Déjà-vu: All passwords lost! OzzyCzech 8/26/12 11:42 PM
Yes. I am 100 percent sure that iOS application delete all my passwords and now also visited pages and urls. It's happens right after starting Chrome on my iPad.
Re: Déjà-vu: All passwords lost! dhammerton 8/27/12 3:47 AM
Is there any way we can report this to Google? I think the fact that we've both had the same problem, caused by the same thing is enough to 'prove' that the app update has caused the problem. :)
Déjà-vu: All passwords lost! madlogik 8/27/12 11:21 AM
I'm also facing the same issue. Also have been using the iOS google chrome browser!.
First, I noticed my most visited sites have been reset, then lost all passwords!
This is so bad I uninstalled chrome on my iPad 1st gen. I blame low memory errors at the wrong time, but still, this is unacceptable!
Google, please read this and act!
Re: Déjà-vu: All passwords lost! Cruc1o 8/27/12 1:15 PM
The exact same problem happened for me too.
I have an iOS Chrome installed on iPad and iPhone. After updating the iOS app, the passwords were gone the next day.
Re: Déjà-vu: All passwords lost! Kobosake 8/27/12 9:16 PM
Exact same thing has happened to my following the update to the Chrome iOS app.
Re: Déjà-vu: All passwords lost! Dreenok 8/28/12 2:37 AM

Same happened to me...

There must be a backup somewhere in Google servers !

Re: Déjà-vu: All passwords lost! tholu 8/28/12 4:48 AM
Same thing happened here, all passwords gone after using Chrome on iPad.
Re: Déjà-vu: All passwords lost! Sie_Deen 8/29/12 11:33 AM
Hey folks,

Thanks for your reports. We are aware of this issue and are working to recover the lost data. You can follow along on our public issue tracker for updates, as we will post an update there regarding the recovery process. Once the data is recovered you should see them again across your synced devices.

Please also do not attempt to clear your synced data from the Google Dashboard, as that may interfere with the recovery.

The root cause of this issue will be fixed in the next release of Chrome on the App Store, which we are working to get to you ASAP. 

I'm going to merge this thread with another that also discusses this.