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Aw Snap on ~50% of sites

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Aw Snap on ~50% of sites kdrive23 6/12/12 7:59 AM
I have followed the steps outlined in the troubleshooting guide, including checking my firewall, checking for malware, renaming the Default folder and disabling the one extension I was using.

I've also cleared my browsing history and re-installed Chrome three times. I am running Mac OS.

This just started yesterday.

I am running Chrome 19.0.1084.56

Here are a couple of the web sites where I always see Aw Snap:
chrome://feedback/#1 (after hitting the Send Feedback button)

Re: Aw Snap on ~50% of sites wár17 § 6/12/12 8:38 AM
I can load up page without issue. I am using latest Stable version of Chrome and Windows XP.

Anything change between yesterday and today?  Any software or hardware change?  Reverse the change.

When you cleared cache, did you select the time frame, Since the beginning of time.
Re: Aw Snap on ~50% of sites kdrive23 6/12/12 8:57 AM
When I cleared the cache, I could only do it for the last hour. If I tried to click the drop-down to choose a longer timeframe, the whole browser crashed (which is obviously a whole other issue).

I have no problems accessing at home on my Windows 7 machine with Chrome - only on the Mac.

I updated to the latest version of Chrome yesterday, but the Aw Snap was happening before that.

Re: Aw Snap on ~50% of sites wár17 § 6/12/12 9:01 AM
Sounds like a corrupt profile. Back up your bookmarks and Create new Chrome profile
Re: Aw Snap on ~50% of sites kdrive23 6/12/12 9:06 AM
Did that (see my original post)...still no dice.

I'll just stick with Firefox, I guess.

Thanks for your help!

Re: Aw Snap on ~50% of sites wár17 § 6/12/12 9:16 AM
Re-installing Chrome does not clear your profile.
Re: Aw Snap on ~50% of sites kdrive23 6/12/12 9:22 AM
See my original message:
Re: Aw Snap on ~50% of sites zero91 6/13/12 5:32 AM
for all those *who tried everything but nothing works.
try this also:
1)re-intstall chrome.
2)go to my computer.
3)click on the address bar and select everything.
4)paste the below link with your user name or you can manually go there
  C:\Users\your username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\
5)rename 'chrome.exe' to 'chrome1.exe'
6)then open chrome.
did work for me.this for windows 7.
(*nothing else other than 'about google chrome' opens for you')
Re: Aw Snap on ~50% of sites zero91 6/13/12 5:32 AM
Re: Aw Snap on ~50% of sites kdrive23 6/13/12 5:56 AM
Thanks but I'm the only one in this thread who's having a problem, and I'm on a Mac.
Re: Aw Snap on ~50% of sites JackyH 6/13/12 7:19 AM
HI +kdrive23,

To clarify, did you follow these instructions to create a new user profile? You only mention renaming the default folder. If you haven't done this already, you can also sign into Chrome so that you can retrieve your bookmarks, extension(s), etc via the instructions here when you're in your new profile. 

In addition, can you please answer the following troubleshooting questions? 
  1. What Mac OS are you using? 
  2. What was the one extension you had installed?
  3. What happens when you open an incognito window? Ctrl+Shift+N?
Re: Aw Snap on ~50% of sites kdrive23 6/13/12 8:28 AM
Hi JAcky

These instructions pretty much boil down to "rename the Default folder", no?

I did that, and did not transfer any information from my old profile.

I'm on Mac OS X 10.7.2 (I should also iterate that I'm normally a Windows users and and not all that familiar with the ins and outs of Macs)

The extension I was using is called reasonable:

I still get Aw Snap when I go incognito.

Thanks again!!

Re: Aw Snap on ~50% of sites kdrive23 6/13/12 9:51 AM
Just discovered another site where I get "Aw Snap"'ed:
Re: Aw Snap on ~50% of sites JackyH 6/14/12 4:48 PM
Hi +Kdrive23,

Was just clarifying on creating a new browser profile :) 

In addition, what anti virus software do you have installed? You mention checking your firewall, but did you temporarily disable your anti virus and firewall application and reopening Chrome after exiting. "Aw Snap" is just a generic/general crash message and so there are many different root problems for this message. If you have already gone through all the troubleshooting steps here, please enable crash reporting by going to Wrench > Settings > Advanced Settings > Privacy > And check the box for Automatically send usage statistics and crash reports to Google. The next time a crash occurs, a 16-character crash ID will be generated. Type "chrome:crashes" in the address bar and let us know what is the most recent crash ID that you have listed by posting it on this thread. 

When you post, provide details as to what you were doing, or what steps led to the crash (e.g. loading a YouTube video?), so that we can group similar symptoms together and try to replicate it.  

Re: Aw Snap on ~50% of sites kdrive23 6/15/12 6:31 AM
Thanks Jacky. I am using Symantec for antivirus and unfortunately I don't have any control over it as it is a work computer. But I have been using the same anti-virus all along and not had any problems until recently.

I noticed on that the text loads, but the images and ads do not, and then the site crashes.

At any rate, here is the crash ID from my latest visit to
Crash ID 2b9217c1b7743175

Occurred Friday, June 15, 2012 9:28:02 AM

Re: Aw Snap on ~50% of sites kdrive23 6/15/12 7:45 AM
And another, when visiting

Crash ID decb0f84245144fe

Occurred Friday, June 15, 2012 10:44:35 AM

Re: Aw Snap on ~50% of sites kdrive23 6/15/12 11:37 AM
Trying to access an Outlook web app at

Crash ID b09d8062de8962b5

Occurred Friday, June 15, 2012 2:36:40 PM

Re: Aw Snap on ~50% of sites kdrive23 6/15/12 12:54 PM
This one happened when I was logged into a WordPress site and tried to expand a drop-down menu. I have actually had this happen on the Chrome settings itself, when I tried to expand the drop-down menu to clear my browsing history (i.e. the drop-down that asks to clear the history for the past hour)

Crash ID 260294cb0a66743e

Occurred Friday, June 15, 2012 3:51:56 PM

Re: Aw Snap on ~50% of sites Paul Bohm 6/16/12 7:36 PM
i have the same issues on urls like (yes the aw snap help page crashes too)


for days - i now tried stable, beta, and dev channels - deleted the Chrome folder - tried synced and unsynced, and incognito - reported bugs via chrome://crashes - and no progress :(

looks like i have to switch to safari?

Re: Aw Snap on ~50% of sites kdrive23 7/20/12 6:48 AM
I love how this thread suddenly died right after I provided the requested crash report information.

Super job!

Good thing I have Firefox.