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crashes and "he's dead, Jim" using Shockwave Flash

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crashes and "he's dead, Jim" using Shockwave Flash give me a break already 6/26/12 9:35 PM
Every time I try to play Castleville on Zynga. I get crashes and notices of
Shockwave crashing. This just recently occurred when Google Chrome launched their version 19. It also happens on Ebay when surfing the site. Everything worked fine before the last Google update.

I feel this is Googles' responsibility to find and correct the obvious error that occurred with this last new update. I spent the last two days purging my PC. Updating drives, optimizing my files, start-up and others, defragmenting, and basically trying to discover the culprit in my system that is incompatible with my current Chrome server. Please I see from other users this IS a problem and we need a solution, now. Thank you.

Re: crashes and "he's dead, Jim" using Shockwave Flash Craig Long 6/26/12 11:24 PM
Try right clicking on the Chrome icon > right click on Google Chrome > Properties > Open the file location > create a shortcut for "Old Chrome" and drag it to your desktop and then pin to taskbar.  I haven't had Shockwave crashes with "Old Chrome".